Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hands down one of the best interviews I've ever had the pleasure to participate in

This is boffo-Four female experiencers/researchers and MILABs  together talking about subjects related to the paranormal connection to the military industrial complex.

We covered the satanic as well as psychic and ET connection to the MILAB experience, as well as me speaking publicly for the first time about some intense covert ops memories I have never before talked or written about publicly. 

Joe Montaldo told Gia, the host of this show, that it was one of the highest ratings in the history of his radio network, thank you all who participated with me, this covers the Extraterrestrial/psychic/Illuminati/satanic connections to the MILAB experience.

Please support MILABS. Please write your congressmen and women and lawmakers and ask them why black budgets are unaudited and blank checked, ask them about the "sinister shadow government" the senator from Hawaii spoke of back in the 80s that has never been substantially discussed in a media friendly format since. 

Ask and ask and ask. Give a damn, if you do. Just because we who have been made slaves to this system and have been asked to commit heinous acts against our free will in the name of the Illuminati talk about it doesn't mean we alone can solve the legislative issues surrounding this. You the people need to care as well. You who have nothing to do with this. Please release this topic from the conspiracy ghetto it is currently in. Help bring it mainstream or else nothing will ever be done about it. 

Panel: Anya Briggs, Melinda Leslie, Eve Lorgen, November Hanson