Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Head of the Department of Defense is a Co-conspirator in an Attempted Coup on the US Government

Capitol police attempted to get back up with the National Guard with a request that was initially DENIED by the head of the Department of Defense.

The head of the Department of Defense is a died-in-the-wool ardent Trump supporter, Christopher C. Miller, and should be court-martialed at once.
There’s no reason on earth that the troops shouldn’t have been deployed prior to this event.

 Everyone in Washington knew this was going to be a contentious day. Miller said in his statements today that there was
a “ brief period of about 30 minutes” between hearing the request for reinforcements, processing the request and activating those troops, but -***those troops should’ve been there to begin with.***
This statement by Miller also does not correspond with what other sources were saying about how this went down.

During the timeframe of that request a woman was shot in the chest attempting to scale a wall inside the Capitol by an out -numbered and overwhelmed Capitol police officer and she died later. This didn’t have to happen. None of this had to happen. This was complete senseless violence.

Miller is guilty of being complicit and not speaking up when he should have about the level of security that was required for yesterday‘s events. He *knew* that it was going to happen and he let it happen. Four people are dead as a result and there are a couple of people with serious injuries.

An aide who was on the scene of the crime on the floor of the senate said that the Capitol police were overwhelmed . That is the term she used and the phrase that kept being repeated by someone who was on the scene on the floor inside the Capitol building. Which might explain why Capitol police simply opened up the gates rather than try to prevent the protesters from getting in? If you look at footage it clearly looks like the police officers who are on the inside of the building are overwhelmed.

Now I know that looks like they were complicit and they may very well have been, but if you’re one person against an angry mob of thousands,  it’s probably better to be polite to them then to even try and stop them altogether.  If you’re out numbered you’re out numbered. I think at a certain point your life is worth more than defending the Constitution in that kind of a situation.  I get it. What looks like complicity might just be self-preservation in those scenes that people recorded of people taking selfies with Capitol cops . Of course I could be wrong but with this added information about what the Department of Defense knew before it happened, I’m kind of leaning on the side of this might have been deliberate.

 Nevertheless, the ultimate blame rests solely on the instigators of the this,  I will leave you to the footage to decide who those instigators might be. Everyone knew yesterday was going to be contentious.
Why did the level of security not reflect that very real threat?

According to the aide speaking to C-SPAN, she said that the capital police were *overwhelmed*, That is the term she used , and that under normal circumstances that place is secure as Fort Knox. Add to that the Department of Defense refusing the request for back up from the national guard ASAP, and this is looking really fishy and really deliberate.
Feels like a set up.

Update, 10:21 pm ET, Jan. 7, 2021:
Just found out that despite repeated pleas for hours from White House aides to deploy the National Guard, Trump refused, even though he was reportedly watching the whole melee unfold on television.

That means, among other things, that he watched that woman get shot and die and he did nothing. Her death meant nothing to him. And she literally died for him/QAnon.

While the DOD is probably also complicit, along with the terrifying reality that many armed forces and law enforcement are sympathetic to Trumpism /QAnon and white supremacy, and video footage even shows a couple of instances where police opened up at least one barricade for the terrorists,  it appears President Trump deliberately incited a riot with intention to create pure chaos and violence, stood back and let it happen for hours, and then wanly refuted the actions later on that he personally instigated. But only reportedly after much pressure.

Update, 6:31 AM, Jan. 8, 2021:
A fifth person in the attack has died, a Capitol police officer who was mobbed by domestic terrorists has succumbed to his wounds.

Please, someone, throw this traitor out.
Offer him no succor.