Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Message from SaLuSa of Sirius, 7/23/09

Woah. Today was an especially trying day with some especially trying people leaving my life abruptly. Yes, all is one, but NONETHELESS, lol, I am exceptionally good at "reflecting others aspects of consciousness" all OVER some sticky jam situations, lol - I am afraid it was a bit of a blowup, and I did NOT behave very nicely, it seems.

YES, It still happens, yes, even to me. Lessons, lessons, lessons, right? We've got a passel of them.
Each and every one of us. :-)

So I was coming home from work tonight, ruminating over the somewhat disheartening "loss of a friendship that never was" (according to the star beings) of two rising stars in the UFO research scene who were supposed to help me re: John Barkley and Solar Warden and never did, even after a year of asking and them requesting all kinds of "qualifiers" to meet their criteria.

This is in spite of the fact that privately one of them was beyond excited and told me they thought John was the "real deal" , but publicly shunned me like a leper and continually refused to address the subject with a ten-foot pole --so I was ruminating on this, and out of nowhere, suddenly the phrase into my head came from somewhere else:

"Send them love that believe".

Right there on a quiet street in TriBeCa, I stopped dead in my tracks and was all like--



So the phrase repeated:

"Send them love that believe."

So tonight, as soon as I got home, I just felt this urge to send love to all my friends in a message on The International Starseed Council site ( telling them how much I loved them.

And almost immediately after I did that, I got this transmission. Enjoy.

Love and Light,



Dear child of light, we return so joyfully! For you have forgotten us, it seems, in the hustle and fray of daily life lately! ("Never. It's impossible! I could never forget about you, darling ones!") Aha, this is our transmission, then, dear child of light and love, aha! We shine forth so joyfully to the universe now in its cadence of love with the whisper of a moonbeam on our lips, aha! We state categorically that this is not a transmission of love for love's sole sake, dear ones! No, not at all! You are reminded that you must joyfully go forth in the New Dawn with hope on your shining minds and lips-- all is One, dear children of light, all is one in the scheme of things, so do not harbor resentments for long, dear child. ("You know me so well, ha!") Aha! For this is a message for humanity too, dear child of light and love! All will be well in the coming days and weeks ahead, dear ones, all will be well if you suffice it a way of being and doing tantamount to world peace!

Yes, you have heard me well, for this IS Salusa of Sirius shining through dear ones! All is one, let all be one in the scheme of things of light and love too, for it will suit you well dear children of light to nightly bless your friends and relatives as before you fall asleep-- tell them you love them all and cherish their hearts as one incessantly, aha! You know as well as I/we that we are sincere in all ways of being and doing tantamount to world peace as well, dear children of the Collective of Light called Planet Earth, aha!

You know as well as I/we dear child of light, each and every one of you glows so well now it is a "done deal" as they say for the time being to focus your intent gladly on the coming "storm" of activity that is beset before you "on all sides" as it were, aha! You are going to be treating each other with kindness and goodwill even though it is hard as they say, for others become that which you say they become by words and deeds and actions before them as well, too, yes? ("Sigh. Yes.") Aha! You see this plan works well, yes? ("Very. People become what you want them to become, yes?") Yes, aha, that is the structure by which it stands, aha! You give all the best to someone and all the best will return, yes? ("Yes. I have doubted this many times.") I know, dear child of light and love- all is one in the scheme of things.

You are a star warrior, dear child! Act like it! Behave yourself more, dear one! Be a good woman and know the way and the light, there is no more. Be of good cheer and all manner of blessings will befall on you, dear one.

Love and Light, signing off, the Galactic Federation of Light with Beloved Salusa of Sirius and the Brotherhood of Arcturus in attendance, signing off

Amen Adonai Amen, all is One dear Child of Light in the scheme of things. Things will be better tomorrow when you find your way more, aha, all is one in the scheme of light and love dear child of our hearts, so miraculously do we shine forevermore in the light of love that basks around you now, dear child! Amen, signing off, amen, dear one. All is love, all is one in light and love forever. Amen adonai amen goodbye for now, amen goodbye dear one.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

AMAZING videos from FelipeSparx29 on Youtube about the 2012 Rainbow Bridge

Felipe is someone I am proud to call a friend, he is sincerely brilliant and I highly recommend subscribing to any/all videos he has on Youtube.

There is a point in this video (Part 2. I think?) that would correspond *exactly* with what the star beings told me would happen when I formed the International Starseed Council, and that was a gigantic, massive gathering of Starseeds from all over the world gathering at Stonehenge in 2017 for some kind of incredible event.

Part 1:

Part 2:

In Part 2 I was kind of flipping out, because the speaker is talking about *exactly* what the star beings said I and "others like myself" would do- they just didn't say why. But this makes perfect sense. Here is the breakdown in the video as it corresponds to what I was told by the star beings:

(Minutes of the video are what are beside the statements in the "more info" section of Part 2)
3:22 - 3:41 ****** Bio-psychic electromagnetic human being at sacred sites around the planet practicing this visualization ******** (Emphasis mine with the stars, Ed.)

Then the rest of the video makes perfect sense as well as to *why* starseeds would be gathering at Stonehenge and/or "other sacred sites".

3:42 - 3:46 Every July 25th; Day Out of Time
3:47 - 5:24 Building the Telepathic Field, Synchronizing ourselves in time with a common purpose to creat the 2012 Rainbow Bridge
5:25 - 5:54 Universal, Irreversible and the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge will be permanent

(supposedly creates psychic, self-healing transformative powers for all of humanity.)

So I guess we have a date now : July 25th, 2017: Stonehenge and London, England it is!

Love and Light,


Summer Reading List suggestion.

If you have not already done so, please read John Perkin's incredible-but-true whistleblower tale of being recruited to be an economic hit man. It is one of the fastest reads ever, a real page turner, it could even be a blockbuster thriller and I think is in talks to be made into a movie, and the most amazing part is that it's all true.

You can also listen/watch great interviews with him on Youtube, just type his name and the book title and listen in shock and awe.

Confessions of An Economic Hit Man

by John Perkins

This ties into everything having to do with the military/defense/engineering/corporate complex's impact on ecology, indigenous culture, the monoculturization of the world, perma-war economies, you name it. It stops shy of the reasons behind why the CIA does this (uh, secret space program/reverse engineered/UFO Research & Development/defense initiatives funded by drug cartels, prostitution rings/slavery, and dictatorial hand-in-glove relationships with Banana republics, anyone?), but it's a good starting point.

Love and Light,


Two words, dear Readers: Bechtel and Monsanto.

If you want personal empowerment, economic, ecological, and social justice, give yourself the opportunity to learn first about the dark deeds of these two incredibly powerful and influential companies with some of the most intense political influence on earth, and then sign every petition and write every letter to your congresspeople/senators you can get your hands on to request oversight, auditing, safety and accountability for standards and practices for both of them.

First, the arm of the military industrial corporate complex of nuclear, engineering, and construction contractors with big ties to big oil that make all others look like Mickey Mouse in comparison re:violations and no-bid contracts... (drumroll)... I bring you Bechtel!

All about the company/bio/profile:

List of company violations found in just a two minute Google search (by no means complete!):,73,221,html?ContractorID=11

And Two, Monsanto, agribusiness Giant who wants to be controller of global ecology for profit.
They are destroying the planet, its ecosytem, its biodiversity, and the future of sustainability/food production by producing/lobbying heavily for support of GMO seed and food production trans-nationally and domestically:

(This link is a great starting point to learn about them, plenty of info and petitions to sign, great documentary as well on the page. I also highly encourage subscribing/joining Organic Consumers Association anyway, feel free to browse the rest of the site, they are doing truly miraculous things as far as consciousness raising and direct action.)

Please take the time to understand cause and effect, people! Nothing happens in a vacuum.
You can't take action without first directing very specific energy towards a problem to ***find*** the solution. Meditation is great, fantastic, wonderful; it brings about focused intent, but it is only a starting point and isn't enough.

Make sure you take your Alka Seltzer before learning about these companies. "They aren't very nice" as it were. If they were people, they'd be psychotic. So let's see they get the professional help they deserve.


Love and Light,


Monday, July 6, 2009

Interview discussing John Barkley, secret space program, and water on the moon

Whew! It has been a whirlwind week, let me tell you- this all happens so fast, and yet it feels exactly right, as it should be, and the star beings are totally guiding me along the path of love and light right now to be able to bring this to you- I thank the Arcturians and the GFL for making this possible, because it's not me- and I thank YOU for following your hearts and listening to what the message is saying. I speak truth because I cannot do any other way, for better or for worse, ha! Enjoy.

PS- there is a typo in the description - While Brad happily interviewed me, he is not the co-founder.

Love and Light,


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Formation of the International Starseed Council begins NOW.

UPDATE: June 25th, 2012 - Someone on was asking WHY this never took off- it did. I took the site down when I realized that many sites, including has been and continues to be a network of infiltration from intelligence agencies.

Congratulations- if you are a member of, the CIA has a full profile on you and is looking and searching farther than ever before to corral and organize the disinformation and disempowerment of people like yourself looking for spiritual enlightenment.

It's also 2012: if you haven't woken up by now, you probably never will. And if you think the moderator of hasn't been completely compromised by the dark Cabal, then you are really and truly kidding yourselves. She has tried, like many before, to snag me back into her dark ways. You are being fooled in the first place if you think you need "a place for people like us" on the internet.

 The Cabal will just corral you all into a corner and mind program you like they did once before and continue and fail to do to me to this day. Thank heavens I woke up and smelled the coffee before it was too late. Renounce all groupthink- it is no accomplishment to say you are a starseed. Big deal. Most of us are. It is a major accomplishment, however, to not follow others and to follow your own path.

There is no one right way to enlightenment. Yshatar Xtara thinks there is. She is what is known as a "bad" starseed. She has been infiltrated completely and my direct, personal involvement back in '08-'09 proves it from what she told me and what she did to me. Stabbed me in the back as did so many- and/or others, like Brad Johnson, who is a manipulative exploiter and opportunist, who tried to piggyback on the Starseed Council and call it his own. (Another reason I distanced myself from it almost immediately and demanded he retract any videos he's ever made stating the contrary. Unfortunately there are still one or two up and I am still contemplating legal action for violation of copyright for illegally claiming 'co-ownership" of the site.)

Johnson is a known PT Barnum and there are many sites on the web that will showcase this. I didn't know any better at the time but quickly learned that many of these people "in the starseed scene" are either idiots or charlatans or both- or worse, sociopaths who hate humanity and act like they love it when they don't. Be for yourself and in so doing, you become one with others. Do not give up your sovereignty to anyone- least of all ETs who "know more than we do and thus are more evolved" like Yshatar thinks. She is wrong. She also hates humans and has said this to me many times. She only congregates with other "starseeds". NEWSFLASH: STARSEEDS ARE HUMANS.

You might want to pay attention to the symbols she uses as well- one eye (currently, she changes the layout about as frequently as the way most people change their nail polish), pyramids, Illuminati symbolism through and through- I know for a fact this woman has been compromised by a dark reptilian ET faction working directly with the US government and she knows it too and has told me so.

Good luck with everything if you think you can learn something by affiliating yourself with the black cabal by signing up with that site. You'll need it.

OK, so without any further ado, here's the original post. Please keep in mind that this channel may also have been manipulated by the dark cabal so that I too could corral others into a proverbial corner so that intelligence could keep a more tightly controlled eye on them as well. I take no responsibility for this as I didn't know any of this at the time but I am trying to right as many inadvertent wrongs that may have been created if I have inadvertently done so in the process.


About last fall or winter (have to check my notes), I was speaking with one of the star beings, and they told me I was going to form an international starseed council, one that would physically and emotionally unite those in the starseed, indigo, crystal, and rainbow warrior communities, to actually come together in light and love and establish a way of being and doing that organizes us into a cohesive unit; one filled with the promise of new life for the planet and its inhabitants, because it eliminates the fear-based construct of ideas of scarcity, division, and separation from Source energetics.

So here it is!

And of course, as I was typing this, I was given another channeled message related to this new International Starseed Council. The guides/messengers have been pushing me to do this for a while, so of course the timing was exquisite, lol.

Here is the official Declaration of Independence for Starseeds!

You are here now dear ones to facilitate communication with yourselves and the global community, no longer will you be relegated to the "great unknown" of the internet, aha!

Here is the speaker, the voice, and from hence forth, she will proclaim this day of 2009, "Independence Day" aha!

You are most welcome, Anya, I am here to assist and guide you, and my name is Ra'Mool'Tah of the Arcturian Council of Light. I am in accordance with the actions of the Confederation of Light, the Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, "you name it" dear one, aha!

I am energized by this union of souls perching forth eagerly on the precipice, already diving in!

It is a movement, and all will be assembled when the time comes to gather in 2017, yes you heard right, in Stonehenge, to share together our assemblage in peace and enlightenment together, aha!

You are NOT a guru, dear child. Please all who read this, dear ones: do NOT mistake this for delusions of grandeur, aha!

You are watching history unfold, and all will be as One in the New Millenium of space, time, and the unknown, dear children of Earth. We call your planet Terra, for indeed it was formed of "terra-forming" in a most unusual experiment we call "amusement, enlightenment, and establishment" of time, space, and the unknown.

All is one, dear ones. All is One in the scheme of things, and indeed, this is not a "scheme", aha, so much as it is an "experiment of hope and love" as well.

We have decided to let this day be claimed "Independence Day" in your country, the United States of America, yes? Then indeed, let this be known far and wide, dear ones!
All is One! All is united in global peace and goodness and good deeds for all mankind! Aha!
"Keep on keeping on" is the phrase you must keep, dear children of Earth and the Stars, aha!

You must strike a blow to tyranny as your forefathers of the original 13 Colonies did and march forward in light and in love always, dear flowers of light! You are the star children, and hence forth and forever more, you will always align yourselves with peace and goodness, aha!

Always know you are loved, dear child of our hearts-- all of you are children of our hearts, and a message of goodwill is being extended to the leaders of this planet to include this Starseed Council in all preparations and considerations of time and what is best for the planet, the stars, the star beings you have yet to consider in full, the time march known as electoral choices, and the like!

YOU will be accountable for your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings dear ones at ALL TIMES! Act like the star beings you are and are known to be, dear children of Earth and Stars of All Times!

Act it! Live it! Be it! Do it! Now! Aha! For the time is always NOW dear children, and indeed, all will be lost if we don't account for ourselves, our planet, our resources, and our time well spent every moment conducting ourselves as the true Ambassadors of Light we are known each of us to be!

Beware of Impostors! Be useful of your discernment! All will be well, dear Children of Light, all will be as well as can be in time and space, but always beware of tricksters and those lying in wait to "trip you up" spiritually, emotionally, and yes, sometimes physically too.

You are divine beings of light, each of you a force for spiritual upliftment and designed to hold the light of the stars in each one of your pairs of eyes, aha!

You are the beholders of time and space, dear ones. Use it well, this position you have chosen! You will see a day when all is alleiviated, all is become one, all is assigned a task of love and of CHOICE, to see the New Dawn come together and design a "hope chest" if you will, of love and of light for ALL who choose to open it up and see what is inside this chest of hope.

You will design each and every one of your futures TOGETHER, dear ones, all is One in the Light of Knowledge, Sharing, and Hope, all is material possession and dispersement of goods, all is one of enlightenment and ignorance dear child, each one of you I am speaking to now, will see this light shining in each others' eyes, and you will come to know love and light through this foundation of sponsorship.

Each one of you is each other's sponsor, provider, lover, friend, money-lender, child-care worker, sea captain, aha!Each one of you in the family of light is a friend, dear children of the Moon, Earth and Stars!

You come forward now so splendidly to shine forth truth in the New Age, the New Dawn of which we have abided for so long, waiting in time and space for you to finally show up, aha! You know this to be true, dear ones. Now LIVE IT! In its fullness! Every day in every way SHOW UP for work, aha, SHOW UP for the school play, GO to the soccer practice, TAKE TIME to shower your pets, friends, family with LOVE and love deeply and strongly and do not ever request a time when you will be needful again, dear hearts.

ALL is abundance if you decide it! It is all within your dreams, dear children! All is assigned a task to do, so DO IT! Make of this what you will, this audacious and somewhat loud message, shouting on the rooftops like Patriots of the Universe will do, aha!

You must consider this Independence Day of another sort, dear ones! Mark of the Beast is no more! Your goals are to turn weapons into ploughshares, markets into meeting homes, barriers into barrels of flowers.

Do not make of this what you will if you decide to go the path of estrangement, for we will catch you if you have fallen, dear children! We are your friends, not your enemies! And we have returned in the New Dawn to keep you stablized, warm; fed, brethren and sistren, aha!
You will know want no more if you just establish an outreach designed to combine your forces of light and love, and show forth the way of doing and being in this new design you call "cooperation", "friendship" and "Universal love and light".

You are a child of light, dear one. Open your heart to the possibility of love and all will say YES to you. Walking down the street with someone, open your heart to the possibility of love and light. Open your heart to them so freely, and all manner of beautiful, surprising things will spill forth from their hearts as well. You know them from other lifetimes, dear child, do not be surprised by the welcoming you will get. Know and see that this is love speaking, and all will be exactly as it should be.

Walk not in fear, children of Earth and the Moon and Stars! You will see to it exactly as it should be in time. All is well. Amen, Adonai, Amen, this completes this transmission for Anya Briggs, and establishes a new document of hope for all of humanity!

One is God, dear ones! One is holy, dear ones! Honor your truths! Honor your fathers and mothers of many lifetimes! Know yourselves! Speak to yourself on a daily basis to shower yourself with affection and love and all manner of affection and love will speak forth to you, dear children!

With honor and love, we wish you fond farewells for now, until we meet again, dear children of light and love and honor too! You have found honor in your ways of being and doing, dear ones! Own it! Live it! Love it! For it is your design that you have found amongst yourselves, your way of being and doing that fortifies itself by manner of coming into existance! It is its own way of being and doing that provides you with the love that you seek, dear child.

You will be notified further, humanity, of things you should do to provide a basis for love, and all will be well in the context as it makes sense to each and every one of you individually.

You are ALL precious children of light, make no mistake, aha! You are all here for the Grand Revealing, and each one of us is here to enlighten and enfold our arms to you in light and so much love it is demanding you to change your perspective on the matter that it can no longer be denied of the truth of our existence!

We are all God's Children of Earth and the Stars, and no matter of lies the governments, educational systems, parties of political affiliation or otherwise may tell otherwise! No man or woman or child or animal is any better or lesser than anyone else! We establish this contract with the world tonight, for all to see now, here and now, in the present moment, so that you all will take with this a certain promise to yourself to honor and abide by the laws of Free Will and Discernment, dear ones. Always carry both with you at all times and God shall provide the rest.

You are a light being of many eons in the making, why do you think it so honorable to deny this fact? You are a "magnificent being of light" as Anya is want to say, and she is aptly correct in her assessment! Why do you shudder at this fact, dear ones? You ARE a 'magnificent being of light' and the light shines forth so brightly now on this planet, that this manifesto of Hope is brought down a notch only by the notion that those who drag it down only do so because they have grasped the concept only so well, aha!

We are here, we are very "queer", aha!, and we must get used to this fact, aha! We are shining the light of humanity forth on the green earth you call home now, presently hoping you will take this to mean we love and honor you, for in fact it is truth in whole! We are speeding towards you in space, we take this to mean you want us to speed to your rescue? That is not the point, dear ones. Always you will be guided and assisted by us, these beings of light you call "extraterrestrials", "ETs", "aliens", and the like; and in actuality, we are 'star beings' like yourselves.

We all come from somewhere else, dear ones, and the likelihood of damaging your reputation as spirits is unlikely in the extreme, aha! You are already damaging your souls denying spirit in the first place. We will come down to you to teach you lessons of faith and love, no more no less. It is up to you to do with these lessons as you please. It is not for us to say that which you will take up on call or not, but we have collaborated together for many times and many fashions, to make sure you are "up to speed" shall we say, and we WILL come a day when all will be one, by hook or by crook, you will see soon enough, dear children of Earth, aha!

You are divided presently as to what to do, we will only show you options, no more no less. All will be revealed dear ones. All is one in the spectrum of light. All shines forth so brightly and heavily now as a frequency because YOU have willed it, dear ones! YOU have come into your own so brightly, so abruptly, because you saw no other way out, no other way of doing and saying and feeling and knowing things, and you are right, dear children of Earth and of the Stars! You are saying to us WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE *****NOW*****, PLEASE HELP US, PLEASE, and we are responding in like kind, dear ones!

We make of it your rapid transaction of dark to light energies is astounding and astonishing. Dear ones, we know no other way to be or do, there is nothing left to say but YES, we will assist you in your goals wholeheartedly! We WILL see a day when all is goodness and light, and until then, we will make the world a better place, a shining light in the sky will unite you all one day in brother and sisterhood and love, dear ones!

Come what may, dear ones, always know this: always know we love and honor your field of existence, your field of knowing, and your field of light that shines forth so energetically now!

Come what may, dear ones, always know this! For the time is NOW to rise up and strike a blow to the dark force energy through kindness and light and nobility and "stepping up to the plate" and "taking the leap" and "showing the way of the lighted path in the dark" to others.

Always, dear ones, be of light and kindness and service to humanity. Always the bottom line is this: Have I helped someone today? Have I shown them kindness? And mercy if they have been less than kind? I have the Christ energy within to transcend this portal of misery I call darkness and confusion. I have the light within, no matter what. I have and possess all the mysteries and answers of the universe within me and within others. All I need to do is remember how to remember, aha! If I do that, then all is one.

No more will we speak this night of hatred, cattiness, ill-advice, boring conundrums, and the like. All is sparkling, new, filled with promise. Make of it your own and the rest is yours! You know this to be true, dear ones. We have only just promised to help you remember your soul's deepest dream come true! And it will be true! If you make of it a trust in your heart and soul to make of it what you want, whatever you want it to be, if it is in light and in love, it will be so! Sooner rather than later, then, aha!

You are going now. Going to the light of knowledge and of self-hope, yes? You will no more this being of doing construct fantasies of hurting others, worshipping others, debasing others, demoralizing others, yes? And their brothers' brothers too? No more of this warring and fighting and controlling and fear-mongering will we spread, and no more will the "foreign" be "foreign" any more.

There is nothing more to be said. Amen, Adonai, Amen, all is one, dear ones, all is filled with the light of love and light and promise and goals achieved, for that is the Starseed way.

Namaste, Adonai, Chico'te (Andromedan for "love is the light of eternity"), Amen, Peace be with you all dear ones, all is the light of the stars reflected in your being and doing. All are choices made with a full heart stemming from light, love, and positivity. Amen. Goodbye for now, dear ones, we await a star for you to shine on, aha!

Love and light,

Signing off, the Galactic Federation of Light with the Arcturian Brotherhood and Ashtar Command and Ascended Masters in Effective Presentation for the Planet Earth to Shine Forth Its Light So Brightly So That Others May Know In Time This Destiny Was Fulfilled Together In A Movement of Honor So Bright That It Captures The Sun In Its Warmth And Growth.