Friday, June 30, 2017

Tegan and Sara - Boyfriend

  This is so gay. 
Glad you got rid of the dolphin sperm collector. But now that whole lying about 'liking' monogamy while you're cheating on her behind her back thing, hiring prosties and following Escorts, porn stars, and instagram "models" online while continually keeping your "options" open while you claim to be working on your "repetition compulsion"/ sex addiction-lite/ sob story- all while you're admitting to your psychopathy - is hardly what I'd call 'trustworthy'. Oh, and whatever that headfuck- excuse me, ATTEMPT at a headfuck was with your red pill illuminati scumbag pickup culture sociopath is DEFINITELY emotionally illiterate.

GROW UP. That's what you need to do. You emotionally immature child. And stop dragging me around like a back-pocket option. Ragnar. You're a douchebag if you think your tactics fit my life at this stage in the game. No way no day. And that's not opposite talk. Your desire for market share is TRULY depressing and misses the point. If your plan "from now on is to follow The Project", you're doing a shit- poor job of making me feel safe. 

And anyone who isn't safe? Gets jettisoned now.

GROW UP. Did I mention you need to grow up?

Play time is over.

PS: Happy Pride!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pink Floyd - " MOTHER " The Wall 1980

You think that nuclear war is on the table? No it isn't. Please. The game behind it is what you should pay attention to. This revamping of a cold war is a ruse. Russia doesn't think it's possible any more than Trump thinks he's the one running it. 

Here's some phrases I'm getting that might mean something later:

"Build that wall!"


"Boomstreak!" (whatever that means!)

I'm just saying... enjoy Trump's tomfoolery while you can. He's got some memorable messages, that's for sure! That they are sane, safe, etc. is another story... 

I'm off to watch Jeff Sessions walk on hot coals soon...