Monday, December 24, 2012

Britney Spears - Gimme More

Happy Christmas, mates! Since you probably can't leave the base, per your request, this is probably the next best thing to a strip club. You're nothing if not classy.
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Brain Invaders S03E07 (Targeted Individuals, Electronic torture, mind control, EMF wave tech)

(Sorry the sound is so bad, volume needs to be turned up, TruTV keeps deleting the episodes on YouTube.) 

The producers for the show wanted me on this episode about targeted individuals initially, but when they asked to see photographs of what was happening to me, one of them said he was so freaked out from seeing them that he needed a bottle of wine just to get to sleep that night.

Here's a sample of what is showing up on me so you can help keep your friendly neighborhood liquor store in business too:

Apparently what's happening to me is even more out there than "mere" synthetic (or "artificial" as it is also called) telepathy. I apparently am a whole other category of TI. So instead of putting me in a legit episode that had concrete evidence, they put me in the two wackiest ones.

Admittedly, what's being demonstrated in this episode is pretty pedestrian stuff for electronic and nano torture compared to what shows up on my arms, what I experience otherwise, etc, but definitely for years, I have been experiencing the symptoms these people are talking about on a daily basis.

As you can see, others have stated that all it seems to take to be placed on a targeted individual list is one critical comment towards particular individuals in positions of power. These people who electronically torture us, they are petty, vindictive, hive-mindset people. They relish abusing power because they are malignant narcissists who have mortification over being challenged in any way shape or form.

The episode doesn't cover this, but they also have been known to go after the families and friends (and even pets) of TIs to "prove" their point: You don't get to say anything critical about me, slave. Ever.

Of course it's psychotic behavior and needs to be analyzed and exposed further, and because of this episode, it actually will be further analyzed now on a much larger scale than ever before.
People are starting to wake up and this will be analyzed further, perps. Know that.

It also begs the question: could the many other published comments my Grandfather made that harshly criticized the policies of the CIA and the US military (as well as Rothschild and Rockefeller interests) possibly be reason enough alone to make me a MILAB and targeted individual?

If you haven't already seen this recent post as well, I would refer you to it as food for thought as pertains to the subject of TIs now that you know what you know:

 (Of course I have a big mouth and say whatever I feel is necessary to tell the truth, too. But I'm sure my family's connections to exposing and prosecuting these types didn't help protect me much.)

Not surprisingly, MK-ULTRA "supersoldier" as well as handler and mind control programmer of other assassins himself Mr. Dave "The Man in the White Van" Corso WOULD know about this mind control stuff. 
He's personally threatened me, had his sycophantic stooges hack my email accounts and hard drive, and told Aaron McCollum that I was sending "coded trigger words" in emails to activate Aaron.
He also poured poison in Aaron's father's ear and got him so worked up about me that I received an email threat from Aaron's Dad as a result of this two minute hate against me.
If anything, it's Corso doing all of the programming, and one of the many reasons Aaron and he don't talk anymore is because of what Dave did to me.

As for the "naive" gentleman revealing what he's done in the name of creating gangstalking tech, you're also a really "brave" whistleblower, sir. I can't even muster the contempt I should have for this pathetic individual as I know he's only telling Governor Ventura half of the story. If he *really* weren't afraid of death like he says he is, he'd name names. Instead he minces around like the little lap dog for the CIA that he is. He knows who is behind this. So talk, Dr. Duncan. Let it all out. Otherwise, you should be tried in a court of law for crimes against humanity just like the rest of the "people" who do this to us.

As a side note, I have been harsh about how some in the TI community have treated me in the past. There are good, sane people in this group have been incredibly kind.
I'm pretty sure I met the woman from Wisconsin who describes her bedtime routine to the cast of the show last year at the Bioethics Commission in Manhattan. She was incredibly nice -- and sane-- as were many people there who were being affected by electronic torture of all kinds.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More wild and Woolsey trips down the New World Order rabbit hole.

Self-professed neocon democrat (?!),  scumbag and critic of my Grandfather, R. James Woolsey, Jr. 
 seen in action pitching the next Wag the Dog incident, Iran.
Paul Begala is right. Washington really is Hollywood for ugly people.
Look at the last link below regarding what my Grandfather had to say that drew the ire of this man. Do you think Grandpa might have pissed The Agenda off? He was a progressive who made lots of people in power unhappy by the friends he made and the things he said. One of the reasons I love him dearly, among countless other reasons.
I want all skeptics who think nothing is happening to me and that I have zilch connection to anything and that I am making stuff up "for attention" to read this post if they read nothing else.

Please note this report was written by the former director of the CIA. I don't come from rubes and charlatans. I don't come from liars. I love my Grandfather and would never besmirch his good name. If the former director of the CIA is criti
cizing him, it's a pretty safe bet the CIA is probably keenly interested in my family tree as well. Which means they're also interested in lil' ol' "fraudulent", "crazy", "attention seeking" me.   
Because you know what they say about apples not falling far from trees.
OH, and yes: lest we forget, I have a little recurring theme in my life lately (and by "lately", I mean  "the past four years of my life"), and that theme is artificial telepathy. And as everyone who's anyone knows, when you want to drug, abduct, and traumatize a civilian using, I dunno, perhaps someone like myself as the recipient of an artificial telepathic mainframe in my head linked up to a neural network so privacy-invasive it knows what you had last night for dinner, you go to 
Booz Allen Hamilton. 
Guess who's also a Vice President at the company of the same name? 
R. James Woolsey, Jr. himself. 
Surely that's gotta be a coinkidink, right? 
Anyhoo, just as a refresher before reading this quote from the report, you are welcome to revisit July, 2012's posts on this blog. They are simply rife with references to Booz Allen. For your convenience, I will attempt to include links here to a couple of the more noticeable ones. 
I leave you to draw your own conclusions on the implications, if any, to all of this.
Posthumous quote from my Grandfather used in Woolsey's report:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Not much time left before FINAL SOLUTION and chipping program implemented and destined to be achieved before Dec 22nd 2012."

I wish I could tell you of my connection to Dean Warwick. But I don't know for sure. I just know what I remember, and that may not even be real, in spite of what James has told me. In spite of how real it felt. 

 "Brother Casbolt..May we ask you to please consider joining our army of Lucifer.. We admire your courage and believe you would make an excellent servant of the Light. Consider this offer. What may be your price?"

The days and nights of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

If you are a real-life, honest to God branding and marketing person who has actually already taken the time to extensively listen to my story and would like to do a service exchange, I am happy to take it into consideration ONLY IF:

You are not like this guy:

Or these guys:

Or like this guy (who I actually did a service exchange for five months that essentially was him getting hours and hours of free service from me and that produced nada. Dipsquat. Nothing. from his end):

 Attention branding and marketing "experts": I am not interested in doing a "service exchange" with you if you keep saying in every. single. conversation. we. have: "Yeah...yeah...your story is... pretty creepy. Man, you really creeped me out in that Bases interview. Sheesh! Soooooo creepy. Ok, have you tried? To ignore that part of your life? And just be real positive? And just spread the positiv
ity and light? I am SURE you would get more positive attention that way!"

I don't want to be the psychic equivalent of Rachel Ray, asshole. I am not into being like 99.9999% of every other psychic who is out there. Not interested in putting purple dancing teddy bears and rainbows puking rainbows on my website.

I am interested in people not treating me like nuclear waste, but at the same time have people who are interested in my services and are not intimidated by the fact that I have been in and continue to be in some deep, deep shit. Like most lives, none are without rain. So what? It's what you do with it after that counts. And sometimes people see the creative capital and value in my services by - surprise, surprise-- not hiding what's happened to me! Sometimes people see value in thriving in spite of trauma.

No one is going to buy me acting like Pollyanna anyway, seeing as I would be too busy skewering myself over a live pit of flames if that ever happened. ;-)

If anything, I can put a positive spin on more things than you can, blue pill. I love to laugh, I love life, and the people who are out there who are good are great. I can and do add great value to people's lives, and they don't hesitate to share that fact.

Note: still not accepting clients as I am still quite sick, but on the mend. Will keep you updated. Just particularly disenchanted with so-called "experts" who refuse to watch my interviews in their entirety, refuse to learn about my story, refuse to utter the word "nuance" and yet claim they can "help me" "rebrand" myself to be more "palatable" to the "outside world". Hey "outside world"? If you don't "get" me, you probably never will! I have been as transparent as I think is probably humanly possible. Hire me or don't. I don't care. (But seriously: don't hire me right now. I really am still ill. LOL)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Martian occultists, Satanic hairdos, and me!

Please note in the three images of my arm below, something shows up on the ceiling of my bedroom that wasn't in the previous shot or the shot taken after. It reminds me of a tv screen projected on the ceiling. I didn't notice anything there when taking the photograph.

Here are the images in succession. It began in late October with a strange triangle-shaped area on the knuckle of my right thumb where the skin was scraped off. I woke up with this one morning. There was no occurance of having scraped my knuckle like that the night before or at any time prior to waking up with this. It just so happened to coincide with a reappearance of more marks on my body again after a break of almost three weeks or so (a long break for me at this point.). 

Here's the triangle-shaped "scrape":

Within days, these marks started appearing: 

Please note that of the three images of my arm, something curious shows up on the middle image on the ceiling that isn't in the previous shot or the shot after (all shots of my arm were taken within seconds of each other). It reminds me of a tv screen image projected on the ceiling. I didn't notice anything there when taking the photograph.

 It appears to be the head and shoulders of a man with an unusual hair line, almost a widow's peak, perhaps? It seems he may be wearing a kind of priest's collar or suit with an unusual collar.

 I intuited that this was a Martian human. It's interesting that he has this look. I believe Andrew Basiago described his encounter with a Martian to be sporting a similar kind of  look, and one of the most evil men on earth, Michael Aquino, has been known to wear a similar type of hairdo and clothing. 

I have reason to believe Aquino has consorted with mid-to-high level occult beings on other worlds and these interactions may also explain his choice of physical appearance over the decades as shown in example in this well known photo here:

From left: Aquino, Sammy Davis, Jr., Anton Lavey

And here:

He's always trying to imitate the Martian occultists' look.

Anyway,  the rest since August will be posted soon. A couple are as recent as November, but it's too much to keep track of chronologically sometimes, and the last three months for me have been a catastrophe both health wise and for other reasons, so you'll get an image dump rather than a bunch of little posts here and there. "Enjoy".

Update: A friend just pointed out that some versions of Marvin the Martian, the Looney Tunes character, have a widow's peak on his helmet! Of course it could just be an "M" for Martian. Or could it??? ;-)