Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Game of chance


Read it and weep. I know I did.

Call me crazy (it's never stopped you before), but isn't this real? Or is it Memorex?
Leaders? Team players? People who supposedly have my back?

Because I'm looking at an article...on the web... and it's quite possibly not made up at all!
Nor is it done for "attention"!
(Maybe it's a disinformation agent!)

From the blog post attached to original article:
This technology has potential for a wide array of applications. It could even be the breakthrough needed to create the the first long-imagined artificial intelligence network.
However, given the association between the University and the Federal Government’s Department of Homeland Security, and related studies on terrorism, which is constantly being used as an excuse to chip away at the civil liberties and constitutional rights of US citizens, my bets are the Feds will use this in the war on terror before they try using it for good.
That means the potential for misuse to enact a true Orwellian-style “thought police” and even the ability to implement complete mind control among hosts.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aliens And The Vatican 2013


Thoughts create reality


Attitude of gratitude!

I would like to thank all my Yodas. One in particular especially who's been offered a job at the NSA. You have helped me so much. Tremendously. You have shown me what is, and not what I wish it was. Only then can you manifest what is truly decent and real and beautiful. Take the blinders off, and a whole world awaits you. A far better one than that which merely "exists".
Thank you, Yodas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Throw these architects in the brig!


Not just because of the trouble they continually attempt to cause me, but now this:
The dolphins in San Diego may have been remote controlled. Some kind of Naval/Marine based testing going on with space-based weapons/satellite involvement. This is not entirely natural. There's some kind of war going on involving the environment and it seems the negatives may have been involved. Their internal compasses are wrong. Something is wrong with the dolphins internal anchor/navigational systems. This is very strange and not straight out what it seems like which may be earthquake related, although they do go out in pods like that when there is an earthquake, there's some kind of faultline activity that is possibly being manipulated by tech. Weather war tech at work here. Possibly mind control technology to boot. HAARP can be one and the same but this is something different, something new and more powerful. Frightening applications for nature.
It's being used by the Navy primarily but not just by them. Private contractors are standing by the ready licking their chops too.

The first bionic hand that can feel, sense touch is now a reality

Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible


Wayne Madsen Investigates Suspicious Murders of Activists

Funny, the first time I tried to post this, my computer made a horrible steel-grinding-on-lathe sound I've never heard before and I had to shut it down to stop the noise.

This is regarding Phil Marshall, the leading authority on aviation analysis on 9/11 (and someone who thought 9/11 was an inside job) and the latest person to "commit suicide" in a long string of people who just happen to be investigators into things like UFOs, CIA drug trafficking,
Sandy Hook/gun grabs/attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment/9/11.
This time,  his children and family pet were also victims of the coverup.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are we the book version, or the movie version?


There's a difference, you know!

THE CARS ― Bye Bye Love

i can't feel this way much longer expecting to survive / with all the hidden innuendoes just waiting to arrive / it's such a wavy midnight and you slip into insane / electric angel rock and roller i hear what you're playing / it's an orangey sky always it's some other guy / it's just a broken lullaby bye bye love / substitution mass confusion clouds inside your head / involving all my energies until you visited / fogging all my energies until you visited / eyes of porcelain and blue they shock me into sense / you think you're so illustrious you call yourself intense

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Louis CK explains historical context to Jay Leno

My message to the poor, beleaguered Odinist Nazis out there. I can't believe I am affiliated with who I am affiliated at times. But then I recognize mental illness and mind control when I see it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Archer and the Maiden, Part 3

"It was the summer of 1441. England was at war with France. Edward's mother had gone there with her husband. While he was away fighting, she was rumored to have had a fling with an English archer based in the rural garrison. Nine months later, Edward was born."

Il n'y a aucune limite, mes chers petits renards

Friday, February 8, 2013

My Dinner With Andre(w).

Angela Landsbury as the Mother from Hell giving orders to her hypnotized, soon-to-be assassin son Laurence Harvey in The Manchurian Candidate, 1962 
Andrew Salter was a Pavlovian psychologist who was also considered one of the Godfathers of modern mind control programs to the point where his name and research was actually mentioned in the infamous (and brilliant) film about mind controlled assassins, The Manchurian Candidate.
I know this because he personally told me himself. 
HOW exactly in a twist more bizarre than fate did I find myself sitting across the dinner table from one of the chief architects of mind control as we know it eating chicken paprikash and making what I thought was small talk in his pitch-perfect, Mad Men-era Turtle Bay apartment?
Well, as a relative explained it:
"Your step-sister's dead mother's parents lived next door to the brother of Pauline Kael, the New York Times film critic. They sold the place to a Jewish family from New York, Mr. Kazen and his wife. One of his daughters married Salter's son (in Westchester) in Shenorock, on Route 6. 
  The Katonah Music Festival is 10 miles away."
Yeah, I know. In addition to adding a few extraneous details that weren't necessary, if you break this statement down, it still makes no sense to me either. But allegedly, that connection is enough to get into dinner with the next door neighbor's daughter's father-in-law.
Who studied mind control for a living.
Not weird at all, right?

I suppose my family are social types to begin with, and growing up in academic surroundings is kind of like being the child of a politician; routine attendance at cocktail parties and get-togethers are
  de rigueur if you want to grease the wheel of networking and connections to make sure that you maintain your candidacy for tenure, so it wasn't so odd that this relative would perhaps accept the invitation from Dr. Salter and his wife out of habit, and also not to seem impolite. 

But does this seem odd to you? Or what? Because it seems, in retrospect, seriously odd to me. 
Anyway, when I met him, I actually liked the old coot. He was in his 70s or 80s by the time we met.
 I believe I was either in high school or my second year of college at the time and my family had either just come back from a trip to Europe and spent a few days in New York visiting relatives (and, apparently, the Salters) before driving back to Ohio, or it was my first year living in New York and the family was in town.
 So this either would have been either '86-'87, the winter of '89-90 or 1993. Can't remember which.
Dr. Salter (or Andrew as he preferred to be called) was a spry old man. He had a puckish sense of humor and he liked to clasp his hands in delight a lot when the frequent play on words and jokes he made particularly delighted him, which was a lot.
  He struck me as bonafied eccentric, or if you prefer the colloquial term, delightfully batshit crazy. When I was younger, that stuff seemed kinda charming, in a Willy Wonka 
"he's a mad genius, they're always different" way.
But now knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, I have to reevaluate the guy.
Now that I think back on it, this may have indeed been a mind control experiment in and of itself to test who in my family was most susceptible to -- I don't know what.
This is the type of "in retrospect" that given the peculiars of my life, might lead me to think certain thoughts.
It could have been nothing, this evening out. Maybe there WEREN'T strange cars parked outside the Salter's building with men in them who looked like secret service agents talking into what looked like secret service agent wires. That could have easily been explained away- they lived across the street from the U.N..  The lights from the building twinkled through the doctor's living room window. 
  But I can't help it. I've reviewed the particulars of my life a lot in the last several years and in retrospect it does seem like a strange evening.

Was that dinner an experiment of some kind? Perhaps even one that Dr. Salter himself wasn't aware of? I don't know. I honestly don't know. But even if it's nothing and was just a "coincidence", it still strikes me as strange: the distant relationship to him and our family, the seemingly random invitation, the sheer delight he took in telling us all that his name was mentioned in a film about, wait for it,  mind controlled assassins-- ?

Most of my family found him to be a horrible name dropper and he went on and on about all the stars he'd met over the years (It was QUITE a lot, truth be told!), and I guess he went to the premiere of the afore-mentioned film as well and may have even mentioned something about meeting Frank Sinatra and some of the other Rat Packers, I don't remember exactly.
But I just thought the way this man behaved was really strange.
He was rather lithe and not the tallest man, so he had a sort of elderly grace about him, kind of like how Fred Astaire was later in life, and he would sort of glide around the room with a restless keen (he kept getting up from the dinner table to eagerly show us books and art and things he'd collected on his travels over the years--he did this a lot, in fact) and with every other sentence or so, he'd clasp his hands together in unmitigated joy at some little this or that that seemed to capture his fancy.
 He seemed quite taken by himself, actually. And he seemed rather happy that we were there.
These not-even-acquaintances who barely knew him.
Not sayin', just sayin'.
He spoke strangely too, his phrasing was rather unique, at the time I found it captivating, but everyone else in the family thought he was a bit of an over-the-top attention-seeking bore. 
I don't know what that was about, either.
Trying to see who would be most responsive to his neurolinguistic programming style, perhaps? 
Or maybe genuinely wanting to share in happy memories and he was just 
Regardless, the man was rather-- unusual, if you dig me.
This may have been an "introduction" to our family vis a vis a new agency entering the picture who had not before. Or perhaps a reintroduction to see if something took over the years with my programming.

I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE. But my spidey sense says-- perhaps.

Yet another ? in a long line of ?s in my life. I may never know what that was all about, if it was about anything at all. But I just thought I should say something about that. 
Seeing as the Universe is random and all and everything is a coincidence.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

This is not a metaphor or anything.

Well, actually it is.

Mind reading technology showcased in NYC

Didn't attend this but if I had known about it, I would have had some choice things to say to the Intel representatives present. 

Intel Corp. is absolutely one of the companies connected to the Nazis who did experiments on me. They're definitely part of tech commercialization at Dulce, Los Alamos, and Sandia Labs, and they pay high sums to get a hold of this information in research and development. 

They have used test subjects like me in MILABs to perfect their technology and help bring it to the forefront.

(Thanks yet again to the eagle-eyed and always excellent Thomas Iskandar Voute for this information.)

Not getting Hitachi is involved at least directly with the above experiments, but I also thought this link was interesting:

(The image of the cap that the little girl is wearing is strikingly similar to the one I wore in a recovered memory on a submarine of me wearing a cap with wires coming out of it and a helmet covering it while I said coordinates aloud to James Casbolt and Aaron McCollum.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

England's Dreaming

Maybe I should call you the Tooth Fairy.

Except I doubt you'll leave money under my pillow.

I'll wait and see, and if it's not gone by tomorrow, "there'll be Hell to pay"!


I'm not messing around, boys. Tired of your shit. I mean it. When does this happen?
Today? Tommorow? I'm waiting...



Friday, February 1, 2013

I've seen that look before

I know this person as well and he too has also harassed me/been abusive.
Going to the police precinct in about an hour to show them his text messages he sent to me.
He's also involved with psi warfare and grew up near Camp Hero.

Good luck "eating my flesh" from jail, Chris.

Dear God, please help.


                                              - Control Unit