Sunday, December 31, 2017

Rejoice, for the End is Near ~

I don't know what else to say. You made your bed, you're sleeping in it. I don't know what's going on here, but your time is up, asshole. You had your chance. You had many chances. You stood by and watched it happen. You stabbed me in the back. Many times. You threw me under a bus, too. A couple of times. Oh so many ways to betray another human. And now you want "retribution"? 
No. No. 

Make your bed. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Have You Ever Retired A Human By Mistake?

I found out some interesting facts today that really weren't that surprising! But the "coincidences" I just "happen" to come upon certainly are interesting, aren't they?

And the timing?

 Sandia is VERY PROUD of its status, ladies and gents!

You see, Sandia JUST HAPPENS TO BE the "sole supplier of microelectronics to the nuclear stockpile" -- OH, and "other national security customers since 1975". That's very interesting. 1975, huh? Right around the same time I had that thing on the back of my tooth implanted in me without my consent, conscious free will or knowledge! Effectively to be made a slave to your "science" for the rest of my life! Or should I say "wrest"? 😀 There's nuclear in them thar hills she says! Apparently they provide very specific nanotech and microelectronics for private industry and do the stuff no one else can do! Like I said, so proud of themselves!

It's just interesting, because, well, I just happen to have biometric sensors in my body, and you say "Anya, why would you say that? What do "Radiation hardened microelectronics" have to do with your silly biometric sensors? "

Sandia's involved with microsystems! I'm ESPECIALLY interested in MESA. I just think it's so neat.  Apparently it's like a Biker Chop Shop for anyone who wants hard to find microelectronics CUSTOM made! On account of Sandia is the SOLE PROVIDER! No reason otherwise or connected to that if at all why the Department of Energy would be involved with my story. Or Nuclear Laboratories. Or Los Alamos (also connected to the Department of Energy) and Lady Judge Barbara Thomas, the former head of the UK Atomic Energy Authority who allegedly hawks little itty bitty teensy weensey nuclear reactors for underground bases to power them... I mean really! What would nuclear microsystems have to do with human biosensors and implants? Hmmmm...???
What secrets...?

It does make the mind wonder...

Do you see a standing ovation in the works? 

Hi, hi!


Twisting in the wind... Turning... Funny how Turning sounds like Turing! Oh, what they did to him. He didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

Oh, my fate. Oh well.

We'll see!... 😀


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Richard Thompson - I Feel So Good

One goes in just as another gets out... '-)

I have to say something about it: you have it coming to you. All of you. 



Monday, December 4, 2017

What Are Biometrics


I was recently told I have over 20 biometric sensors/implants in my body. "And my head". I looked up the information on biometric sensors and this interesting abstract floated up:

"Advances in microelectronics, material science and wireless technology have led to the development of sensors that can be used for accurate monitoring of inaccessible environments. Health monitoring, telemedicine, military and environmental monitoring are some of the applications where sensors can be used. The sensors implanted inside the human body to monitor parts of the body are called biosensors. These biosensors form a network and collectively monitor the health condition of their carrier or host. Health monitoring involves collection of data about vital body parameters from different parts of the body and making decisions based on it. This information is of personal nature and is required to be secured. Insecurity may also lead to dangerous consequences. Due to the extreme constraints of energy, memory and computation securing the communication among the biosensors is not a trivial problem. Key distribution is central to any security mechanism. In this paper we propose an approach wherein, biometrics derived from the body are used for securing the keying material. This method obviates the need for expensive computation and avoids unnecessary communication making our approach novel compared to existing approaches."

I was also told that members of the Marines, the Army, and US Air Force Bases have been in fact used in my military abductions and "extraction". I am known as "Number 1". What that means, I have no idea, but I am considered a priority, even today. NO, it is not some influence from tv. This is the real thing. You are so hare-brained now that you can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality-- even though the Duffer Brothers look just like an ex-friend of mine who is also in a program for Hollywood slaves and the Brothers are also twins- the types the Military/fascist regimes involved with human experimentation love-- and they concocted a character callled "Eleven" based on real psychological experiments and torture the US Military, Canadian officials and the CIA conducted on private citizens in the the 1940s onward. No, that psychic experimentation has not stopped, it has hastened. And no, conspiracy armchair theorists, you don't know what you're doing. Most of you are involved with military intelligence front operation gits who don't know the first thing about this experimentation, much less have had anything done to them. 

So I'm told these biometric sensors have been wrested from the "Titanic" and have been given back to me. Woa be the man - or woman - who tries to steal them again. The Experimenters have began to be the Experimented Upon and will be for a long time coming. They will know pain. They will know torture. They will know never having peace again. They're coming for you. My men. The ones who wrested it from you. Assholes. You're going to die, was it worth it? Did I mention you're assholes? Every single one of you?

I'm going to live my life. And you aren't going to bother me again. The Insane Ones are going. "The way of the Dodo Bird"- they flew the coop. But the Grounded Ones are going to get you and string you up by your balls and make sure they do to you what you did to me. Again and again. I have no problems with that. Whatsoever. Grandma's chicken soup recipe or not. Oh, and I found out who the Marlins are. They're a mediocre team. 


Gary Numan - Down In The Park

Monday, November 13, 2017

What Everyone Is Reconciling With Now

Maybe your family isn't so perfect!

It's okay.

As long as you grow from it and accept that it will never change, you can then decide to grow and change on your own, don't expect familial dysfunction to be your fault, you have to grow and change on your own. Individuation involves this, everyone has to do this in order to grow and change.

Why do I keep saying the phrase "grow and change" so much?

Must be a hypnotic suggestion, ha!



Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey?

This is weird.

"There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne"

"Some people just want to watch the world burn"

I wonder -- 

was the weather manipulated for this one? 

Or I just knew subconsciously this was going to be an extra dose or three of bad news? 


Not sayin', just sayin'...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

David Bowie Andy Warhol Lyrics

It's funny how someone with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism, where it's hard to read human facial expressions/emotion) had a pretty strong grasp of human psychology and behavior. 

His variations on a theme, his fascination with mass production and how the subject matter was interchangeable with human beings may have been misunderstood.  Instead of objectifying his subjects,  his way of seeing seemed to be about taxonomies of persona- variations on a theme of the strikingly similar ways people who are programmed with backgrounds that are less than savory react to their environments.

I always saw his work as deeply compassionate.
Here were a bunch of messed up people yearning to be seen. The neglected, from the poor little rich girls to the most destitute and strung out of prostitutes and drag queens. He didn't care. He didn't individuate. He may have been in some cases, the ONLY person who "saw" them clearly. And they would have done anything for him because of that.
 (This is how cults are formed, kiddies. Be careful with that.) 

Unfortunately, trauma creates pretty predictable behaviors of self-destruction, compulsion, addiction, and in worse case scenarios, personality disorders. 

In spite of that, he didn't judge. He let everyone in. A lot of damaged people in.  
Which eventually would be to his detriment when, on June 4th, 1968, a disgruntled and severely mentally ill playwright by the name of Valerie Solanas entered his Union Square studio and shot him point blank with a .22 revolver. 

He survived, but according to reports, was never the same again. 
The observer became the traumatized, paranoid subject.

(If you want to see how much of a miracle it was that he survived, here is the incredible medical account: )

Observing and understanding are not the same thing as processing. His downfall was ironically the same thing that allowed him to see so clearly, without judgement. 

We must develop healthy boundaries. We must individuate. And why it's up to the individual to not judge the person, but the behavior,  is up to us individually to do if we choose to do that. (I personally do.) But in addition to that, we must see, feel, process and protect our most precious gifts 
***and not let anyone walk all over them***.




Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rick Levine: This Eclipse Will Be "The Performance of Our Lives"

Another fiery Aries Astrologer, this time from the Bronx. Sell it, Rick:


Don't React. Act. On yourself. Do not react to simpletons who refuse or who can't, won't or don't look at cycles and patterns. They will remain in arrogance because they WANT to. Because they CAN'T. Because they DON'T HAVE THE ABILITY to see any other way other than their own. 

Do not attempt to convert denial. You can't. Denial puffs its chest up, staunch defender of all trauma wounds. 

Hell, people in denial positively make it their glory, their coronation, their Crown. 

Do not defend, negotiate with, or treat with unique deference holy terrors. 
They don't deserve your beauty.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Do you really want to know?

Look, you have monopolized this blog and my videos for years now, and I think it's time to stop. I know you are obsessed with me, and this is tiresome. Your abuse, neglect, and then coming to me flooding me with love energy (and more) is really weird. It has no boundaries. You need to step back.

I will tell you the following IF YOU LEAVE ME ALONE and let me do what I need to in order to facilitate a meeting. But you'd better behave or else. Do you know HOW MANY PEOPLE have warned me against you? HOW MANY? Even people of loose to no morals? I mean, we're talking basically everyone. "Stay away from this one, he's filled with danger and could hurt you." "Could"??? 

"Neurotic compulsion" or no. Do you think I don't know what you've done? 

Do you WANT a laundry list of what I know and haven't said squat about?

Do you really?


- I didn't say anything about the possession until recently.

- I didn't mention the HUGE, heart-stoppingly awful Real Estate deal gone bad. Where you lost tons of money. Bad. Not good. Maybe a blowback?

- I didn't say anything about your impregnation fetish (that I knew about long before that hilarious book came out).

- I didn't say anything about the subsequent miscarriage she had as a result. First four months? (Do you honestly think 16% body fat is going to hold a fetus? Please. You go on and on about the health hazards of obesity, but what about the other end? Wigger, please. Not to mention she knew you gave her bad seed. Mothers know this stuff about the father. Sometimes the children are not born for this reason alone. IT IS NOT TIME and all that.)

- She was a karmic partner. She was not your "love". She was your daughter in a past life. Do you think someone with the personality of cardboard is capable of having emotional intelligence? Especially since she's only lived SIX LIVES??? No. No. This is not a thing. This is not, nor will it ever be a thing. You may go back to her for the sex (ew), but no. None of you/neither of you are a fit. At all. You know this. I know this. Jesus Christ I wish you could keep me out of it entirely, as it's so consumingly depressing and juvenile, but alas, NO. I couldn't escape your energy field if my life depended on it. 

The scenario:

You were a trapper/hunter in what is now Switzerland. 980 AD. You lived in the Swiss Alps by a mountain. Snowy most of the year. She is in your chalet or shack or whatever you call it. 9 years old. Strawberry blonde or red hair. In plaits. In a trundle wooden alpine bed. Designs of flowers and vines carved on the sides. Pretty, snug little stone and wood wall room. A candle burning. She is asleep, sitting upright as was the custom of the time. 

As she sleeps, an avalanche. She is buried under tons of stone and snow and dirt. Immediately. You are just returning from an all-night hunt, you wear fur pelts as a kind of covering or jacket. You see the avalanche happening. There is nothing you can do to stop it. And she dies. Instantly.

I was her indifferent mother who left the family when she was 8 or 9. About 3-6 months before it happened. I never wanted children, was indifferent to the birthing process in that lifetime, didn't really care about motherhood. It happens. We have all been saints, we have all been sinners. But in that lifetime I was an indifferent mother who just upped and left one day. Oh well.

You stayed. Still licking your wounds over that. You attempted to go about life, business as usual. (You still do that, do you- your resentments towards women can be traced to a number of lifetimes, like this one. Reserve all your hate for me if you want, but at least I never POSSESSED someone.) 

You maintained a facade of normalcy "for the children". There may have been a boy as well, but for some reason I don't see him there- he is either playing/staying with another kid/friend's family or is not there at that moment for some reason. He is not with you as well. May have disappeared into the wilderness, but he is not there present in that lifetime at that minute. 

You witness the entire thing. The natural disaster. She has unconsciously been trying to figure that out in the handful/few lifetimes she has existed. 

That is why she places herself at the center of tragedy- to try and understand it. But she is still young, karmically speaking. 

She weeps- but knows no inner knowing. She has no wisdom. Merely a witness to tragedy, both large and small.

She maintains that she has a humanitarian heart, but really it is to solve the mystery. Of time. Of her existence. Even though she doesn't believe any of this "shit", she would believe that she is trying to process it all. 

And it begins with that lifetime. One of her first. Maybe first or second one in existence. A gnat, really, in terms of experience on the planet. Not like you. Not like me. 

A girl. Not a woman. Not healthy, not healing. She unconsciously is involved with a kind of karmic repression because the trauma of dying so young still infuses her with a kind of "survival" spirit. But she does not know. She doesn't know anything. She is a traumatized rag doll in full-blown repetition compulsion. And that sucks. 

No room for healing, just unconsciously living out her daydream over and over again... this lifetime a war baby and a Tsunami, yes? Oh well. She can't save anyone with that daydream.

You have also lived many, MANY lifetimes where you have felt duty-bound, an obligation to save women. Not just any. Many. Legions of women: from peril, from slavery, from doubt. Their savior. You NEED women. Like you need blood. Life. Women. Indifferent. Women.

I am holding on to these lifetimes and maybe will tell you about them. I am in at least one of them. Spain. No reason why you like that country so much, eh? Or me?

Your need for slavery, men, women to bow to your every whim: that is tied in with repetition compulsion. An act reserved for compulsive men. You might want to look into compulsion. Religion. Diablo Cody, the screenwriter, did an interview with Marc Maron on his podcast "WTF" and stated that Catholicism actually gave her a clinical diagnosis as a child of OCD. She said she was obsessed with being a Catholic as a child and that it literally gave her OCD and she was on medication for it. Eventually she healed herself, but it was rough. Look up the interview if you like, it's very good.

You might want to look into religion. Compulsion. Novenas. Genuflection. Rosaries. Magical Thinking. The obsessive compulsive actitivites of being told "All your sins are washed away if you do the religious equivalent of checking the doorknob 26- no wait, 27, no wait 29, no wait 113 times a day to see if it is locked". Not good. For man or religion.

And I know, I KNOW: You consider yourself someone who loathes the Catholic Church. Or no? But look into RELIGION Compulsion. Sin factories. "If you do this, then this" reward system that screws so many of your ilk up. It has, in a fashion.

You are a Sin Eater. One who eats sin. But you also have a Compulsion for Soul Eating. Thank "Your God" Aleister Crowley for that. The Bastard. I don't like that. Nor do I abide by that. 

You try anything like that, you set the lair for anything resembling that, and it's repetition compulsion for you a million times zero. You Get nothing, Bro. Y'hear me? Nothing. Nada. 

Heal the repetition compulsion. Heal it. 

Or else. 

(Just speaking your early childhood development language, Brah! My way or the highway, etc.! Language you understand! And loathe!)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's Not Time.

I know you recently said "I'm going to make it so easy for you (to meet with me)". 



There is an unfolding for this.

And this is not it. 

You need to see, you need to examine your need to, oh, I dunno, possess me with the demon Azazel. 

That was very interesting, by the way, but not needed and completely egregious.

 I started speaking Arabic. I don't speak Arabic. 

This is not a party trick, and I am not a bug for you to examine under a magnifying glass. 

You need to examine your motives. You need to examine yourself. 


Otherwise, you'll just repeat the same behavior again. Throw this one down the trash chute too.

Waste another time/place/person. Waste your time. And mine.


You have all the time in the world. 

Except you don't.


I am not a drug.

I don't have time for this.

Fellow Traveler. 

Please Grow up.

You're having a great time.

But there is no time.

Except it is the right time. When it is.

It's all about Time.

You said this. 



You see what I'm sayin'?

Big Boy?

Love, Mama 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Rose That Sings Like A Bird

What song would you like me to sing?

High Lonesome Bluegrass?

"Ring of Fire"?

 "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"?

No, wait, I just thought of one.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Prodigy - Firestarter (Official Video)

I want you to know that I think this video is beyond embarrassing, but there's an underground tunnel in it so OOH, HIDDEN MESSAGES,  right? 


Ok. So I AM the Firestarter. Get used to it. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cluster B's Are Everywhere: Accept that & Empower Yourself

The Borderline Narcissist - Confusion

Ever date or have someone in your life who could cycle between idealizing, loving, affectionate, needing your attention, sentimental and then contemptuous, raging, and discarding-- all within the span of an hour? And then the whole cycle would start all over again? Did bewilderment usually predominate as the main emotion for you? Then you were probably in the zone known as Borderline Narcissist Land. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me

You ain't my Daddy. You're acting like a boy-man. I know you ain't gay... you're just a psychopathic jerk who wants me to run "gauntlets" and use me as a triangulation device for your fembots. 

But are you brave enough to sit by the fire with me and cuddle? Nope! Hard pass. Like most men. They want a cardboard cut-out for their fanfic wanks, not a real human.

Apparently, I'm not a person allowed to have a dynamic, direct, face-to-face exchange with real grown ups who own their shit. I'm not a person at all. I'm a holographic reality interface. I'm 2D. I'm not allowed to have anything or anyone real pass through this "zone of interference". Nope, apparently that's kept from me. Plenty of sycophants and narcissists and weaklings and defense mechanisms passing as human- just barely- and psychos and weirdo fetishists. But human beings? No. Apparently I'm not allowed to have them in my life.


Monday, July 10, 2017

Bad Friends? Family members driving you crazy? Here's Help:

It's okay to feel ambivalence about something and not have a final answer about how you think/feel about an issue/person/place/experience, etc.

I've noticed that mental rigidity often goes hand in hand with brittleness when it comes to self-care and mental health.

If you have been in a situation that craves drama, you probably are entrained to respond. You didn't "attract" that (For my Law Of Attraction peeps) , it's what's *familiar* to you because you probably grew up in a family of origin where three alarm fires and Chicken Little "The Sky Is Falling" responses to everything were the norm.

Here's a revelation:

You don't have to respond to drama.

You can remove yourself from a situation and you don't have to fix it.

Fixing other people's problems who never seem to have a solution to their pain/anxiety/whatever may mean one of two things:

You and they are Codependent, and you are enabling their behavior.

Who are you if you aren't the Savior?

Remove yourself from the behavior and see what happens when you aren't there to save them.

Do they get better? Worse? Stay the same?

That will tell you what you need to know about whether or not that person is needed in your life and/or a healthy presence for you.

You are more than the sum of your parts.
 Stop encouraging crazy behavior. 

You can ween yourself off of drama queens whose lives are always in chaos and never get better.

Dysfunctional parents teach their children how to be crazy.

Don't encourage it. 

Remove yourself from the situation and take the time necessary to observe, process, and heal what is going on inside you first.

Then remove people who can't, don't, or won't stop their craving for dysfunctional situations and that constantly require you to put out their never-ending three alarm fires.

#SelfCareIsntSelfish #Dysfunction #DysfunctionalFamiliesOfOrigin #ChickenLittle #Drama #BadFriendsAreMirrorsOfOurFamilies #HowWeCope #Origins #FocusOnYourself

for coaching, personal development, and more

Friday, June 30, 2017

Tegan and Sara - Boyfriend

  This is so gay. 
Glad you got rid of the dolphin sperm collector. But now that whole lying about 'liking' monogamy while you're cheating on her behind her back thing, hiring prosties and following Escorts, porn stars, and instagram "models" online while continually keeping your "options" open while you claim to be working on your "repetition compulsion"/ sex addiction-lite/ sob story- all while you're admitting to your psychopathy - is hardly what I'd call 'trustworthy'. Oh, and whatever that headfuck- excuse me, ATTEMPT at a headfuck was with your red pill illuminati scumbag pickup culture sociopath is DEFINITELY emotionally illiterate.

GROW UP. That's what you need to do. You emotionally immature child. And stop dragging me around like a back-pocket option. Ragnar. You're a douchebag if you think your tactics fit my life at this stage in the game. No way no day. And that's not opposite talk. Your desire for market share is TRULY depressing and misses the point. If your plan "from now on is to follow The Project", you're doing a shit- poor job of making me feel safe. 

And anyone who isn't safe? Gets jettisoned now.

GROW UP. Did I mention you need to grow up?

Play time is over.

PS: Happy Pride!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pink Floyd - " MOTHER " The Wall 1980

You think that nuclear war is on the table? No it isn't. Please. The game behind it is what you should pay attention to. This revamping of a cold war is a ruse. Russia doesn't think it's possible any more than Trump thinks he's the one running it. 

Here's some phrases I'm getting that might mean something later:

"Build that wall!"


"Boomstreak!" (whatever that means!)

I'm just saying... enjoy Trump's tomfoolery while you can. He's got some memorable messages, that's for sure! That they are sane, safe, etc. is another story... 

I'm off to watch Jeff Sessions walk on hot coals soon... 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The timing of this is probably not a "Coincidence". There's probably more to this story than the official one is telling you...

So recently a special ops Navy Seal Marine died during an operation. This particular incident for some reason struck a chord so visceral, I felt a need to post here. I don't know why. But I recognize this man. I don't know him, but I am in touch currently with someone who I believe to be credible, who told me independently of my experience that there seems to be some kind of psychic link with people in the program(s) I am in (and with certain members of Seal teams/black ops/special operations, and the like). 

I don't know if they are consciously aware of this or participating with their full and free consent if they are. Or if they are just following orders. Again, I have no idea what this is, but it resonates, so here it is.

I happen to have a lot of strange experiences with "psychic links" and had an encounter recently where a man who looked just like this guy, and who introduced himself as "Ryan", who started speaking with me about stuff. Wasn't exactly friendly, but wasn't a bully either- but he was clearly in charge and giving me information. Like it was his job. I get information about coordinates, and the like, - but also other things:

It's very weird that he was assigned to the East Coast (where I am) and to the Boston Marathon Bombing, which I predicted publicly accurately. 

But it's also weird that I felt a need, without knowing why, to make this video the other day. Kind of eerie timing, right?

When I saw his face, I had a very strong reaction and kind of felt this magnetic "ping"- I don't know how to describe it- but the feeling was uncanny. This is at least (in my experience) the third contractor/special ops guy I have communicated with telepathically who had an interface with me (sometimes in person) and then died within six months to a year of that communication. I don't know what that is. 

I don't know what the interface was, I don't know where it was, I don't know when it was- it feels like a dream, could be a dream, or could be another place and time- when it happens it's a very strange experience, it feels like time is suspended. Sometimes it's just a telepathic link- but the thing is, often the person on the other end of the line usually isn't aware that we are speaking. I am. Very strange. They often don't know it happened, but have a strange draw to me nonetheless. 
I don't know what this is. 

One of the other stranger things (ahem) that has happened as well is there is no interference happening in the writing of this blog post with my ability to tell you this. That is big that has changed. Normally this type of information would be withheld and/or I would be punished severely and/or interference would double up its efforts and I would either be subjected to hours and hours of induced sleep (up to 20 hours a day for days in some cases) and/or strange activity would happen around me. I can't get into it here, someone is energetically pulling the reins back for fear I've already said too much. Anyway, I am grateful for what I can say. That platform, and the ability to say it, has changed - a lot. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Stranger Things Have Happened

 Bitch,  this train is crazy,  and you do not want to put me in a position where I do not give a fuck. You wanna burn down my apartment building in July? Bitch, you do not want me not giving a fuck. 

How many fucks do I have to give at this point?

You'll know.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag [*UNCENSORED*]

Why would I do this? It's madness! Why would I want to remove power from the few? When there are so many who could use it! Why on earth would I want to do that?
Give many the power of the few? 

She must be insane! 

No, like many, I'm just 1000% done. I think it's time now.