Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are capable of so, so much good.

Make sure your capabilities are for the right reasons. Issues of racism, sexism, all the -isms-, "resource allocation" and scarcity-based thinking and the concept of "haves" and "have nots"  become ridiculous and silly in the face of the cosmos.


It's time to use more of our creativity than previously known in a way that harms none. We created these problems because of hierarchies and perceived scarcity, and we can create the solutions that solve the problems we created without making it a controlled opposition move.

We have the keys if we just stop funneling it into corruption, hierarchical structures, top dog-underdog thinking, a refusal to take ownership of each and every person's own role in their personal responsibility and the like.

We have all the answers at our disposal currently. It is up to us if we want to create a co-creational universe or a suppressed, classified, fractured, bilocated, dissociative, "need to know" one.

Do not let the deceivers steer you away from prime directive. Do not become distracted. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Corrections

So, in the course of human events (because even though every skeptic and their mother likes to think I'm supposed to be all-seeing, all-knowing, and 100% right all the time) I have to make some corrections to who was in attendance at the UFO researcher event in Bucks County, Pa. last fall. 

(Re: this post:

Three of the people on that list wound up not showing up. They were:

Dr. Steven Greer
George Noory
Richard Dolan

Now the fallout (UPDATE: JUNE 20TH, 2013):

Regarding Miriam Delicado's public statements that I am "seeking attention" and am "false"- all I will say about that is, no, Miriam, you did not stop speaking to me, I stopped taking your calls. I wanted nothing to do with you after your utterly disgusting behavior towards me.

She used to chase me down in never-ending attempts to get free work out of me (both clerical/administrative AND psychic) and would ask me to spy on people. She would try to not incriminate herself or insinuate that she was exploiting me for free work by saying back-peddling statements like "I'm not asking you for psychic advice. But what do you think of this person?" (Who the only way I could get any information on them would be through psychic means.)  So basically what she was asking me to do was be a psychic spy for her. She used to pepper her conversations with me for hours with her mantra "What do you think of this person?" And if I objected or hesitated, she'd be really great at insinuating and guilt tripping that I wasn't being loyal to her and her cause.

 She thought herself a really clever master manipulator and would play people against each other by talking about the other one behind the other's back and pouring poison in their ears about the other person's character - Not saying she has this necessarily, but the "playing both sides behind the scenes to divide and conquer" routine is typical textbook behavior of a person with a chronic personality disorder. Just sayin'.

As for "seeking attention"??

 She used to literally coach me (on multiple occasions) when I was asked to do an interview with some podcast or radio show on how she was going to be mentioned in an interview that I was scheduled to do that had nothing to do with her!

Miriam spends the lion's share of her waking hours sending out press releases about herself and asking people if she can be on their shows/speak at events. She also exploits her army of sycophants who will do anything for her and works them to the bone on office work, web design, A/V, promotion, translations, room/board/travel arrangements, etc- never paying them or providing any compensation whatsoever- and then tosses them to the side when they get a whiff of what she's really all about.

 I asked her once how she gets on shows, and she said: "I ask them."

 I don't think I've ever had to ask to be on a show in my life maybe more than once? And that was just to respond to one of my critics.

She's literally never met a person or a situation she didn't hesitate to exploit. The phrases "reciprocity" and "quid pro quo" are completely foreign to her. She is literally one of the most service to self people you will ever, ever meet. And she's a lousy friend.  She's using the Blue Star Prophecy to self-aggrandize, people. The Hopi want nothing to do with her and she's a pompous white woman who once arrogantly told me that a certain Four Corners reservation is "Her" reservation. And just to make sure I heard her right as my jaw was still on the floor, she reiterated her statement. Her sense of entitlement is delusional.

To those of you saying she is "one of the most stable people in UFOlogy", I will say this:

Before Mommie Dearest was published, Joan Crawford had a really great public image too.

She lost the script long ago and I would seriously question (as I am here with the topic of possession) any benevolent entity/ies who chose her to be a "Blue Star Prophet".

As for Rich Dolan, I am friends with Rich and we have cleared up this misunderstanding. Everything's fine between us. He's really happy that we are friends and have cleared this up as well. The confusion came when it turned out to be a case of a simple scheduling error that had been made and he wound up not going, nothing more.

But OH MY GOD you would have thought I had murdered a puppy based on the response on Facebook!

Of course the snarky comments ensued about how psychic I really was, how "unprofessional" and "inappropriate" I had been that I had the audacity to have a problem with this event, that it was "National Enquirer-style" "hysterical"  "journalism" to be a, surprise, surprise psychic intuitive who had the unmitigated nerve and temerity to be writing about the stuff she was psychically picking up on and receiving.

Never mind that this event happened and I still stand by my statements that attempts were made to tamper with people there. Frankly, the public's response was a little over the top and I defended myself because I still believe that the attendees are not out of the water yet to mind control attempts and I contend that most people are still not fully aware of the amount of mind control going on at this event and in general, and I will not make any retractions in that regard.

Several in attendance had been worked over hard for a while already prior to coming to the event.
The only thing that will help those three or four who are really deep in it right now is to get a heaping dose of humility and to suffer through the pains of getting honest with themselves about who they really are and what's really been happening to them and then seek the help of a really good deprogrammer. They are not easy to find, but in my mind, Delores Cannon and her people she's trained seem like good guys and gals. Please ask for help. You need it.  It's very sad to have to address this, but a massive spiritual clean out is in order here.

 (Seriously, though: This blog is considered journalism? This thing I write stuff on and hit a "publish" button with? This? I dunno if I would call this a place of "journalism". It feels more like an open diary for my thoughts and experiences rather than anything connected to the tenants of the Fourth Estate.
Perhaps I'd prefer to call it a place of a "concerned citizen with some REALLY weird abilities and experiences she needs to get out of her system because she doesn't know where else to put it or what else to do" and people show up and read it if they want and don't read it if they don't want, but okay.  So apparently some people think I am a journalist. I never really saw it that way.  I make my own media, I say I'm a "correspondent" in my bio and people want me on their shows as an "expert" of some kind, but I have to use terms for things because I don't have any other title for the freaking unbelievably weird job title I already have - but am I a journalist? No. I don't consider myself a journalist even if I have to use terms associated with being one.  And honestly?  I really don't want to be called one. UPDATE: JUNE 20TH, 2013: Ok, so it's been brought to my attention that by not wanting to be called a journalist, I was told that I might be jeopardizing my 4th Amendment rights, so I guess if you want to call me an "extremely reluctant journalist", call me that.... Sigh... I just wanna get the lead out about what I know because not too many others seem to know what the hell is happening or will admit anything is happening. Is that so wrong? Since when is shining a light on something that appears to be rotting from within a bad thing? )

It's frustrating and difficult to report on psychic phenomena that I am personally experiencing and yet still maintain any "journalistic impartiality" when the event I am "reporting" on is actually a warning because I don't want my friends to get hurt.   Now here's the clincher (and this is how I know I am not a journalist): I didn't want to directly confront anyone about their attendance because this event was about ***mind control*** to me.

Let me tell you something about mind control for those of you who are uninitiated:

I have had this happen to me at least a dozen times, maybe more: if you confront someone who is under mind control and you tell them they are under the influence of it, they can and will often become violent. They will scream and yell, they will throw things, they will become ***physically*** violent in some cases. If you are lucky, they will block you on Facebook and never speak with you again.

I have witnessed this time and time and time and time again. Again, in my personal, direct, subjective experience I have experienced this. I have been physically, mentally, verbally, and yes, psychically attacked because I was just trying to do the right thing and help someone deprogram and become aware of the situation.  (I have since found out that it is not recommended to confront a person about this if they are under the influence. Through many stupid but well-meaning trials and errors, this messenger has some serious bullet holes in her vest, shall we say.)

Do you think I wanted to stick my hand in a hornet's nest yet again, but this time, with some of the world's leading UFO researchers??  No!  To say I was exercising caution here would be an understatement, in terms of trying to simultaneously alert people there to this possible threat to personal security while at the same time not naming names about who specifically was affected by this the most and who wasn't. I tried to word things to protect the innocent. And of course, it was completely misconstrued because of a clerical error and I was yet again labeled the "crazy psychic".

I think the point is is that this meeting HAPPENED. And there were less than savory elements that were in place going on behind (and in front of) the scenes. If you want a psychic medium to suddenly be rigorously following the format of every school of Journalism's Who-What-Where-When-Why rule to the exact letter of the law, you will be sorely disappointed. I write about my experiences here, and what I psychically pick up on them. And sometimes those subjects meander into other subjects and that Noon coffee I just had becomes the evening meal because I can't keep up with the constant connections and so forth. But if you are looking for tightly delineated "just the facts", compartmentalization here, ya ain't gonna find it. Sorry, not my style.

I have been wrong before, and here's the clincher, people who can't handle it: I WILL be wrong again! And of course, corrections will be made as soon as the mistake is pointed out. Also, just so I am totally clear, this infomation I am getting is not a substitution for legal advice or medical advice and that by law I have to mention this is for "entertainment purposes" only. So take or leave it is what I am saying!
It's okay!

Case in point: I may (it remains to be seen right now, however) be also wrong about Elon Musk being the "real" financier behind this event.  But it is known that the "public" funders of this event happen to have been in bankruptcy proceedings, so it seems like a rather inappropriate thing to host a big blowout just to "show your appreciation" for a handful of the world's most established UFO researchers!
 (Lots of question marks raised there about this event just by that action alone, but more later on that.) More on the supposed financiers of this event, who allegedly made their money in the sub-prime mortgage scandals of the 2000s:

In spite of any confusion over a funder behind the scenes or not, a funny happy accident happened when researching Elon Musk. (Or maybe I had stumbled into something that was meant to be talked about all along.) When I hooked into Musk's energy field, I picked up all kinds of surprising information about him being owned or at least remote influenced heavily by the Dow Greys and then it opened up new topic of discussion about the rapid increase in articles about Mars colonization and the connection to the rise of the space tourism industry: (

What may have happened here between Musk and the event in Pa. could be (remains to be seen, I still could be right about Musk, he studied at the The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has strong roots in the state) an honest case of some psychic cross-contamination, but I still contend many strange things were going on behind the scenes at this event,  in addition to leaders of industry and the world.

Not to sound like Joe McCarthy here red baiting and saying (if I might paraphrase) that there's an ET hidden under every bed, but I can't help but feel that there IS an assault on consciousness through various means and industries, and just as every mean and industry has it's own certain way of being run, the infiltration has it's own unique properties individual to each respective agency, cult, industry, and the like.

In other words, the cult leader addicted to fame and power might attract one sort of parasitic inter-dimensional, and the militaristic head of state might attract another.

It ain't as simple as first glance, folks! I have reason to believe that at the very least, attempts have been made time and time again on lots of other members of the UFO/conspiracy community. Some by human agency (or perhaps private industry? Or both?) design. (But make no mistake, above the capstone, non-humans are running the agency humans as well, sometimes with even conscious knowledge from certain people on the inside.)

It's not to discredit anyone or diminish their skill sets to say this. I am just saying alleged attempts, if not successful, have been and continue to be made to mind control people. It doesn't have to be invisible grey ETs doing it either. I find it supremely ironic that people are getting so caught up in words that they find provocative about an industry that spends every waking second talking about the subject of ETs but the minute I so much as even suggest that the tables might have been turned and the subject might be in command of the person researching it is, to some people, too far beyond the pale to even consider.

That could be a fear mechanism kicking in, and one that is understandable. But if you can't be a big boy or girl about it, and deal with the distinct possibility that mind control, whether via animal, vegetable, or mineral means exists, then you aren't a mature or very aware human being.

It's just something to think about and I think warrants serious discussion within the UFO community and any community that is considered "subversive", "fringe" "provocative" or otherwise by the Powers That Be. Mind control, like shit, happens.

I really don't understand why this surprises anyone at this point. Then again, most people haven't seen what I've seen. But regardless, this warrants just as serious a place in forums (Is the well poisoned in some research circles through infiltration?) as any other serious discussion about disinformation and counterintelligence.

It's not fun to talk about this. It's scary to me, quite frankly. But what is really the worst part is the deleterious re-direction, mis-direction, dropping of balls and non-connecting of the dots it causes in UFOlogy, exopolitics, or whatever else you want to call it.  Which is just how the perpetrators like it. They like that we don't talk about it because it allows them to keep doing what they are doing without any hope or chance for real change. It keeps the status quo. It's painful as well because of the backlash I continually receive from simply attempting to make people aware of this topic and even bringing it up, but I think it has to be said nonetheless.

Again: what is the truly loving thing to do here? To stay silent? No segment of the population, even the ivory tower skeptics above it all who don't believe a word I am saying, are immune to this!
Body possession is a real phenomenon and it takes many forms. You don't believe me, look at a heroin addict: tell me that person isn't held sway by some force by choice, that is bigger than them.

It's really not as sensational a topic as most people would have you believe if you deal in what I deal with on a daily basis. It might seem weird to you, but it's just another day at the office for me.

I can only can tell you what I know from my own direct, personal, subjective experience. The subheading of this blog is "A psychic medium's true story of how she came to discover herself and all of the strange things that happened to her along the way". Not: "All The News That's Fit To Print"!

I wish the mind control thing by ETs was a topic of discussion more, but it appears I have uncovered a potentially dirty little secret in the UFO community that most are either unaware of or (quite arrogantly) think they are immune to. I've always said if I am wrong, I will say it as soon as I discover where I was wrong, apologize and correct it. Not interested in lies and deception. My mistakes are honest ones, not covered up and lacquered over and done under cover of night.  I just want everyone to be well and healthy, and of course, completely sovereign unto themselves.



Just because someone is mentally ill does not mean they are a Super Soldier.

Mental illness does not give you a "pass" for this. It doesn't put you in a special "club", it doesn't make you smarter, or faster, or stronger. It just makes you mentally ill. 

I feel very sorry for Erin Green Hicks and wish her wellness and healing. But I managed to watch about 15 minutes of her interview with Miles Johnston, and had some more notes on that if I may.

Here's what I immediately detected within five minutes: She may come from a Masonic, possibly Satanic family (certainly doing enough hand gestures in the beginning and making sure she lets us see her hand tattoos), and she has been put in a mind control program.  But it's not IBIS. 

It's a COINTELPRO CIA program that involves scooping up high-functioning paranoid schizophrenics from mental institutions and halfway houses, brain entraining them to think they are a super soldier (or a genius scientist, or a journalist, or a celebrity's long lost son, or whatever they want to make of this person to exploit them, create a distraction and undermine the target) and then unleash them onto the public in a controlled environment like the Super Soldier Summit, where equally brainwashed journalists like Kerry Cassidy will pick up neurolinguistic and post-hypnotic suggestions from any number of buzz words Erin would, like the programmed good soldier she thinks she is, spout off and the next thing you know, you've got the perfect recipe for muddied H2O.

  I wish her well, she definitely might have come from a deep Masonic family (am getting possibly a very other-side-of-the-tracks white supremacist biker gang version of Masonic-Satanic, but Masonic nonetheless) but that STILL doesn't mean she's a super soldier of any kind. In fact, I think she was offered up as a sacrificial good soldier to "throw herself on the sword" and be used as a disinfo agent. 

She may have been very abused, again, she may come from a Masonic family
But, she is not in IBIS, she is not a super soldier. The Illuminati has plenty of those types of unfortunate people in surplus for when they want to discredit anyone - a person like myself, for instance-- who steps forward in any category they talk about that is considered "forbidden" and are getting too on target about things.

Is it any wonder the last six, count 'em, SIX interviews I have done have either been significantly interrupted or flat out sabotaged/destroyed? I wouldn't even put it past the Powers That Be to make it seem like Erin's "message" was "tampered with" to give more import to her story as well, but I'm telling you: I smell programmed lies like you smell dinner. I don't make my living on "hunches". I see their delusions wafting off of them like heatwaves on tarmac. I know what I know and that woman is not a super soldier. 

Mind controlled people like Kerry Cassidy need to stop exploiting vulnerable people like this poor woman. At least Miles Johnston keeps his journalistic neutrality hat firmly on when he interviews people, and he can admit that this is disinfo. At least he records it for the dubious document that it is. (Even though he commented that she "exhibits" characteristics of a super soldier. Uh, no. She "exhibits" the characteristics of someone who has spent hours and hours and hours of time absorbing everything and anything she can get her hands on pertaining to the curious phenomenon of the Super Soldier and has boned up on the storyline, but she is no more a Super Soldier than someone dressed up as Spock at a Comic Con who has taken the role just a leeeeeeeetle too seriously.)

There was something she said (mind control scripted) that triggered me and it had to do with the number 42.  Casbolt and this guy who claims he used to draw me on the walls of his cell without knowing it was me when he was in a mental institution both used it a lot in 2010 when we were more in communication. They were fascinated by the number and this man who drew me said in a Skype session once "It all happens when we're 42" cryptically enough. 

Now I am 42 and truth be told, it was weird how Casbolt used to say he was "waking up an army" when I met him in 2010 and used to give me what I now realize were all these neurolinguistic cues that quite frankly, really f'd with my head. 

I don't know why, but he could always manage to inspire the deepest form of dread imaginable in me, which is psychotic on his part, because I know he liked doing that and liked having that effect on me, so whatever. Now I know better. 

But now Erin's spouting off this weird triggered "42" thing and talking about hierarchies and how you "just need to bring light to the world" and how Cas is an archangel and our "Commander" etc etc and it's just-- it's so brainwashed.  Erin (and I know you read this blog, so I will address you directly), if you knew the types of "light bringing" extracurricular activities your "Commander" gets into, you probably wouldn't be saying what you're saying. Dude is easily one of the most depraved in the extreme individuals I've ever met, trust me on that one. 

Another noticeable point that came up was the "no judgements" thing. I've noticed that's something everyone who's insane and/or a drug addict always says because they don't want to be judged themselves for their criminally reprehensible behavior that they've unleashed onto the public once or a million times. The "Hey, don't judge" trope is also what every single narcissist and sociopath has ever said to me, ever (when they were in recovery mode and between trips to rehab and/or being committed/arrested/fired/kicked out of the house).

The way you bring enlightenment to the world is not through the rehashed Illuminati trope of "We are helping humanity gain wisdom through the experiences of torture, death, division and destruction". 
Awwwwwww. What humanitarians y'all are! Thanks, but no.  Again: It's the malignant narcissist's cheap trick way out of everything and a way to avoid responsibility for their actions.  

Anyway, I wish her true light, true love, true healing and true enlightenment, not this superficial claptrap Satanist stuff that's older than a dirty dish rag. 

How about some true light: 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I have to admit, Snowden's voice could sell me coffee -- or arsenic, for that matter. 
Very broadcast-worthy, measured, honeyed tones he's got; a career in voice overs might not be out of the question if he weren't on the run/in hiding!

Mentioned my suspicions about him as well in this post as well: 

He's not off the hook, especially given his career trajectory, but if he's the real deal, more power to him.

"The Kid With the Replaceable Head" by Richard Hell & The Voidoids

So this is weird. As soon as I just updated the latest IBIS post with the Kerry Cassidy (and MI5) reference (, my computer screen opened a new window by itself and I found myself looking at a Youtube channel for Richard Hell, the musician and poet/writer.
This video was the first one you see on the video list. 

I thought this immediately funny, strange, and not a coincidence since Casbolt is always going on and on about his detatchable, replaceable cyborg head. Call me crazy, but I had a feeling it was one of his people responsible for that lil' computer glitch. 

It seems the MINUTE I even so much as utter the word "MI5" or "Kerry Cassidy" lately, all kinds of strange things start happening. Hmmmmmmmm! I hope you are enjoying this, boys. I certainly am. If they are  threats, they don't, won't and can't stop me, and if you are goading me on to find more and talk about more, it's unnecessary but really funny. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update to my original post about Project IBIS

This update was also added to the original March, 2011 post. Thanks for reading. 

UPDATE: June 15th, 2013

I want to make a slight retraction here. Apparently there have been more visits on this blog post so far than any other post in my blog's history and it is because of the Erin Green Hicks interview with Project Camelot.

My personal feelings are that this woman is a very mentally troubled -- delusional, even --  individual, and that Kerry Cassidy has displayed an incredibly irresponsible, egregious lack of journalistic integrity by allowing this interview to occur without doing due diligence or in using any of her world-famous "discernment" and "intuition" that she claims is so strong.

 I was told by a source that Hicks claims that she was a Rothschild were also false- the name was purchased. Not to mention several wild inconsistencies in her statements in the interview just don't add up - among others, she was given money from the sale of what she said was Jesse James's .357 Magnum, but while the .357 Magnum was first made in 1934, Jesse James died in 1882.

Also, Hicks posted on Facebook in a comment directed at me that she was in basically all the mind control programs ever made, including IBIS, and when I challenged her on this statement, she laid into me about a purely fictitious conversation with someone she refused to name who supposedly told her that I told them how I "rip people off" by "making them think I am psychic".

Uh, no. This conversation never happened. And if I ever said something like that, say, to someone equally delusional like Sarah Stanga when we were still on speaking terms, it would have always and ever been A JOKE. A sarcastic joke. Of course the first thing to go out the window with mental illness is a sense of humor, so I am not surprised if I had said something like that in jest, a not well at all person would have construed that as fact, when it was not.

It's funny that Cassidy, who was born in a military hospital, grew up in the CIA and mind control incubator/hotbed of Palo Alto, California (same area near Berkeley that Alejandro, my "favorite" paid informant/his intelligence agent dad is from/lives and where many agents retire and congregate).

It's also funny to think that Cassidy, who is one of the researchers who attended the infamous Bilderberg-style secret UFO researcher mind-controlled conference in Bucks County, Pa., last fall ( and has allegedly been involved with a high-ranking MI5 official who has been feeding her disinfo for years, "chose" someone like Hicks to interview.

My "discernment" and "intuition" tells me that Green is in fact a plant who IS in one mind control program- but it's not IBIS. It's one whose name escapes me at the moment, but a very real one that is run by the CIA and uses high functioning paranoid schizophrenics to muddy the waters in COINTELPRO type situations like this. In other words, Erin Green Hicks is probably (allegedly) an unwitting CIA asset.

The feds made Erin think she was all of this and more (if she's a psychic super soldier and a Rothschild, I'm a Mr. Softy ice cream truck) and then unleashed her on the public by "creating an opportunity" at the equally suspect and to be avoided at all costs CIA-infused Super Soldier Summit in California last May.

Regardless, I feel it necessary to clarify on my original points pertaining to what no doubt has been someone messing with my head about the origins of this project, which may or may not exist under the label of "IBIS".

When I first found out about the fact that I was a military abductee by Aaron McCollum in April, 2010, my head was spinning for months. This was without a doubt, one of the most traumatic times in my entire life and I was searching for answers and incredibly vulnerable. When James Casbolt came into my life not long after and told me that he remembered me from mind control programs, to say it was shocking was an understatement. But deep down, I think my reaction was so strong because I actually knew that there was a basis for his statements. I experienced the familiar feeling of having a high level of recognizing him without knowing why, a high volume of psychic activity coming from him, a number of weird synchronicities and odd timings in communication with him, and of course the obvious indicator of my experience as a MILAB, recovered memories of him.

Say what you will about Casbolt, but his interactions with me are indicative of the "real deals" from mind control programs whom I have met, and that is a- very- small number of people.  No more than one or two handfuls of people in the whole world have I met who have this profoundly disturbing effect on me. And fancy that, we all seem to remember each other.

If I remember someone, I remember them. Period. End of story. I don't know how, but it always follows the same dreadful pattern of a flood of bizarre, no context whatsoever but linearly progressed memories unfolding suddenly and horribly like they are on a movie screen, the familiar shock, the feeling of falling down a hole, the horrible dread, the numbness, the sweat that breaks out, the nausea-- all the familiar symptoms of being triggered.

With Hicks, I have experienced none of this. Nada. Zilch.

Do I think people like Casbolt are master manipulators who make no secret of their ability to remote influence people and utilize hypnosis on them through methods like neurolinguistic programming? Absolutely. Do I think there's a possibility I could have been worked over hard mentally by this man? Yes.

But I still cannot escape the fact that Casbolt still might legitimately have been, in if not in IBIS, some kind of similarly eugenics-based psychic/genetic manipulation/human test subject/mind control programs with me.

There are literally too many "coincidences" and telepathic/psychic experiences, and corroborations I've had pertaining to him independent of any kind of remote control "massaging" and "priming of the pump" from him that for him to be this much of a master at organization and control over me seems suspect.

I can personally tell you from direct conversations by phone and years of emails with this man that he has serious trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy as he is definitely plagued with some kind of dissociative disorder (there are hundreds, not just DID) that he still struggles with every day-- even though he is also incredibly psychic, and something definitely has happened to him in mind control programs. Of that I have no doubt.

Do I think that my associations with Casbolt are the sum total of what has happened to me, however? No. Because these triggers have been happening to me with other people, like Aaron McCollum, who has basically admitted to abducting me in a MILAB, and this was months before I had even met or communicated with Casbolt.

I was introduced to another woman who was apparently also abducted by Aaron, and I had the exact same triggered reaction to her that I did to McCollum and Casbolt, and again, this was well before I had even communicated with James. (This woman wishes to remain anonymous, but we both remember each other from the programs and have spooky similarities in how we react to these things, are both incredibly psychic, etc etc.  I also know from recovered memories with her in them that she was a courier like I was and used in what either was something to make us think we were time traveling or we actually were time traveling back to places like Russia and the Truman Administration Oval Office, both in the late 40s/1947.  I have talked about this in several interviews, sorry, can't remember the exact ones right now, but you'll find them if you go to my "Links I like" column of this blog and just click on the ones you'd like to hear, you'll hear me talk about it eventually.)

With that said, please read this original post. Thank you for your patience. It's much less traumatic to have to deal with this horrific- whatever it is that's been done to me- since I originally posted this in March, 2011.  But it's still hard, it's still baffling, and it's still very much a confusing, traumatic reality for me to deal with, one that I hope I can get some light shed on and some answers from before I die.
I want to know what this is that's being done to me. I don't care if it's all just been a big practical joke at my expense and I've just been Punked all along. I just want to know what's really happened.

And I want to prosecute the people who did this. Even if it's just a truth and reconciliation situation. I want the world to know that something horrible has happened to all of us in this and to not let it happen again.

I don't know for sure anymore if I am one of those 42 children, or even if there were 42 children to begin with. Casbolt HAS been a disinformation agent. But not your typical one. There is something going on with him legit, but it takes so long to find the (truly bizarre) kernel of truth in what he says at the heart of it that he makes it almost not worth your while to pursue it. Which I think is kind of the point.

Here's what I think is true that Casbolt is currently spending obscene amounts of time attempting to cover up with lies and racist rhetoric designed to divide and conquer: that he and I were both involved with time travel experiments.

Yep, I said it. Of that I am increasingly thinking this is why so much time and energy has been spent discrediting himself as well as others by being as literally repellent as he possibly can be. Once you talk about something as out there as time travel, the logic seems to be that you almost have to pad it with a bunch of crap so labyrinthian that no one takes you seriously just as a self-protective measure to keep you from getting offed by the Powers That Be.

But time and again, I keep remembering, having, and experiencing memories and/or direct experiences of cybernetics, incredible psychic skills, superhuman abilities, knowledge of things we don't do in waking life like driving submarines and speaking different languages fluently and participating in incredible feats of intelligence, strength, speed and agility, both physical and mental, experiencing, participating in and witnessing horrific abuse of all kinds, and then of course the most forbidden/provocative topic of all, being an active participant in time travel.

From all of us whom I am involved with in these programs I get recovered memories of these kinds. Over and over again. And only with certain people. A small, horribly consistent group of people. Most of whom have horrific tales of abuse and subsequent dissociative identity disorder and/or post traumatic stress disorder in their backgrounds and in their day to day lives.

I hope this gives you some context for what I am talking about. I hope this solves something and gives some kind of resolution that you might require. I hope it helps and does no harm.

Anyway, here is the original post from March 6th, 2011:

For those of you who don't know what IBIS is, it is a life extension program that was used on 42 children around the world. Age regression was a recurring theme.

Here is a link for more info on that:

and on a blog here:

"The name of the project was IBIS.
42 children tracked in various contries.
Blood PRIME was being tracked by the NSA and MI6- Annunaki DNA.
Project started in 1972, initiated from Tavistock institute by Dr Green and others"

FYI, "Dr. Green" is supposedly Josef Mengele.

When I found out, I didn't want to believe it. God knows I don't want to be a part of this. But James Casbolt has sent me information corroborated from a third party in covert programs with James who shall remain nameless who remembers me from an underground base in Canada in 1975. We were taken there and experimented on for weeks at a time when we were around 4 years old. This person doesn't know me consciously and yet without any information from James, he was able to give him my full name. I am also pretty sure he also remembers me as an adult in other contexts as well, I shudder to think which ones. He hasn't said yet and I am not sure I want to know at this point.

Supposedly this person was also one of the super soldiers whose memories were warehoused inside of me for safe keeping when I was taken on board a TR3 by James in 1999.

I did a Skype session recently with this person and was absolutely unsettled by the conversation. I instantly recognized this person and yet had never met him in this conscious reality before the meeting.

It was only after the conversation that I was flooded with deeply unsettling recollections of experiments done on me that James Casbolt was forced to participate in. I have memories of the third party as well, but they are more limited in scope. This person told me he usually gets recovered memories after speaking with others in the programs, which has been a typical response for me as well.

For some reason, James wasn't even supposed to be born in 1975, but I have memories of him being involved as well as a child about the same age as me. Bear in mind, this was/is an age regression program that could age you and regress you for whatever purposes those in the programs want(ed), so it very well could have been him at age 4, 5, or 6, even though this took place a good year before he was even supposed to be born.

For some reason, I know that it is James who is with me in these memories even though I am six years older than him. (I could be wrong, of course. But the memory is that I have known this person for a long time and I "recognized" James as a child from his energy if that makes any sense. I could be blending memories with others as well, it could be James' contact who I spoke with the other day, it may be another little boy, but for some reason I want to say this is James. It's very confusing. Please bear with me.)

I may publish my recovered memories of these experiences when I am ready, but they are deeply disturbing for me and it's hard.

Here they come now, see them run now

Kissinger especially.

Anya Briggs: Leading UFO/ET researchers mind controlled by Grey ETs at J...

Feel free to play the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage" before you listen to/watch this.
 But it's a good one in spite of the weird Powers That Think They Be non-stop tampering and cello playing. (This is now the fifth interview in a row that has been tampered with live and in post.)

As an aside, the part where I challenge the legitimacy of the Erin Green Hicks interview was chopped up due to tampering issues. Due to the loss of footage, it makes it sound like I am demanding that Hicks alone has a lot to owe up to, and it's true- strong claims require proof, of which she has none.
But that said, in the tampering of the video part of the interview that was lost, prior to my reference to the Hicks interview, I was speaking of Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot, who REALLY has some explaining to do. The lie of omission is still a lie, and mis- and re-direction is a lie as well, however well-intentioned or not her head space might be. 

The irony is that you the PTTTB, you have just expanded, rather than contracted my voice and what is being said.  Instead of it all compressed in one place and time, now there will be a live cast expanding on this subject even further. 

Maybe that was the plan all along.
 I know you paid, pathetic shills all have a crush on me and this one-sided flirtation you attempt is just more of a pigtails-in-inkwells way of saying you are in love. 

You know that realistically you would never stand a chance with me anyway, so this is the closest you'll ever get to scoring. What big, strapping, virile real men you are hiding behind the computer screen in your Big Brother's basement.

Whatever, I don't care what your plan is, your plan is boring and will fail and you're all cowards and some of you will have to answer to tribunals sooner rather than later than you think. 
That's an inevitability, just as much as you can be certain of Spring with rain.

 The results will basically be the same regardless if there's one interview I do or many spread out over time: Humanity wins.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stock tips

About a month ago, I was listening to a medical news story and heard about a material for some kind of stent that was used on a man who had heart issues and I immediately picked up that the use of biodegradable polymers and reabsorbable polystatins were going to be the hot new transferable use of material in other industries as well. 

The ingredients and uses of these things are going to be helpful somehow in the development of an eco-friendly, non-petroleum based replacement for plastics in the next four or five years. 

In 2009, I also made a documented prediction about the use of nano tech (at the time still a radical frontier technology) and how it too would be used in non-invasive ways to revolutionize the way we use things. That too appears to be coming true as well. Essentially, not all nanotech is bad is what I was saying in the prediction:

Well lo and behold do I find this girl genius less than four years after my prediction talking about an invention she made that involves a new polymer made using nano materials that allow for more cell phone storage and an ability to keep the phone charged longer. While the polymer was not necessarily ecologically minded or driven, it was interesting that this invention involved the use of both nano materials to literally create a new form of polymer that, according to my prediction, assisted with microchips in the "other features and accommodations" "in the near future" "as pertains to all things convenient and portable".

I would definitely call improvements in cell phone tech, and anything connected to motherboards, chipping, and nano tech,  connected to "all things convenient and portable".

Whereas "One word: Plastics" was the catch phrase in the 1960s hit film The Graduate, it seems a new catch phrase might be in order here. And while Hydrogenated TiO2-Polyaniline Nanorods doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, it might be worthwhile to pay attention to this child genius's work as well as the slew of other brilliant kids inventing things lately. They are all onto something nothing short of miraculous.

Other promising teen inventors with world-changing implications embedded in their work are becoming too numerous to count at this point (2011, 2012 and 2013 have kind of been bonanza years for teen - read: crystal children- inventors), but here's another kid I hope we see more of in the long run. Keep your eye on Boyan Slat as well, he's going places!

Yet another interview was sabotaged. No matter. Word's getting out, gentlemen, you scumbags, you. Third time's a charm.

I'm floating over strange land,
It's a soulless, sequined, showbiz moon.
I'm floating over strange land,
And then stranger still, there's no balloon.
But I'm getting higher,
Wafted up by fame's fickle fire 'til the...

Chalkhills and children,
Anchor my feet.
Chalkhills and children,
Bringing me back to earth,
Eternally and ever Ermine Street.
(Even I never know where I go when my eyes are closed.)

I'm skating over thin ice,
Upon blunted blades of metal soft.
I'm skating over thin ice,
While some nonesuch net holds me aloft.
But I'm getting higher,
Lifted up on lucks' circus wire 'til the...

Chalkhills and children,
Anchor my feet.
Chalkhills and children,
Bringing me back to earth,
Eternally and ever Ermine Street.

Even I never know where I go when my eyes are closed.
Even I never spied that the scenes were posed.
Even I never knew this is what I'd be.
Even eyes never mean that you're sure to see.

Still I'm getting higher,
Rolling up on three empty tyres, 'til the...

Chalkhills and children,
Anchor my feet.
Chalkhills and children,
Bringing me back to earth,
Eternally and ever Ermine Street.

I'm soaring over hushed crowds,
The reluctant cannonball it seems.
I'm soaring over hushed crowds,
I'm propelled up here by long dead dreams.

Still I'm getting higher,
Icarus regrets and retires puzzled.

Chalkhills and children,
Anchor my feet.
Chalkhills and children,
Oddly complete.
(Even I never know where I go when my eyes are all closed.)

Here I go again.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In Other News, Water is Wet

In case you've been in a coma and just woke up and haven't heard about this yet, here:

GEE, WHAT A SURPRISE. Actually I was surprised to see a Booz Allen Hamilton employee doing the right thing. Which automatically makes him suspect to me, in the same vein/way that Julian Assange grew up in a eugenics nazi cult* and is an alleged CIA asset working for THE PLAN (excuse me, "theosophist" cult, which is the exact same thing as slapping a bumper sticker on the back of your car that says I HEART HELENA BLAVATSKY*).

Eh, progress usually takes the form of two steps forward, one step back.
I'm sure there'll be some interesting dirt on Snowden that comes out eventually, just as it always does with people who stand up to tyranny and hypocrisy worldwide. Most of it will probably be false  accusations and total fabrications designed to discredit and defame him and to muddy the waters.

I can't relate to that experience at all. I wonder what that's like!

I also wonder if Snowden's visited this blog. 
I've used the Booz Allen label in combo with the CIA for SEO searches enough, the good Lord knows! 





and here:

Booz Allen, leggo my Eggo! You keep crawling into my hair and thinking you can make a home here without paying the rent. That's what Max Spiers did to me for months,  I don't need any more grifters and crazy people in my life, thank you very much! It seems the overreach of a "private" corporation like Booz Allen seems to have a lot of connections and access to the CIA, hmmm... look where they sourced this guy from.



Thursday, June 6, 2013

PSYCHIATRISTS HATE THIS VIDEO! Wheat, Viruses, Bacteria Making America C...

More From The "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction" Department:

Hilarious that people even thought I was making up the telekinesis experiment that I was a part of in 1991. This is pretty much exactly what I was a part of, except now in 2013, the experiment is using DRONES. People need to start taking me seriously, and fast. It's to their own detriment if they don't. 

Please stop relegating me to the News of the Weird. At what point does Rachel Maddow stop guffawing over people like me and start dealing with my experiences as if they were legit, because they are? How much longer can people keep sticking their head in the sand about what I've been a part of? I'm not doing this for my health, people! 

Here is a link to my Bases 21, Part 1 interview detailing my experience being a (this time paid) test subject for a telekinesis experiment at Ohio University in 1991:

And below here is the article to the story. Listen to what I am describing in the interview and see if it isn't almost exactly what's going on with the University of Minnesota experiments. State schools in America are almost always funded heavily by the military industrial complex as incubators and research and development facilitators, namely DARPA, NASA, and also private defense contractors. 

In my case, I believe it was NASA and the company that later became Northrop Grumman, or if it wasn't them, Lockheed Martin, who funded the experiment that I was a part of. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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More evidence of the secret UFO researcher Bilderberg-style summit that happened in Bucks County, Pa. Last fall and another attendee to add to the list

From Mel Fabregas's Facebook page.

Photo date and Description:
November 19, 2012 

The Fuge's Facebook page link is here:

The address of The Fuge:

780 Falcon Circle, Warminster, PA.
(215) 589-0611

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please refer to this post:

and this one:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this appears to be a Bucks County, Pa. location this photo was taken in.
But, you know, I'm just a crazy nut whom no one takes seriously, so...

By the way, I get tremendous negative energy off of this place. It has such blackness around it it's not even funny. Researchers who are interested in this event, might want to do due diligence and call this place up and ask them if there were a bunch of people in from out of town last fall interested in Mars and UFOs and see if the person who answers the phone doesn't remember these faces and the others mentioned as well.

There was A LOT of mind control going on at this location. In fact, this might even be a CIA-backed front for this sort of thing, but I can't be sure for certain. Am getting there's an underground facility located directly beneath this place with negative ETs in attendance. I'm not going to tell you what they were doing to the attendees remotely, it's too depressing.
But if you think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet-cum-turkey-shoot,  that's what the experience was for most of the negative greys feasting.

Scenes in films like The Lost Boys or any of the Blade films come to mind re: feeding times.

Look into this yourselves, folks. But be warned: once you go down this rabbit hole, you can't go back to where you were before you started. It just gets weirder and weirder.



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

They told us all they wanted/Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance

We were working secretly for the military
Our experiment in sound was nearly ready to begin
We only know in theory what we are doing
Music made for pleasure, music made to thrill
It was music we were making here until
They told us all they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance
So we go ahead and the meters are over in the red
It's a mistake in the making

From the painful cries of mothers to a terrifying scream
We recorded it and put it into our machine

They told us all they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance
So we go ahead and the meters are over in the red
It's a mistake in the making

It could feel like falling in love
It could feel so bad
It could feel so good
It could sing you to sleep
But that dream is your enemy!!

We won't be there to be blamed
We won't be there to snitch
I just pray that someone there can hit the switch

They told us all they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance
So we go ahead and the meters are over in the red
It's a mistake in the making

And the public are warned to stay off

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Recent interview with the larger-than-life researcher Tony Topping. We discuss my direct, personal experiences with above top secret mind control and telepathy programs, the Bilderberg-style secret conference that happened in November, 2012
with some of UFOlogy's most prominent and respected researchers, and more. 

Tony's a good lad. Stop harassing him with the MI5 and 6 helicopters, willya? 

Tame Impala - Solitude is Bliss

Kinda captures the spirit of the current Zeitgeist perfectly, doncha think?
People are losing their minnnnnnndddddddsssssssss......
Don't worry dears. Just the needle in the camel's eye.