Monday, September 21, 2009

Monarch 2 - Documentary about Mind control/Microwave weapons documentary

Please watch this excellent documentary...

Microwave Attacks/Ego Tripping "New Agers"/Fear of Information

Recently I was attacked by microwave technology. I asked for help and was told that it happened to me because of anything running the gamut from "The Galactic Federation of Light did it" and that I was now "compromised" to "My 'energetics' were not aligned" to "I attracted it to me" to "Serves you right, let that be a lesson to you" to "You are messing with the forces of evil" to "It was demons" to "You left yourself wide open for an attack". None of these people asked what my experience was. They told me, even though that wasn't what I was asking. I didn't recall them giving me help through any of it, but boy were there plenty of lectures.

Not one of them even considered or addressed the possibility that it could have been a far more pedestrian reason: that it was an attack because I was a contactee who has had *800 BILLION* terabytes of information downloaded into my databank in the last year and a half regarding the mechanics of UFO propulsion systems. And that the NSA has been monitoring me heavily and that I have had communications with agents about UFO propulsion systems and that I didn't tell them what they wanted to know. I was not surprised in the least that I had been attacked, but what was more disappointing was the utter lack of compassion and a complete unwillingness to address the most obvious issue first from these so-called "healers".

That I had information the NSA wanted and I didn't give it to them couldn't possibly be the reason. There was also a shocking lack of education on the subject of microwave technology from these people. Some of them refused to even acknowledge it as a possibility and instead harped on the fact that it was "The Law of Attraction" and that I simply had anger issues. These are so-called "enlightened" people. Well, they call themselves that, at any rate, but I digress.

My point is, I thanked the experience as experiential reality and know that it did not destroy me or keep me from my mission in the slightest. It's almost beside the point that I was attacked by this technology. What is important as the outcome is that I have found that there are many people who fear that if they research a topic that is unpleasant, it will somehow happen to them, or "create" that reality for them. There should be no fear of information, no matter how unpleasant. Information gathering is just that. YOU are in control of what the information can do for you (or to you). The Illuminati WANTS you to never go beyond the surface of a subject. They LOVE that so many of you so-called "enlightened" "new agers" are so disinterested in your intellectual nourishment. Forewarned is forearmed, people. Be willfully ignorant at your own peril- we really don't have the luxury of doing that anymore.

Love and Light,


Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm being attacked.

Please help me if you can, please spread this message as far as you can to whomever you can, I really need protection right now and people need to learn about this subject, it is so important for people to know about this-- There has been an unremitting attack on me with the use of what I believe are psychotronic devices designed to literally torture me. This morning about 5 am was the worst one yet- it's happened twice before but nothing like this-- please read about this stuff- I was literally leaving a message at 6 in the morning yesterday to my friend on her answering machine sobbing hysterically because I couldn't make it stop- they were sending some kind of microwave weaponry/psychic weaponry using pulsepoints/acupressure points in my head to remotely make me literally feel like I was losing my mind.

There was some kind of - throbbing- I don't know how to describe it exactly, but it was some kind of deliberate pulse going on in my head the whole time - for a full hour. Since my phone is totally bugged, it stopped almost precisely after I left the hysterical phone message for my friend. I know "they" were trying to send a very deliberate message.

This technology is real, it is designed to subtly target people and if used in a high enough frequency, can literally kill people at a distance.

Please, guys. I am begging for protection from lightworkers at this time, if you didn't already know about this technology, you need to learn about it, ALL psychics/lightworkers/starseeds need to learn about this stuff, it is REAL and has been in use since the 1950s, it's totally tied in with the NWO and I believe I am being targeted specifically not only because of the information I've had downloaded about UFO propulsion systems but also because I am putting it out there-- it's no coincidence that the ROCKEFELLERS are some of the biggest funders of this psi science, and lo and behold, who was it but none other than Henry Kissinger who astrally projected himself into my living room the other day.

I am just realizing/remembering now that the night before this attack occurred, Kissinger showed up AGAIN in my home very briefly asking once more for me to join him and I scoffed and declined, and about five hours later this attack occurred- it was awful, I literally almost felt like killing myself at one point just to make it stop- I was not hallucinating this. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but I want to tell you all at this time that if something happens to me, it was NOT an accident.

Please do what you can to protect yourselves, I am 100% serious about the reality of this technology and how they have been testing/using this stuff on private citizens (including me now) for years.

Here's a link from the ***90s**** talking about this stuff and it wasn't even in its infancy then- it'd been used for years at that point (1994!) not surprisingly this is also connected with HAARP technology and probably the earthquakes that have suspiciously been happening in Japan and China in the last couple of years (see what Ben Fulford says about this on Youtube).



Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's going to be an interesting year.

The mainstreaming of what is happening to me and others just keeps unfolding. I find it impossible to believe that this film, along with the non-stop slew of films and TV shows coming out about aliens/paranormal is random/and/or that the producers/writers/actors are unaware of what is going on.

People tend to think Hollywood is clueless about this sort of thing, but I would beg to differ. What's the best way to introduce top secret and/or radical ideas to the public in such a way as to not totally freak them out? Through humor.

There must be a cultural imperative to get people to start opening up about their experiences in a safe, calm, non-judgmental environment. Film and TV is about as popular a culture imperative influence as you can get. I would suspect that this film alone will generate many bar room/water cooler/family dinner conversations about psychic abilities AND black ops budgets. Thank you, whomever green-lighted this project!

Things really seem to be quickening in a most delightful way: I get calls now from people I knew at school/in the past "before" this stuff was happening to me who have apparently found out what's happened to me in the interim, and rather than reacting with shock and ridicule, instead they immediately begin telling me about all of the psychic/paranormal experiences that have happened to them and to others they know.

I still can't even believe someone is actually using the term "black budget" in a film trailer, I am so happy.

Paradigm shift, indeed!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Japan’s first lady claims she was abducted by aliens and taken to Venus


Japan’s first lady claims she was abducted by aliens and taken to Venus


“While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus,” Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of premier-in-waiting Yukio Hatoyama, wrote in a book published last year.

“It was a very beautiful place and it was really green.”

Yukio Hatoyama is due to be voted in as premier on September 16 following his party’s crushing election victory over the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Sunday.

Miyuki, 66, described the extraterrestrial experience, which she said took place some 20 years ago, in a book entitled “Very Strange Things I’ve Encountered.”

When she awoke, Japan’s next first lady wrote, she told her now ex-husband that she had just been to Venus. He advised her that it was probably just a dream.

“My current husband has a different way of thinking,” she wrote. “He would surely say ‘Oh, that’s great’.”

Yukio Hatoyama, 62, the rich grandson of a former prime minister, was once nicknamed “the alien” for his prominent eyes.

Source: Reuters