Saturday, March 27, 2010

Had bizarre sensation of some kind of cog on a wheel turning *inside my brain* two nights ago

It felt mechanical is the only term I can use. As if there is literally a mechanical device implanted in my head! It was somehow resetting itself or rewinding or repositioning- something a machine would do- it was not organic. It even "felt" metallic, if that makes any sense. It almost felt like a tape cassette rewinding, but *in my head*. 

Dear God, what is happening to me? Seriously. I'm turning into a Cronenberg film.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A star being grey explained time travel to me last night

Last night I was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, and "they" came in and started zapping my eyes again with some light which became very rapid fire, like strobes, and then I got downloaded (as usual) and then they asked me if I was ready to do something for them (didn't consciously know what, they were "blocking" the conversation, but yet I could answer somehow) and I said, no, quite frankly, I'm not ready for that, and all of a sudden I saw a grid appear out of nowhere in thin air- it was transparent and filled the whole room, but it was also invisible somehow (?) - I could still see it, and each point on the grid was shown to me as a unit of time. This explained how the beings, agents, whomever-- could time travel. 
"Very easily" they said- it was like a lit up game of "Simon" and each place I looked would light up as a unit of time with a relief of a "dot" light image in the center of the grid. "Now you are here in time" the being said. "And now" as another grid lit up while the last one went dark "you are here, experiencing this moment in time, yes?" To which I responded "I guess".  It was very simple, and yet complicated. I wish I had the terminology. 

Over the last several days I've also woken up with strange marks on my body again- the first was a small "cut" about a half an inch angled diagonally at the point where my forehead meets my hairline, right at about the left-center of my head. The second was a *very* strangely shaped "flower" type of bruise on my left abdomen. I also woke up today to go to a check up at the doctor's office, and I felt like something had been placed in my left bicep. It felt like a long straight thin object had literally been placed inside my arm. It was about the shape and size of a piece of dry spaghetti. I moved my arm several times, and the feeling was gone.

"They", whomever they are, are doing *all kinds* of stuff to me lately, and I just wish I could get some answers. It's a very strange, liminal state I abide in. 

For the first time two nights ago, I was also given "trigger" words to write down. I don't know if I should post them or not. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

UPDATE: I will be reading at the New Life Expo in NYC March 27th and 28th!

Exciting new News: I will be a featured reader at the next New Life Expo in New York City for Best American Psychics, come by the booth and say hello and get a special show rate reading! FYI, Best American Psychics really is one of the most popular booths at the show; make sure you get there early to book me in advance as spots do get filled up fast!


Best American Psychics Booth #221
Hotel New Yorker, NYC, NY
03/26/10 - 03/28/10
(I will be there Saturday the 27th from 10AM to 12PM
and Sunday the 28th 11AM to 1PM)