Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spooky Action At A Distance Proven/Observed, Einstein Proven Wrong

Ok, atheists. Time to pony up. Not only are you guilty as charged for villainizing quantum physics as "woo woo" and "supernatural" (which is just natural), you are also guilty as charged for promoting incorrect and wrong science it turns out. 

Spooky action was used as the lynchpin for ridicule by some more entrenched types and has long been derided in consensus theorems/forums for years because if Einstein didn't say it/prove it, it wasn't real- in spite of the fact that Einstein too had doubts about his work. This canon of group-think has held back scientific progress for decades. I guess you can't blame the cynics for being good consumers and obedient students, they were just doing/thinking as they were told.
 Which seems to be the case for most humans. 

Good thing I don't believe in atheists! They believe in things that don't exist and are ultra-gullible naive losers who just believe everything their mainstream scientists tell them -- and they're so weird! Can't they just get with the program and join reality already? I can't be seen in public with them, they just embarrass me so much! They're so backwards and antiquated!
They're such freaks who believe such weird things! 

(Just flipping the script a bit to liven things up. Not like atheists have said these very same things to me for, oh, my entire life or so.) 

Monday, March 16, 2015


Some very strange things happened to me when I watched the film Lucy recently. Not the least of which is the uncanniness of the whole thing. Without giving any spoilers away, the film stars Scarlett Johanssen as the unwitting recipient after an abduction of a new drug released in her system that supposedly activates and rapidly accelerates your DNA to restructure itself to its full human potential, including the ability to bilocate, shape shift, have incredible psychic and physical abilities, have an IQ of 200 or more, and literally shape and manipulate space-time.

To say I resemble at least some of the premise of that movie is not untrue. Not only was my jaw on the floor in some places because I have already spoken at length about my military-style abduction experiences and experiments done to me as a human test subject (both paid and willing as well as unpaid and- extremely- unwilling- I got very triggered when she was abducted and operated on by thugs) but I also had rarely if ever talked about some of the more outrageous things that have happened to me and continue to happen to me, not the least of which (you heard it here first!) was being able to shift possibilities and even in some cases outcomes in timelines towards more favorable prospects, and an ability to alter dimensions by literally physically manipulating space with my hands (as showcased in the film still below of Lucy too being able to see a matrix she can access information from literally out of thin air), I couldn't believe anyone in Hollywood or film making in general would be so informed about this (or sophisticated enough to grasp it visually as a concept quite frankly) and to be as aware as it was of the effects of science on the human potential movement creating a facilitation through technology and science of the rapid acceleration of DNA. 

The other part that freaked me out was the shapeshifting she went through- her ability without her conscious understanding at first of what was happening to her to have her eyes change as I too have often been told happens to me- the most recent incident being last Thanksgiving when I went over to a friend's to celebrate with her and her family (she's cool with all this bizarre stuff that happens to me) and the first thing she said when she saw me was "Oh! Your eyes! They've gone light! They are light colored!"-  She said my eyes practically had turned *into* light. My eyes are normally brown- certainly not orbs of light being emitted from them. On all I hold dear, I swear this happened. 

I hadn't seen her in about six months, and I suspect, but I can't confirm this, that my happiness at seeing her must have triggered something that made my eyes change. I don't know if that's what it was but it could be that. I didn't have time to look in a mirror as she was saying this to witness this transformation, but she thought it remarkable enough to mention this and I asked her about a minute later if they had changed back to my normal shade and she looked and said "no, they're still light", but not by a long shot is this the first time people have said my eyes have significantly changed. I have mentioned in interviews that on several occasions, at least 10 people have seen my eyes change in a very public place to what were referred to as either "cat's eyes" or "dragon eyes"depending on who saw it happen- vertical slits seems to be the consensus. Well lo and behold, not only does this happen, but kind of in a way I'd never seen before in film- pretty accurately to my experience, actually:

Now, this is also a strange phenomenon that I still haven't been able to figure out, but in August of 2012- in fact, the same day this same above mentioned friend who said my eyes turned "light" got  married -- I had just come from their wedding at City Hall as her and her now-husband's witness and was elated for them and needed to ground myself. It was the first non-stressful day I'd had in a while as my mother was soon to die of cancer about three weeks later and all I'd been doing was shuttling back and forth between New York and Ohio when I could to visit her on her death bed. I felt a need to just be by myself after all the activity of the day, and found myself wandering around one of my most healing, inspiring, and renewing places on earth, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I found myself in the 18th century art wing and thought it might be kind of fun to have someone in a portrait painting photo bomb me to commemorate/remember the beautiful day, and without thinking, I just clicked the selfie and that was that. It wasn't until later that I noticed something weird about the photo- my eyes had changed color on film- they were now blue. The only thing I did in order to make the low-light situation easier to see in the photo was adjust the contrast and exposure levels ever so slightly. When I did, my normally-brown eyes now stuck out even more as a cornflower blue. I don't know how you would react to that, but this freaked me out a bit- not in a bad way, necessarily, but in a jumpy, 
caffeine-y, your friend just jumped up in front of you and surprised you when they say "Gotcha!"  kind of way. It was a little strange and discombobulating.

Anyway, here's the photo from the Met Museum in August, 2012. I swear it hasn't been retouched at all, that only the exposure and contrast levels were slightly adjusted to accommodate for low light. I have this image on my Facebook page, and it very much looks blue- very unambiguously blue- on that site. But I am looking at the post here and for some reason, and there may be a blue cast, but for some reason looks more like a light brown eye color- the blue for some reason is much more noticeable on my Facebook page. Like I said- I adjusted slightly for contrast and exposure, but not so much that it would change my eye color like it did here. I wasn't able to get this from any other photos I took of myself or any other photos taken of me that day.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I do wear vision-correcting contact lenses, but they are not tinted or colored in any way.) 

I don't know what to make of this, if anything. But the parallels between my life and Lucy were amazing to me. I sympathized with and recognized on a deeply visceral and personal level Lucy's situation.
 It was weird how the emphasis in the film was not only the transformation that was occurring, but how Lucy increasingly as the drug took effect, became superhuman, yes, but  (spoiler alert) then became invisible, a super computer of all-knowing, all-seeing awareness. She had transformed so much and so rapidly that the need for the physical form even became obsolete/irrelevant/redundant.

There's something that happened to me in that regard as well on at least one occasion I can consciously remember, but it's SO far out there, that I really am hesitant to even talk about it, even as far out as I have gone on a limb before. I can't even write about it, because A.) it's even too hard for me to believe, and B.) I still don't know what to make of it to this day. So... I will hold off for now on invisibility stories and leave you to your imagination where that goes. 

It's weird- in the last several days through a series of synchronicities, combined with watching the film Lucy, I have been compelled to go old school and re-visit one of only a couple of books that ever resonated with me about my awakening to my psychic, 3D-to-5D hyper-dimensional, multidimensional self, and that was Barbara Marciniak's channeled book as a liaision for the Pleiadians, Bringers of the Dawn. In it, it reiterates over and over the importance of humans on earth to activate their DNA so they can become the "super humans" that we all are supposed to become spontaneously by our genetic birthright. But that change only happens when we consciously and with free will decide to break down the barriers of reality constriction that have held us in earth's space time for centuries due to belief systems that challenge our ability to see/think/hear/be clearly, as we really our, in our destined form.

 The book says humans on the planet were seeded and/or tinkered with by master geneticists, and that somewhere along the way in earth's history (it's much older than science and history will tell you, the control systems according to BotD states all of that is wrong/off/propaganda to keep us all enslaved/keep us from our identities), we forgot we had this power to transform. Interestingly enough, Lucy is promoting the same theme in a way, albeit with a slightly creepy ending that kind of sends a love letter to the transhumanist agenda. But up until the last three minutes or so of the film, it sets the precedent for genetic capabilities of the human form that we have heretofore only dreamt of, and yet I am in real time experiencing frequently. Do with that what you will. I am not here to convince anyone. I just felt a need to put this here because, you know, it's like, a blog and stuff. 
A recording. 

Just in case I disappear into thin air or something. 

In my opinion, if you are of the light, Bringers of the Dawn will make sense to you and it will resonate. You probably have Pleiadian genetics if you resonate with this, and regardless of whether or not you resonate with this, if you have blue eyes, you actually have Pleiadian genetics. 
(More where that came from later). 

Here's the audio book. Enjoy.

The Veil of Isis is being lifted

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Friend Is Being Prosecuted By The Feds for Being an Inventor of Clean, Sustainable, Renewable Energy

Rolland Gregg is my friend. Many things have come up in our conversations prior to this indictment that I warned him about, including things involving black operations that I correctly intuited but cannot go into here that he has corroborated with me behind the scenes in discussion revolving around him and negative interest in his inventions and energy work. 

This is not about pot. This is about a century-plus tradition of suppression and intimidation by the federal government/lobbies/private industry and R & D against anyone who threatens the Big Oil/Energy lobby, or who upsets/upends the game too much. 

And it's also about the military industrial complex and taking people who are brilliant and doing things to them so they can fit the agenda also.  Step out of line, pay the consequences. Some of us rebelled, though, and because of that, more and more of this "agenda" is becoming increasingly transparent as to who and what this is about and the stakes are getting less and less the more people wake up to what is really going on.

The more people speak out, not less, this suppression and harassment will increasingly NOT happen. The people in the energy fields who do the toe-dip with the military are owned; they rely on sweetheart deals, looking the other way, and hiding under rocks where they came from.

When legitimate alternative energy mavericks of all stripes like Rolland come along, that is profoundly threatening to the Powers Who Think They Be. But more and more people are waking up and smelling the coffee, every day, more and more people are figuring out what this is about. The minute people take non-centralized clean, renewable energy into their hands, the better. This is what will solve poverty and issues of sustainability.

90% of the world's problems in terms of energy output/renewable resources, etc., etc., will be solved with the decentralization of the power grid. This is also, fortunately, the future. It will happen, it is a reality. It is the lynchpin by which all bullies in the federal government cower over, because they know that once people take the production of energy on for themselves, it's all over.
No more sustained wars of aggression, no more preemptive strikes fabricated to look like a "just" action, the public increasingly will continue to wonder out loud what the point of Big Daddy Federal Government's overreach is in places where they perhaps shouldn't be sticking their noses.

The sooner people can control their own energy, the better. And this panics some. Some who would benefit from humanity's disempowerment. It's going to happen. There is no stopping this. You can put as many threats and intimidation on people as you like and the invention and implementation of clean, safe, renewable energy will still happen.

It's opening up the energy grid that will save and power and empower humanity. That is the core issue. Saving people from themselves in their need to look to an authority figure to solve everything is what will eventually land us in free energy.
And I say this with absolute sincerity: that's when the real fun begins:
Innovation. Personal health, wealth, and security for humanity and the planet. Peace.

Make no mistake: this is about energy and who owns it, not about marijuana. 

For more on the active suppression, false indictments, threats, intimidation and murder of people who work in the clean energy fields here's this PDF entitled Energy Invention Suppression Cases; the list is long and more than a little depressing, but highly recommended if you want to get more information on this real issue (not a "conspiracy" as so many claim):

Here too is also a "forbidden" interview/demonstration by Boyd Bushman, a scientist for the infamous Lockheed Skunkworks, who violated his security oath in order to show how Lockheed Martin/Skunkworks routinely uses electromagnetic energy to power their antigravity propulsion systems that caused the producer of this film (who I know) to wake up in his shower after having only a couple of beers at a bar the night before with (presumably) his own blood everywhere and his jaw broken in two places with no memory of how he got there, how it happened, or who did it:

If you want to follow the trial for the Kettle Falls Five and support the defense, please like and follow their Facebook page: