Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some frequently asked questions about what I do. just asked me to participate in their listings service, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very comprehensive. It's free for service providers, and I took the opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions that people have about what I do and how I do it. 

If you have often wondered how to separate an honest-to-God psychic from the myriad of loonies, frauds, and flim-flammers out there and then after all that wondered how to hire said real deal, this is a great breakdown of who I am in that regard and fills you in more about how I might best assist you in your psychic reading goals. 

Check out my psychic medium readings and services questions and answers and schedule a session with me if it resonates with you!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My prediction about Atlantis finally being discovered appears to be accurate.

No, I didn't post this a year ago, but I did have this written in notes, I am too busy to make stuff up, lol- but it appears this turned out to be true and almost exactly a year after I was told this would happen to boot. I was going through some old notes tonight and found the following declaration that my guides asked me to write down. 

(From 3/18/10):

"The Lemurian Starseeds are awakening now and soon Atlantis will be revealed. The world will be changed. Get ready for it!"

No question right around now I have been getting the "avalanche" my guides told me about of people coming to me who are also waking up and asking for my help and who are no doubt Lemurian Starseeds. But that's more of a subjective journey I find myself on. No idea how that relates to the discovery of Atlantis, but there you go.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recent interview I did for CBS Radio up now, we discuss film I am in called Don Peyote and more

An anomalous object showed up on my tooth at a visit to the dentist yesterday.

I went to the dentist yesterday and it seems that something anomalous that my dentist had never seen in all his years of practicing showed up on my x-rays.

For students of dentistry out there, you can see that my teeth are healthy and in no need of a filling, and yet my dentist detected an "exquisite" 'filling' that could not be explained and that I had no memory of receiving on one of my back upper right teeth.

I had been experiencing occasional sensitivity and pain on that very tooth for about 6 months which was in fact  the reason for the visit. He says he has never seen anything like it and that the craftsmanship was exceptional. He said it was a non-metal material that "could be plastic" and had never seen any filling ever that was a perfect square. He said the technique to attach it was at a very high level of application as well. The words "exceptional" and "exquisite" kept being used in reference to this filling.

He is willing to sign an affidavit which I will be getting from him soon and will post with his permission as soon as I can.

The anomaly is located on the bottom of the second tooth from the right. I am not going to use the word "implant" yet, but it does seem strange given the host of paranormal and covert operational experiences I have had. 

I hadn't gone to a dentist in years actually, but I do recall the last time I went, which was at least six years ago, a small argument broke out between me and the dentist because he thought I was lying when I said that I had no fillings or any memory of having any fillings. He became very irate with me because he said "It sure looks like one here!" Which explains some of my confusion at the time to his response. This would have been the spring of 2003 or 2004, I can't remember. I will attempt to get a copy of those x-rays as well.

The lab tech thought it was a reflection of light on the tooth when the image was taken as I seem to recall him saying that it was "too perfect" to be a filling.  I really didn't know what they were talking about at the time and remember thinking "what a lousy dentist, of course I don't have any fillings" lol.

If there is any researcher out there who would like to speak with me further about this, please do. I would welcome any input you can give me on the matter. Thank you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project IBIS

This update was also added to the original March, 2011 post. Thanks for reading. 

UPDATE: June 15th, 2013

I want to make a slight retraction here. Apparently there have been more visits on this blog post so far than any other post in my blog's history and it is because of the Erin Green Hicks interview with Project Camelot.

My personal feelings are that this woman is a very mentally troubled -- delusional, even --  individual, and that Kerry Cassidy has displayed an incredibly irresponsible, egregious lack of journalistic integrity by allowing this interview to occur without doing due diligence or in using any of her world-famous "discernment" and "intuition" that she claims is so strong.

 I was told by a source that Hicks claims that she was a Rothschild were also false- the name was purchased. Not to mention several wild inconsistencies in her statements in the interview just don't add up - among others, she was given money from the sale of what she said was Jesse James's .357 Magnum, but while the .357 Magnum was first made in 1934, Jesse James died in 1882.

Also, Hicks posted on Facebook in a comment directed at me that she was in basically all the mind control programs ever made, including IBIS, and when I challenged her on this statement, she laid into me about a purely fictitious conversation with someone she refused to name who supposedly told her that I told them how I "rip people off" by "making them think I am psychic".

Uh, no. This conversation never happened. And if I ever said something like that, say, to someone equally delusional like Sarah Stanga when we were still on speaking terms, it would have always and ever been A JOKE. A sarcastic joke. Of course the first thing to go out the window with mental illness is a sense of humor, so I am not surprised if I had said something like that in jest, a not well at all person would have construed that as fact, when it was not.

It's funny that Cassidy, who was born in a military hospital, grew up in the CIA and mind control incubator/hotbed of Palo Alto, California (same area near Berkeley that Alejandro, my "favorite" paid informant/his intelligence agent dad is from/lives and where many agents retire and congregate).

It's also funny to think that Cassidy, who is one of the researchers who attended the infamous Bilderberg-style secret UFO researcher mind-controlled conference in Bucks County, Pa., last fall ( and has allegedly been involved with a high-ranking MI5 official who has been feeding her disinfo for years, "chose" someone like Hicks to interview.

My "discernment" and "intuition" tells me that Green is in fact a plant who IS in one mind control program- but it's not IBIS. It's one whose name escapes me at the moment, but a very real one that is run by the CIA and uses high functioning paranoid schizophrenics to muddy the waters in COINTELPRO type situations like this. In other words, Erin Green Hicks is probably (allegedly) an unwitting CIA asset.

The feds made Erin think she was all of this and more (if she's a psychic super soldier and a Rothschild, I'm a Mr. Softy ice cream truck) and then unleashed her on the public by "creating an opportunity" at the equally suspect and to be avoided at all costs CIA-infused Super Soldier Summit in California last May.

Regardless, I feel it necessary to clarify on my original points pertaining to what no doubt has been someone messing with my head about the origins of this project, which may or may not exist under the label of "IBIS".

When I first found out about the fact that I was a military abductee by Aaron McCollum in April, 2010, my head was spinning for months. This was without a doubt, one of the most traumatic times in my entire life and I was searching for answers and incredibly vulnerable. When James Casbolt came into my life not long after and told me that he remembered me from mind control programs, to say it was shocking was an understatement. But deep down, I think my reaction was so strong because I actually knew that there was a basis for his statements. I experienced the familiar feeling of having a high level of recognizing him without knowing why, a high volume of psychic activity coming from him, a number of weird synchronicities and odd timings in communication with him, and of course the obvious indicator of my experience as a MILAB, recovered memories of him.

Say what you will about Casbolt, but his interactions with me are indicative of the "real deals" from mind control programs whom I have met, and that is a- very- small number of people.  No more than one or two handfuls of people in the whole world have I met who have this profoundly disturbing effect on me. And fancy that, we all seem to remember each other.

If I remember someone, I remember them. Period. End of story. I don't know how, but it always follows the same dreadful pattern of a flood of bizarre, no context whatsoever but linearly progressed memories unfolding suddenly and horribly like they are on a movie screen, the familiar shock, the feeling of falling down a hole, the horrible dread, the numbness, the sweat that breaks out, the nausea-- all the familiar symptoms of being triggered.

With Hicks, I have experienced none of this. Nada. Zilch.

Do I think people like Casbolt are master manipulators who make no secret of their ability to remote influence people and utilize hypnosis on them through methods like neurolinguistic programming? Absolutely. Do I think there's a possibility I could have been worked over hard mentally by this man? Yes.

But I still cannot escape the fact that Casbolt still might legitimately have been, in if not in IBIS, some kind of similarly eugenics-based psychic/genetic manipulation/human test subject/mind control programs with me.

There are literally too many "coincidences" and telepathic/psychic experiences, and corroborations I've had pertaining to him independent of any kind of remote control "massaging" and "priming of the pump" from him that for him to be this much of a master at organization and control over me seems suspect.

I can personally tell you from direct conversations by phone and years of emails with this man that he has serious trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy as he is definitely plagued with some kind of dissociative disorder (there are hundreds, not just DID) that he still struggles with every day-- even though he is also incredibly psychic, and something definitely has happened to him in mind control programs. Of that I have no doubt.

Do I think that my associations with Casbolt are the sum total of what has happened to me, however? No. Because these triggers have been happening to me with other people, like Aaron McCollum, who has basically admitted to abducting me in a MILAB, and this was months before I had even met or communicated with Casbolt.

I was introduced to another woman who was apparently also abducted by Aaron, and I had the exact same triggered reaction to her that I did to McCollum and Casbolt, and again, this was well before I had even communicated with James. (This woman wishes to remain anonymous, but we both remember each other from the programs and have spooky similarities in how we react to these things, are both incredibly psychic, etc etc.  I also know from recovered memories with her in them that she was a courier like I was and used in what either was something to make us think we were time traveling or we actually were time traveling back to places like Russia and the Truman Administration Oval Office, both in the late 40s/1947.  I have talked about this in several interviews, sorry, can't remember the exact ones right now, but you'll find them if you go to my "Links I like" column of this blog and just click on the ones you'd like to hear, you'll hear me talk about it eventually.)

With that said, please read this original post. Thank you for your patience. It's much less traumatic to have to deal with this horrific- whatever it is that's been done to me- since I originally posted this in March, 2011.  But it's still hard, it's still baffling, and it's still very much a confusing, traumatic reality for me to deal with, one that I hope I can get some light shed on and some answers from before I die.
I want to know what this is that's being done to me. I don't care if it's all just been a big practical joke at my expense and I've just been Punked all along. I just want to know what's really happened.

And I want to prosecute the people who did this. Even if it's just a truth and reconciliation situation. I want the world to know that something horrible has happened to all of us in this and to not let it happen again.

I don't know for sure anymore if I am one of those 42 children, or even if there were 42 children to begin with. Casbolt HAS been a disinformation agent. But not your typical one. There is something going on with him legit, but it takes so long to find the (truly bizarre) kernel of truth in what he says at the heart of it that he makes it almost not worth your while to pursue it. Which I think is kind of the point.

Here's what I think is true that Casbolt is currently spending obscene amounts of time attempting to cover up with lies and racist rhetoric designed to divide and conquer: that he and I were both involved with time travel experiments.

Yep, I said it. Of that I am increasingly thinking this is why so much time and energy has been spent discrediting himself as well as others by being as literally repellent as he possibly can be. Once you talk about something as out there as time travel, the logic seems to be that you almost have to pad it with a bunch of crap so labyrinthian that no one takes you seriously just as a self-protective measure to keep you from getting offed by the Powers That Be.

But time and again, I keep remembering, having, and experiencing memories and/or direct experiences of cybernetics, incredible psychic skills, superhuman abilities, knowledge of things we don't do in waking life like driving submarines and speaking different languages fluently and participating in incredible feats of intelligence, strength, speed and agility, both physical and mental, experiencing, participating in and witnessing horrific abuse of all kinds, and then of course the most forbidden/provocative topic of all, being an active participant in time travel.

From all of us whom I am involved with in these programs I get recovered memories of these kinds. Over and over again. And only with certain people. A small, horribly consistent group of people. Most of whom have horrific tales of abuse and subsequent dissociative identity disorder and/or post traumatic stress disorder in their backgrounds and in their day to day lives.

I hope this gives you some context for what I am talking about. I hope this solves something and gives some kind of resolution that you might require. I hope it helps and does no harm.

Anyway, here is the original post from March 6th, 2011:

For those of you who don't know what IBIS is, it is a life extension program that was used on 42 children around the world. Age regression was a recurring theme.

Here is a link for more info on that:

and on a blog here:

"The name of the project was IBIS.
42 children tracked in various contries.
Blood PRIME was being tracked by the NSA and MI6- Annunaki DNA.
Project started in 1972, initiated from Tavistock institute by Dr Green and others"

FYI, "Dr. Green" is supposedly Josef Mengele.

When I found out, I didn't want to believe it. God knows I don't want to be a part of this. But James Casbolt has sent me information corroborated from a third party in covert programs with James who shall remain nameless who remembers me from an underground base in Canada in 1975. We were taken there and experimented on for weeks at a time when we were around 4 years old. This person doesn't know me consciously and yet without any information from James, he was able to give him my full name. I am also pretty sure he also remembers me as an adult in other contexts as well, I shudder to think which ones. He hasn't said yet and I am not sure I want to know at this point.

Supposedly this person was also one of the super soldiers whose memories were warehoused inside of me for safe keeping when I was taken on board a TR3 by James in 1999.

I did a Skype session recently with this person and was absolutely unsettled by the conversation. I instantly recognized this person and yet had never met him in this conscious reality before the meeting.

It was only after the conversation that I was flooded with deeply unsettling recollections of experiments done on me that James Casbolt was forced to participate in. I have memories of the third party as well, but they are more limited in scope. This person told me he usually gets recovered memories after speaking with others in the programs, which has been a typical response for me as well.

For some reason, James wasn't even supposed to be born in 1975, but I have memories of him being involved as well as a child about the same age as me. Bear in mind, this was/is an age regression program that could age you and regress you for whatever purposes those in the programs want(ed), so it very well could have been him at age 4, 5, or 6, even though this took place a good year before he was even supposed to be born.

For some reason, I know that it is James who is with me in these memories even though I am six years older than him. (I could be wrong, of course. But the memory is that I have known this person for a long time and I "recognized" James as a child from his energy if that makes any sense. I could be blending memories with others as well, it could be James' contact who I spoke with the other day, it may be another little boy, but for some reason I want to say this is James. It's very confusing. Please bear with me.)

I may publish my recovered memories of these experiences when I am ready, but they are deeply disturbing for me and it's hard.