Thursday, December 27, 2018

How To Fight A Nazi

My time with the alt-right Nazis of the esoteric was a long time coming. I had been surrounded by people my whole life who identified as the left and quite frankly, I was pretty sheltered from a lot of things. Namely, the left's own inability to see how similar their neuroses and shortcomings were the SAME ONES that the alt-right's were. (I'm not talking about the actual political beliefs, I'm talking about the psychology and trauma responses to external stimuli/emotional states.)

This speech is something essential as it details one of the few amounts of research available on political ideologies and radicalization. I saw the same rigidity of thought on the far left (and academic left) as I saw with the alt-right: both sides were convinced of their "rightness". Both were incredibly insecure, both incredibly narcissistic and wounded and projecting a lot of their paranoid fantasies onto the world. Both included the other side as the "Great Demon" (of course the left doesn't believe in literal demons, but I digress), both demonstrated enormous amounts of immaturity and lack of personal responsibility for their words, thoughts, feelings and actions.

But both! Miraculously! Both sides were convinced they were "right" with their execution of ideas. This situation didn't happen overnight. Getting a Day-Glo colored president in the White (ahem) House didn't happen without some kind of systematic breakdown of empathy that has been fomenting in the American public for centuries and was encouraged even as we fought King George's armies.

The founding fathers were slave owners and YET were also brilliant orators, thinkers, desirous of what is, pardon the term, "right". But when they drafted the Constitution, "All Men Are Created Equal", it was only supposed to refer to white, straight male land owners. And people say we have cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is part of our culture.  It was collectively created by both sides agreeing, whether implicitly or explicitly, that the system, for whatever its faults, was the one we all live in. I mean, some humans are considered less than (according to this idea that everyone lived under and some still do to this day) because of superficial things they have no control over, but regardless, this situation is what has caused systemic/endemic systems of thinking/being while it systematically causes societal breakdown.

But this video actually gave me hope. Because it shows that people aren't broken so much as they are a product of a system that tells them one thing and does another. It is only when dignity and self-determination is restored in a human being that they can call *themselves* human beings again.

And cults (I would consider the white power movement to be a form of a very insidious cult-like mindset if it is not flat-out one) very handily are laying in wait to catch your son or daughter if you haven't done a very good job of "handling" them in the first place, parents. They are laying in wait to inject a false identity, one that gives them purpose and meaning where you have failed in that regard. Long story short, if you have the audacity to have a kid, at least spend time with them and be honest as you can without being too graphic when they ask a question. Don't make asking questions verboten, and don't be an authoritarian dickhead who is absent or oscillates between negative attention and no attention at all.

This seems obvious to even the most stupid third grader, but apparently some people who choose to breed have not gotten the message yet that it's not enough to simply unload your DNA into a receptacle or receive said DNA and then walk away. That's not parenting. Neither is being in the room but constantly ignoring your child. That's not parenting either. But that IS the quickest way, compounded by years of that style of neglect, I mean "parenting", to make the kid try to find another family. One that tells them they are all they need. That's the quickest way to get your kid dead,  too, whether spiritually, emotionally or literally.

This video does a very good job of explaining the role of "substitute" families in these subcultures and how easy it is to help form ready-made identities pulled from very poisonous soil. 

I wish everyone wellness. Because what's the alternative? And if you are part of the cult of the alt-right and reading this (and I know a lot of you do), please consider writing to Mr. Picciolini for assistance.

He does a good job of listening and doesn't judge you for your experiences but also can help you find resources if you are going through a particular dark night of the soul. 

If you know in your heart of hearts that blaming an entire race or religion or ethnicity of people for all the world's problems is inherently bad, then consider the alt. The alt-alt of the situation is the alt that will save the alt.

Coming into ourselves, healing the rift of identity can be sorted. Can be fused. Can be healed.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Olly Olly Oxen Free

So someone's been playing this in my ear/sending this to me for several days now...

My Christmas wish for all of "you":

"Peace On Earth. Goodwill Toward Men"

Without a rocket launcher, preferably. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

“To Be Seen... As A Plagiarist”

UPDATE: 4/11/19:  It took me a while to build up the courage to say this because Richie is very important to me personally but nonetheless it has to be said because I have self-respect as well:

Even though Sam Vaknin and Richard Grannon blatantly plagiarize and steal from me routinely, and refuse to attribute my work at all to anything they say or do, this is pretty good.  Both men have been visiting my blog routinely, however, and in the case of Richie, for years,  in the case of Sam for at least since before this lecture was recorded. 

This idea or kernel for the basis of the lecture , a lecture both men financially profited off of, was stolen from this article I wrote: 

 By Sam’s own admission he is a plagiarist. He lies even as he writes about no longer being a plagiarist while he plagiarizes to this day:

The David Bowie post was written in the midst of a gaslighting campaign that Richie Grannon had created to psychologically abuse me which makes no sense because Richie also is one of the people I almost single-handedly credit as one of the healers of my CPTSD (besides myself and Pete Walker) which makes it even more insidious— which is what he wanted. 

He claims he’s working on 100% healing his codependence right now, and I wish him wellness on that. However, knowing Richie, I wonder how much of that is him actually saying that and how much of that is just words that he says that he doesn’t actually mean. It could be that he dissociates when he says it, I don’t know.  He also claims that he has psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies and was raised by a psychopath.  He grew up in horrible conditions of violence and abuse of all kinds. 
  I hope he’s serious about that statement about healing his codependence and he follows through completely.   But both men have exhibited pathological tendencies 
and Richie, if you’re reading this?
  Hanging out with Sam is not good for your mental health, wellness, or recovery.  I am concerned, and even though you have actively attempted to and have abused me personally many times as well, I still care about you.  And no it’s not because of the CPTSD or some kind of “trauma bond”. At least not a trauma bond in the linear, classical sense. You know why. 

Just some BS to cut through the gaslighting: A video where I actually cited my sources and a video he made three weeks later with a suspiciously familiar title that mocks me/flaunts the identity stealing/gaslighting campaign Richard enacted against me:

 Anyway, Sam is a clinical psychopath and malignant narcissist and thinking that you can hang out with him with “black belt psychological skills” on a regular basis in some weird knife fight logic that presumes you can overcome the conditions of your childhood metaphorically by hanging out with a snake and not ever getting bitten by him is unsafe.  If you want to build immunity by taking the poison slowly, drop-by-drop, you’re still risking hurting yourself. There’s no guarantee that you will emerge unscarred by his presence.  His ever-growing, ever constant presence if memory serves correct. If you ever want the answer to be “Yes” to the question “Do you love yourself? “, then hanging out with Sam on a near-weekly basis is probably not the way to do it. 

Sam frequently goes off the deep end and makes leaps of logic that are ridiculous, *not* intelligent,  *not* accurate,  and I completely understand why academia has such a hard time taking him seriously/ they consider him dangerous and irresponsible/a wild card. 

Frequently he is brilliant and makes thoughtful observations and contributions : but he is a live wire, unbalanced, and a mixed bag. He’s also a blatant misogynist.  I’ve caught him just off-handedly playing fast and loose and saying blatantly wrong data about subjects and frequently making corollaries about causation that are incorrect.  

 Red flags about character are red flags about character. They’re not subjective. They are observable. And if you choose to look the other way or don’t consider it meaningful or notable? Then that’s a red flag about character that is unsafe too.  Again, maybe it’s dissociation, maybe it’s codependence. Either way, I wish you wellness always, Richie.