Sunday, April 27, 2014

Art Sneak Peaks Real Science in "Impossible" Realities Yet Again

The Universe is trying to tell you things that are true all the time. Pay attention. Listen. 
Ideas don't come from nowhere.

Artists- and psychics- sometimes grasp these concepts well before science does.

From the article:

Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA... May our DNA carry also spiritual and cosmic memories passed down in genes from our ancestors?

For more on that from a psychic's perspective:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What this man found when he broke into an FBI office.

Altruism doesn't come with a $250 million media deal. (Glenn Greenwald? Are you listening?) 

 I also disagree that "things are better now than they were then" as pertains to FBI/NSA/alphabet agency surveillance. 

But I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to these extraordinary individuals. 

The uncovering of these documents are what later led to the Church Committee.(

The same Committee that divulged the existence of, among many other things, 
Operation Mockingbird, COINTELPRO,  secret and unethical medical experimentation on people in the United States, and a little thing called Project MK-ULTRA. 

Because of this buildup of the surveillance state, I feel something is happening that will be a challenge to the American people and the people of the world to stand up and not take it anymore.  

It's coming. The pushback. The putsch. The beer hall melee. 
Something orchestrated in the next 6 to18 months or so... I hope it can be stopped, 
but I doubt people on the inside can do anything about it who are trying... Here's hoping sincerely that I am wrong about that.

Regardless, you the public had better get ready to fight back for whatever shred is left of your civil liberties. 

Some kind of rollout on a massive level is going to happen that I don't like. I see tanks is all I am saying. Not saying they are in use, just saying they are standing at the ready and they shouldn't be. Whatever this thing is is orchestrated, it's synthetic. It's theater. It's a total fabrication and a "news story" that drum beats faster and I don't like it. It has an artificial heart, a product of a lab rat environment with a lot of testing and scenarios and stratagem behind it. 
Years in the making/planning.
It's big. Or at least, appears to be.

The FBI in certain factions are making sure that this beer hall putsch rolls out. I am literally making references to Germany in the 20s and 30s because some of these people on the inside are literal Nazis. Their allegiance is literally to Hitler and others like him. 
They really are fascists.  It's not just a term I am using to be colorful.

Resist when the time comes is all I am asking. Resist. When it happens, stand your ground. 

I believe the American people will see through this one, and I believe this "thing", whatever it is, will fail miserably. There will be push back. That's not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about what happens after. That's when your mettle will have to be tried to figure it out, people. You can't just give up and go home after the bar closes. You have to be there the next day ready and waiting and vigilant. 

It's weird: in spite of this, am feeling cautiously optimistic about how this turns out. 
People traditionally have short memories in America, but I think some are getting longer. 
But the solution will have to- have to, there's no way around this one -  involve citizens exercising their rights loudly and vocally.

 People think my endless talking about my story regarding the endless intrusions by alphabet agencies in my life at the brick wall that is most people's heads doesn't personally involve them. 

They think the technology used on me in my MILABs funded with Rockefeller Foundation tax loop cash, other Illuminati sources and yours and my tax dollars isn't going to be beta tested on them soon- if it isn't already in use. And they think that somehow intelligence fronts like the Federal Bureau of Investigation are no longer involved with the goings on of people's lives like mine. 

My experiences with the FBI have been less than savory on all accounts. 
The very people who should be swooping in to protect me (and trust me, they know EXACTLY who is/are doing this to me) were instead interrogating me and are still spying on me to this day, still silently taking notes in the background and observing. 

And I know that they are still observing "The Project" as I was once called, because they told me. They told me they didn't know what else to do with me, and the fear of me was palpable when they told me this and more, so because of that, they were going to constantly monitor me. 
Point blank I was told all of this and more, and not through the usual routes, but it sure felt official. 

Just know that the FBI has psychics on the inside on the payroll. I don't know how, but they do. Whether in an official or unofficial capacity, they make a living doing what they did in the way they communicated with me. Whomever it was who was communicating with me.

That's all I'm gonna say about that series of encounters for now! 

These people in the intel agencies literally spying on you as well are traitors to the American people and to the people of the world. And some of these corrupted spooks work hand in hand as the surveillance and "gathering dirt for blackmail, ahem, 'leverage' " arm of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, MI5 and MI6, key members of Royalty like the Queen of England, other FBI employees themselves (Gotta grudge with someone in your department? Nothing says "I love personal vendettas" like a federal agent!), the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, anyone with a price tag big enough whom they can shake paws with on it-- trust me when I say they have a highly concentrated group of whores on the inside who hit pay dirt for the highest bidder on a regular basis.

 It's fundamentally corrupt/rotten from within, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
And you the American tax payer supply the pens and pencils and breakfast burritos and lousy coffee and make sure the dirty tricks funding keeps getting allocated. 

Might be long overdue to get a file running on them again! 

Friday, April 18, 2014


Let's have a refresher course, shall we? People seem to be putting extra scoops of cognitive dissonance in their coffee lately.

People seem to forget simple facts lately about the intel agencies targeting people. I seem to be getting a little bit more gas lighting than usual and I always like to hit the reset button to remind others (rather than myself) that this is real. Because the number one aspect of gas lighting is people wittingly or unwittingly participating in the lie by telling you "this isn't happening" and "this isn't real". 

Psychologists and the trap of the DSM are some of the biggest proponents of this mindset. 

Here's a little reminder of just one person out of many who were/are targeted in case you forgot:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Connecting the dots with former Dulce Base Security officer Thomas Edwin Castello

This is not made up. This is true. 

This is some of exactly the same information I have given to interviewers when asked - it was not information I found from a book unless there was any reference to it in Anthony Sanchez's book UFO Highway. Mostly I came by this information 100% by my guides/contacts. I did not know Rand corporation was responsible for building most of the bases/tunnels, certainly not to the level of descriptive detail I was given by my contacts, and yet in my New Orleans Examiner interview with Frank Zero, that's what came out when asked.

Now it seems my comments have been corroborated.  Interesting that Castello mentions Los Alamos as one of the main points of operation for the underground tunnel system connected to Dulce. Besides this man, I am the only other person I am aware of who has consistently mentioned Los Alamos National Laboratories as culprits in human experimentation on the civilian populace and playing a big part in human abductions/military abductions (aka "MILABs").

Please refer to my Bases interview re: my direct, personal experiences with Los Alamos through a woman known as Lady Judge Barbara Thomas.

I could be wrong, but "Colonel X", the interviewee of Sanchez's in the book might have even refuted this information- I don't know why if he did. This is pretty much correct- almost 100% accurate if it isn't a full 100%. 

Also corroborates Karen Hudes information re: Jesuits, ancient terrestrials who are the ones really running the world, etc.

This also is intriguing, these purple grow tanks are exactly what I was shown in my recovered memory. The "rectangle" shape of the tanks might be me seeing that rectangular-shaped light (grow light??)  and thinking its enclosed glass somehow and confabulating another recovered memory with some kind of technology that uses copper wiring embedded in tanks to "make children more telepathic" but this is very much like what I saw. I had never before seen this article or images or video before today:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It is happening again.

Adjusted for contrast:

Adjusted for contrast:

This was accompanied by a tingling, "my arm fell asleep" feeling and a deep kind of - I don't know how to describe it- "ringing" sensation in the affected area. A deep, concentrated sensation of the reverberation of a gong or some kind of bell but without sound.

The shapes are continual- miters and triangles. Oh, and snakes/fishes. Always snakes. This time more miters and a triangle at the top.

This was also accompanied by an allergic-like rash I've had on that arm for a few days now,  but then somewhere between the onset of the rash and the marks on my arm, three pointed red dots appeared one morning that formed a triangle but for some reason doesn't show up well on film, so there's no photo for that.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Former World Bank Lawyer and Whistleblower Karen Hudes corroborates prediction and comments I made in the Bases interviews as well as here

I do not know this woman, but man is she ticking off all the marks on the boxes for my checklist of real deals. 

Highly worth watching, even if she doesn't have all the answers. 
You may not agree with her on all points, but I had to concede that this woman was definitely on the mark about who really runs the show. 

I also am optimistic and believe it is easy and non-violently possible to overrun these liars in their smugly self-titled "Network of Control" and make sure that the world doesn't see World War 3--ever.

 All that is required to make sure this system is eradicated is humanity's full awareness of the situation. 

(Don't look to mainstream media to do that for you, by the way.)

At the very least, watch the first hour or so. 

She talks about Syria being an attempt by this same "Network of Control" to create thermonuclear war which failed, and then at about the 17:35 mark or so, she states: "...on the 8th of October (2013, ed.), there was supposed to be a nuclear device detonated on Charleston so there would be massive panic and the bankers could grab control. That didn't happen either."

Senator Lindsey Graham, the mouthpiece for the "Network of Control" on this and giving out info in a speech in the Senate ahead of time also mentioned New York's harbor as a target in reference to this event, which I also mentioned accurately as one of the targeted cities. 

Here is a summary of what I wrote of the prediction on April 20th, 2013:

- Radiological event 
Suitcase bomb, "Pearl", "dirty" (nuclear)

- Could be in lower Manhattan, New York City or a city or cities with lots of bridges crossing large     bodies of water in its geography. 

- Planted at a Chase bank or financial institution?

- Water is involved

- Lower Manhattan Financial district
- Domestic terrorist

On September 5th, 2013, the following report was made (about a month ahead of the October 8th deadline Hudes mentions):

Link to my full blog post:

 interesting that I picked up that a bank was involved somehow as the "target" when in fact it was the financiers at the banks themselves planning this deceit/false flag. Sometimes the wires get crossed in translation, of course. As I have said, this isn't an exact science what I do even if there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. I have to take a big basket filled with jumbled up yarn metaphorically speaking and try to untangle it all. 
But make no mistake, the yarn is definitely in the basket!

She then mentions that this didn't happen because "the three strongest military entities, the Chinese, the US, and the Russians understand the coalition."

I have stated categorically many times that I felt people on the inside in the military who are white hats have been saving our asses time and time again because of a link, or a neural network of people on the inside who are hooked up to algorithms, game theory, signs and portents, and intelligence that is not got through normal means. Whether or not I too played any small role in heading this off at the pass, I am eternally grateful for the people who had the common sense to stop this nonsense.

Now, here's the really weird part: in the Red Ice interview as well as many others like this one:

 Hudes also mentions something that corroborates my statements in the Bases interviews about how the people running the show at the very top are "Not human":

Thank you again and always, whomever you are protecting all of us.
(Numb)skullduggery by the likes of these failing perpetrators will not happen while you are keeping watch. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Scalar Scandal!

Corroborative evidence of my claims in the Bases interviews that I can heal people as well as fix & open time portals utilizing bioenergetic scalar wave energy inside me as well as drawing information from the planet. 

I did not know this information beforehand, the scalar wave answer when asked how I did this was given to me by my guides in real time and no book or video about the topic was viewed beforehand. Apparently this is Tesla technology, which I didn't know beforehand either. 

We all have this ability whether we realize it or not, I'm not special in this regard. 
But there might be some technology used inside of me that I'm not aware of that gets activated at certain points depending on who or what needs me for something. 

Just sayin'. I can't explain these incidents away, I saw something open in the sky that I was told was activated by my pineal gland. If you want to ignore science and make this about how "insane" I am, be my guest. 

But I can't rationalize my experiences away by gas lighting and having people tell me that I am psychotic. 

There are physical, tangible means by which people can indeed open portals, it's just information you need to know only when you are ready for it. 

Or, conversely, you are hijacked by it and someone takes you over and uses you like the marionette puppet they want to use you for - all the more reason for you to fight for your sovereignty and the responsible opening of your third eye. 

Beings hijack people day and night- do you want the intelligence apparatus to play you like a fiddle, or do you want to hunker down, roll your sleeves up, and get to business on all the missed days of homework you didn't do because consensus reality tells you this stuff isn't real even though they are hiding it from you and lording it over you day and night?

Please learn about alternative and suppressed energy before you cast aspersions at my claims. 

My guides said to me the other day "Humanity is a dive bar who didn't know it was a palace." 

I stand by my claims.