Saturday, June 20, 2015

Twin Flames Separated - Adapt - The Union Continues

The US Army is making telepathic soldiers right now.

Illustration: Sam Kennedy

The dismissive way this article mocks "clairvoyants" (quotes: author of article) is infuriating but typical. The people behind this "rest assured, this is 100% safe technology, no one will abuse it whatsoever" and the way people who are being tortured by surface-to-brain tech are treated mockingly/dismissively in the article too is infuriating, but also again all too familiar treatment by the mainstream press. But then again, this is Discover Magazine. They used to be owned by Time, Inc. and are run and owned now by Kalmbach Publishing, the President of which is Mr. Charles R. Croft, who is straight up Illuminati/Mason, so he's upholding the longstanding tradition of the Masons to keep this information tightly controlled/framed a certain way and to promote this mind control/invasive tech on the public as "100% safe and assuredly does NOT invade anyone's privacy". Like. Hell. 

The thing in my tooth is connected to synthetic telepathy and flat out physical torture and in fact physically tortured me for a week straight just over a year ago today:

 This article is bullshit in the extreme. The telepathic tech that exists behind the scenes is eons ahead of this five-year old kiddie pool garbage. But hey. Whatever floats yer boat, Army and paid research grant stooges. It never stopped you from floating your boat all over me. 

Interesting as well that all this research is in the state of New York- where I just happen to live! 
No "coincidence" there as well, I'm sure.

Oh, and here's the update from a past post where not one but two dentists tell me that the only way this thing on the back of my tooth could have been applied would have been at the onset of my adult set of teeth, around the age of 5 or 6. So again, this technology is nothing new. I know I look young, but I am in my 40s:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Social anxiety linked to high IQs, empathetic ability, sentinel intelligence

Early hominids: Every day I'm hustling.

Because early human's survival only consisted of being chill all the time and laid back and smoking bowls. Come on, people. Being alert and aware is not a sign of mental illness. We didn't survive as a species on the veldt plains by being as chill as possible about where the juiciest berries were and where the antelope with the most meat on its butt was by being relaxed all the time. 

Many times I have heard that hyper vigilance and abusive homes make for the best empaths. Or, dare I say it, psychics. To say my childhood was chaotic and violent is putting it mildly. 

To those who claim that they cured their social anxiety, you may have, but just like gay conversion camps don't "cure" gayness, you didn't "cure" your Mach 10 psychic ability that you probably have as a genetic trait. Nature vs. nurture, it doesn't matter. You're stuck with it, bub. 

Enjoy your self-loathing and denial and being in the closet if you detest who you are at your genetic core, but short of giving yourself a frontal lobotomy, you need to accept you are who you are, and that who you are is an empath. 



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bilderberg Group - Does It Matter If They're Lizards? Russell Brand The ...

Shit, Russell, I happen to believe there are dark forces that mind control/possess certain heads of state, if you wanna call them Reptilians, be my guest, but I still approve of your message. 

What you're referring to- "reptilians", some call them Jinn, some say they are possessed, there's all kinds of terms bandied about.

But there is ample evidence that there IS a direct connection/correlation between the invocation and worshipping of demonic spirits (whether as a "mere" initiation or otherwise regular practice) and the sociopathy of old boys networks vis a vis things like Skull & Bones, The Bilderberg Group, etc. 

Something does and can take over your being if you summon it. If you deliberately do things like Goetian magick and think it's all a goof like your friend (and mutual acquaintance of mine) Daniel Pinchbeck did to further his career, you WILL in fact be possessed by said forces. Duh. 

I've seen it in real time many times with black magicians who have tried Goetian and other forms of demon summoning, and have had people acknowledge to me, some of them women Pinchy's slept with/dated who said-- literally-- that he ***literally summoned a demon and made a deal with him to further his career and it worked.*** 

He made a stipulation that the demon never show up when his daughter was around and that seems to be the case as well according to mutual friend's reports. 

But I personally have also experienced said demon in action working through Pinchbeck, who, after doing a group reading with him and other fancy people present for six hours (which he stuck around for the entire time), and asked for the PRINCELY sum of $30 a head for the experience, Pinchy questioned my morality as to "why" I was charging money for something this spiritual, shouldn't I be doing it for free? 

And when I asked him why he doesn't give his books away for free and why does he do book tours, and why does he promote his books on Coast to Coast AM and basically any media outlet he can get his hands on, he said "I'm on a spiritual journey and want to share with people my mission". 
To which I said "Right. So you're on a spiritual journey that just HAPPENS to make you money and I am just a money grubbing unethical person." 

  I did in fact at that time notice a little creepy fella perched on his left shoulder and mentioned to his said girlfriend later on about it and she said, and I quote: "He did a demon summoning ceremony to further his career and it worked". Not one but two women he knows--very-- intimately have in fact confirmed this for me independently.

 Yes, new agers, hate-comment your defense of your beloved Reality Sandwich guru away. 
I don't care. Dude really did commit himself willfully and knowingly to a demon to further his career. That's not up for debate.
Your leader of all things 2012/Mayan Calendar and Russell Brand's friend Pinchy is 100% possessed by a demon.

 So if lil' ol' him's doing it, rest assured the "elite" have caught on to this very real phenomenon too and have DEFINITELY been using this technique to catch more flies with honey than you can shake a stick at. For eons.

Oh, and while we're at it, I'm gonna out another person who is either held sway by the Powers That Be, a possession of some kind or another, and/or is just a flat-out cloaked reptilian herself:

Phebe Novakovic, head of General Dynamics

This woman is owned: Purchased by demons, whatever you wanna call it-- I mean literally, in the Occult ritual possession sense, she is owned:

Oh and what a surprise, she's a former intelligence officer! Just like Aleister Crowley was. 
Not sayin', just sayin'... 

Not surprisingly, this is the woman who was probably, most likely the basis for the character Nina Sharp in the tv show Fringe. She is played by the great Blair Brown, who, on the show is the director of a company not unlike General Dynamic called the unbelievably hidden and hard to connect the dots name of 

Now who would know without insider information about this otherwise stuff?

I'm sorry, but working with Hollywood producer/writer types, mostly they really are clueless- the ones who ARE clued in however, are usually clued in by big insiders with big insider information, usually intelligence-based. 

I'm not kidding. 

This goes on a lot and I know people who know that I know that they know and they know I know etc etc and they just HAPPEN to also know/are close, personal friends with former intelligence directors of the CIA like R. James Woolsey, who wrote papers personally condemning my grandfather and who also just HAPPENS to, on record, behind and in front of the scenes, be intensely interested in UFOs/advanced/exotic technology and all things psychic/mind control:, so I am not joking/this is not random.

(Again, big ups to the awesome JJ Abrams for going there! Love you! I think you are actually doing great work at exposing the Illuminati Great Work. Keep going there.You're gettin' it, Kemosabe. ;-)  

No connection there to "fantasy" meeting reality, I'm sure! (FYI- you really need to see the show Fringe if you haven't already. Talk about hiding in plain sight/hiding the technology at General Dynamic's and other's capabilities/inoculating the public against the reality of what our current tech and science capabilities really are. I think JJ is doing this for other reasons besides the usual Illuminati Agenda- I really do think he has a moral compass and is actually leaving Swiss cheese/pothole-sized hints that are more than just "hiding in plain sight"- but I also think that if he speaks too clearly on the matter, he has a price on his head and can be compromised at the drop of a hat, so for now, does his bidding of his corporate masters. But not for much longer, I think.

For more on the Hollywood Magicians/coverup/inoculation program of the masses, see this:

Trauma Bonding - Is It Love or Something Else?

If you are feeling trapped but claim you "love" your captor, I mean spouse/significant other/friend/relative, you might have trauma bonding issues.

One of the best layman's term articles I've ever read about the physiological and psychological effects of why people stay in abusive (not just narcissistic) relationships of all kinds. 
Very helpful, highly recommended.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Self Acceptance

It's hard to accept yourself when the whole world tells you if you step out of line (the imaginary line), you are crazy. It's hard to find people, like her experience, like mine, in this field who are accepting of who you are, and when you are yourself they get "offended" because they are looking at a part of themselves they can't accept. 

It's hard not to have compartmentalized relationships with people as confidentiality is a big part of what we do, and that we "can't be seen in public" with many of the people who come to us for help.  

It can be lonely at times, and definitely hard to find people who aren't clients who understand/are not culturally brainwashed to think we are "all" liars, frauds, crazy, etc. etc.

 I understand the experience of befriending clients who maybe perhaps should have remained "students" instead. The reality is there are few non-psychic, non-aware people outside of our client base who seem to want to publicly be associated with people like us, much less willing to be friends in mutual reciprocity, respect, openness, and love. The really painful experiences are with the ones who ARE psychic, in hiding, and only want to know you surreptitiously and/or reject you flat out because it might destroy their "empire" and all they've built. 

Many, many people have done at least one of these things to me socially, even though I came to them in the spirit of love and acceptance. Many people are freaked out by me and I suspect many open and out healers, psychics, "outliers" etc. have this problem, even if they haven't had that problem before they "came out". 

It's ridiculous, it's 2015 and we are in the 21st century and much of this suspicion and public ignorance of people like us is a reality construct- an actual magician's trick by the Systems Builders, actually- who have carefully crafted a magick trick over the centuries to ostracize anyone who doesn't fit their plan. Of course secretly, those Systems Builders are all incredible psychics of many kinds, very powerful, but of course they don't let the general public in on the fact that one of the things they've hoarded for power and control purposes is that we really are all this psychic human, this intuitive, but the good news whether you accept it or will be dragged kicking and screaming the whole time and/or will be left behind is that we really are all waking up to this and the people who are still rejecting it, throwing the baby out with the bathwater on all psychic ability/paranormal activity and/or are making a part of their soul deadened/stale/an anachronism by hiding it because they can't accept publicly who they are are the ones most chomping at the bit to make fun of us.
 They can't reconcile that The Other is them. 
Like I said, it freaks them out. 

You have to stand strong if you are a healer, those psychic bullies rejecting are only rejecting a part of themselves they don't want to look at, like a gay man insanely mad at his out brothers for being out so he decides to call them "weak" and make fun of them/ostracise them. 

It's hard being who you are in a world that wants you to continually draw inside the lines. 
Increasingly that pressure to conform is weakening, however. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

More Military UFOs paid for with your tax dollars, no you do not have access and no you are not allowed to know

Just as a "coincidence", I get visits from Palmdale all the time on my blog. I did not know that Lockheed had space there, but I suspected it was at least Air Force related. This is an illustration Mark McCandlish did that came from talking to a man who did not have clearance to attend a top secret aviation show at the Lockheed Skunkworks hangars but was somehow allowed to get inside and described to Mark what he saw. Top military brass were in attendance/introducing the tech to the audience at a podium.

Here's his lecture, it really starts to get juicy around the 37 minute mark:

Selective Attention Test

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace

Reality Creation and People From The Future

Lt. Commander George Hoover had finally revealed what he really knew about Roswell. He explained the truth as he had learned it all those decades ago:
UFOs are not the "biggest secret" - it is the entities behind them that was of most concern. 
Roswell was in fact a crash event of "visitors from somewhere else".

The entities were "not so much interplanetary as much as they were literally also time travelers." They are extra-temporal.
The visitors are clearly "from the future." There is reason to believe that they may even be "us" from a future Earth.
 These "future humans" have the ability to "manipulate reality around us."
The government feared the intentions and abilities of the "visitors"
These visitors are able to use the power of consciousness in extraordinary ways to morph reality. We human beings are far more powerful in potential than we ever dreamed that we are. We don't yet comprehend our extraordinary future capabilities.

The visitors remain at essence though "corporeal" and "physical" - and secret attempts at reverse-engineering the visitor's crash material were made. Incredibly, Hoover admitted that he himself was engaged in such technology transfer as a Naval Intelligence Officer with Top Secret SCI and SIOP clearances.

-  U.S. Navy Lt. Commander George Hoover.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hedy Lamarr Movie star, inventor of WiFi

More shared UFOlogy "Coincidences"

"Ingo was taken to mysterious underground places, transported and blindfolded. He encountered some very shady intelligence officers and was subject to mistreatment and intimidation-like tactics. He was examined, tested and also used in an experiment to remote view the moon. After all of his work within the intelligence community, Ingo was dumbfounded. He successfully remote viewed objects, structures and bases on the dark side of the moon. Presumably, the intelligence community was already aware of this phenomenon. Ingo gave reference to the fact that the intelligence community did not need his input (3)."


Funny, in my Bases 15 interview as well as in many others, I mention a recovered memory from a VERY real dream I had (still don't know if this was real or an implanted memory) of two tall, fit/muscular cold blonde aryan types in trench coats who looked like twins who telepathically told /ordered me to move several wooden objects on a tray with my mind as well as allegedly I was used in my MILABs to, of all things, remote view coordinates- (didn't mention this at the time I think, but it was mostly coordinates in far reaching star systems):

 I had never seen Ingo's statements until recently about his similar series of encounters, but he no doubt was treated much better than I was. I have spoken at length critically of my opinion of the rapacious, amoral Remote Viewing industry, so was not in any great hurry to read the man's biography/stories. Further more, he was something like an OTVII Scientologist, a member of a cult I have also been hugely vocally critical of who continually try to monopolize on psychic ability and claim they can give you "special powers" (which is also bullshit), so I am further enticed to distance myself from the man.

That being said, the fact that he too was sequestered by two shadowy aryan blonde men who looked like twins was chilling to me and felt all too familiar when I read where he was sent and for what purposes. Let's just put it this way: no one was paying me money to do this nor were they handing me the finest Cuban cigars on the planet to smoke as he was. I tried to post a pdf file of his book Penetration, which talks about meeting with two seriously strange blonde men whom he described almost to the letter as the men I "met", though, so that's kind of shocking. If you can find a copy of Penetration online, I highly recommend it. Project Avalon had it up for a bit but it seems to have been removed.

Apparently this book is so hard to come by that this is what an original copy currently goes for online. If it's just "fiction" and "made up", why the high price?
 It certainly wasn't on the NY Times Bestseller List. Hmmm!

In other UFOlogy "coincidences": Frank Strangess was what you call a "character". 
I know he's colorful and his framework is through the prism of a preacher, but if I know anything about the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefellers, it IS that they want to control history through controlling science, spirit, and information. 

When Strangess says at around the 52 minute mark in the bottom of this post video that the Rockefellers own the Dead Sea Scrolls and tightly control the information on that, I do believe this with every fiber of my being. I do know this through direct- very direct-personal experience about what the Rockefellers try to control:

UPDATE: June 5th, 2015:

For more on the Rockefellers connections to the Nazis, covert projects, mind control, eugenics, the transhumanist agenda,` the UFO/Clinton Initiative (Julia Lentz's (woman on left in video above) mother who was murdered worked for a politician who worked directly with the Clintons, by the way) and Nazi experiments funded by Standard Oil/The Rockefellers, check out these links/videos, all highly recommended:

"Mengele prowled the railroad lines leading into Auschwitz, looking for twins--a favorite subject of psychiatric geneticists. On arrival at Mengele's experimental station, twins filled out ``a detailed questionnaire from the (Rockefeller funded) Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.'' There were daily drawings of blood for Verschuer's ``specific protein'' research. Needles were injected into eyes for work on eye color. There were experimental blood transfusions and infections. Organs and limbs were removed, sometimes without anesthetics. Sex changes were attempted. Females were sterilized, males were castrated. Thousands were murdered and their organs, eyeballs, heads, and limbs were sent to Verschuer and the Rockefeller group at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. "

And Oh HELL yes both the Rockefellers and the Clintons are deeply interested in ETs/UFOs:

It's also weird that the people who lured me to the Plaza Hotel on Christmas Day 2008 for a telepathy experiment used any cajoling they could, including the ruse that I too was going to meet someone named "Valiant Thor" but that "he wouldn't look like he does". Of course there was a bait and switch and instead of the Hunk from Venus, I got the schlub from some secret project who looked more like the actor Don S. Davis who "coincidentally" plays Major Briggs (no relation, I'm sure!- For those of you who don't know, my last name is Briggs) on the TV show Twin Peaks. 

Try to get over the perhaps overly religious tones here in the below-listed vid and listen to what this man is saying behind that. I too have had odd experiences with government types pertaining to the ET phenomenon, and I too have also had many strange yet perfectly "normal" interactions with human ETs- yes, straight up human ETs who walk among us who came here from outer space using hyperlimnal technology and walk among us in real 3D earth-space time, dammit- and that's why I believe this man even if he does sound a bit like a carny barker or a tent revivalist minister.

Many, MANY times, there are in fact human ETs who visit these types of conferences he spoke at as well and when he says he is addressing them in the crowd directly, I can personally attest to having encounters at a couple of conferences like this where they did in fact "walk among us"-- literally --mostly undetected if you are not a telepath or an energy worker or you are unaware of energetic fields - if you are aware, they will usually address you directly either telepathically or energetically.

Mostly it's along the lines of them saying "don't say anything" or they will deliberately ignore you but send an energetic signature to acknowledge that they too are aware that you are aware that they are aware.  ;-) One in particular whom I ran into at a conference in 2012 spoke with me telepathically, and "just happened" to look a lot like this man in this video "Starry Eyed", who also bears a striking physical similarity to Donn, one of the crew members in Valiant Thor's group (mentioned in video below, dark haired man in middle in picture):

Actually, the man who happened to speak with me telepathically at the conference (who very clearly said telepathically when he walked by me/looked at me 'don't say anything" to which I responded "I won't".) I mentioned looked almost identical to the man in this Ellie Goulding video:

Which ALSO is another strange "coincidence", given this post I wrote about her:

It's also weird that among so many ET/UFO/advanced tech/science references going on in this video, her eyes turn blue even though she seems to naturally have brown eyes and the man she is with has blue eyes:


Oh, it's a "mutation"? That's what you call it? Not just plopped into/introduced into the gene pool externally, perhaps?

Not sayin', just sayin' about all this stuff. 

But I'm also feeling close to Venus lately for some strange reason so felt a need to post this. No idea why- and please spare me the "because it's connected to Lucifer, the morning and evening star"- would you just relax. You paranoid born again conspiroids don't have a monopoly on everything and everything is not a satanic plot to destroy the universe.

I know this post looks extra loopy but my guides are saying that in about four or five months from now it won't seem so out there/ "Strange" '-)