Monday, October 28, 2013

So... I hope this isn't an example of predictive programming.

Here's a still from the trailer for the show not trying to spread fear porn and not-so-subliminal feelings of helplessness everywhere.

R. James Woolsey, you devil dog, you! Were you riding a pre-planned wave of publicity for the Nat Geo show American Blackout or were you just pulling stuff out of your hat for a big magic(k) trick? 

Or both?

"Keep 'em feared up" is the neocon good old boys' mantra, of course. I'm sure you all went out and celebrated its premiere and got wasted, and around about your 12th jello shot, y'all got it tramp stamped tattooed on your lower backs. Like all classy girls do.

For some context to all that hard partying, you might want to fuel up here with some learnin':

More about me being fitted to be a telepath liaison (also in case of catastrophic loss of power, this connects to his utter love of reverse engineered tech despite his later protestations which were BS protestations, he really is interested in it) here:

and finally, here, for why, like, he would be, like, so tuddally obsessed with me and stuff, you know?:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

More marks on my arm and hand, October, 2013

Looking more and more like hieroglyphs each time. I still have no idea definitively what they are or if they come from animal, vegetable or mineral source. I want to say it's several things, I've mentioned a cult called The Gizeh/Giza Intelligence. There may be occultists involved in the military who have access to some kind of nano tech as well who may have planted something inside of me to make these things appear regularly. There may be extraterrestrials involved, or all of the above, or none of the above. At this point it's merely speculation.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, here are some past posts to get you up to speed:

 This has been happening to me steadily since 2008 after I had a UFO encounter and was told I'd been implanted with a telepathic implant. Who knows what's there now.

Here's my testimony at the 2011 Bioethics Committee panel describing more in detail what's happened to my body/me, still to this day no one seems to be able to help:

I also just went for my six month dental checkup and the thing attached to the back of one of my teeth in this link: 

is still there. It's been there since at least 2003. I still have no idea what that is, either.

Aaron Alexis, aka the Washington Navy Yard shooter in touch with Targeted Individual site that I was on the email list with briefly

In the interest of full disclosure, due to my being chosen to speak at the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues in May, 2011 (, I was either initially placed on or had signed up for the mailing list for Freedom From Covert Harassment. (Can't remember which.) 

While I have sympathy for the plight of every single person who claims they are targeted individuals, I want to say that mental illness is a big factor with some of the "members" of this group. I am not affiliated with any organization nor do I have an agenda other than to find out what's happened to me and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law the perpetrators and/or organizations both foreign and domestic who did this and continue to do this to me. 

Whether people who claim to be TIs who happen to also be mentally ill have been driven insane by the harassment (it happens) or were already sick to begin with is up for debate. The evidence of Alexis as a "heavy drinker" might have come from the stress of having pervasive, nonstop waves of energy beamed at his skull 24 hours a day, every day. Many TIs try to find means of escape and often the torturers will let up if you do certain activities they want you to do as a form of "reward" sytem. In my case, I was often knocked out and slept for hours at a time whenever I would try to do anything productive- sometimes to the tune of 16 or 18 hours a day for weeks, and in some cases months. This would occur often after a full night's sleep as well. That was in 2009. I hardly remember most of that year due to the sheer volume of missing time I had due to being knocked out with what I think were directed energy weapons. Sleep induction is very common with TIs. It's definitely one way to keep your "soft target" from fulfilling their purpose, most definitely. 

With other targets, the agenda is significantly more violent, and watching video games and heavy drinking definitely ups the ante as far as creating high states of aggression and chances for violent confrontation with a TI. But regardless of what the torturer uses on the dial tone and the frequency for the intended goal,  I do know that covert harassment is real, being a targeted individual myself. This above mentioned information DOES NOT MEAN however that every TI is mentally ill. In fact many TIs are pillars of their communities prior to their harassment and are very sane, accomplished, highly intelligent/educated/successful but most importantly *sane* individuals for the most part. 

Anyone interested in the subject of mind control needs to seriously consider the possibility that Aaron Alexis was telling the truth and they need to look into ELF wave technology and the impact on mood, consciousness,  and brain waves that the technology can accomplish. Combined with military style abductions, interrogations, the use of drugs on the test subject and other forms of "behavior modification", anyone, and I mean literally anyone who is sentient and can form a sentence can be made into a Manchurian Candidate. 

Do not think you are above it all and immune. You aren't. And you cannot tell me you are a serious researcher or a serious person (are you listening, David "black sentient goo" Griffin?)  interested in secret or covert technology if you are making statements that directly or indirectly state or imply that "mind control is rubbish". No, no it is not. It's real. The faster you acknowledge that fact, the quicker it gets exposed for what it is and then something substantive can finally be done about it. Because crimes against humanity by the American military machine happen every day all day to thousands of Americans and people all over the world silently and without media attention. How many people suffer in silence is up for debate, but I know it's not a handful. 

The US Navy in particular has many sins to atone for that it no doubt will never completely owe up to. Funny how you all took an oath to defend against threats, both foreign and domestic, and yet some of you reading this who are involved directly with my torture and the covert torture of other US citizens, both civilians and members of the military alike, don't seem to have a problem with any of this. 
You are at best naive, and at worst sick, deluded, and delusional individuals of course. But that's how the payroll goes, I guess. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Was The Senate Stenographer Mind Controlled?

More likely this was the work of a black magician with surface-to-brain interface "God" tech rather than anything having to do with "God". 

Why? To make anyone who says that the Masons and secret societies really are the ones running things look "crazy". This also serves a dual purpose- the Masons always have to announce their plans while at the same time hide them in plain sight. 

You know, for those whom they deem having "eyes to see and ears to hear". 
Blah, blah, blah. The usual.

 Just like how the media paints every false flag operation as being the work of a "lone nut" gunman and "random" insanity. 

Well, yeah. It's the work of madmen alright. 
Just not the ones you're thinking of. 

This might have just been a test to see if the programming was working right. 
It was. 

Poor woman. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Update added to Alara Blackwell post

Alara, second from left, in full Knights Templar regalia. She is still at the time of this writing, according to her, a "reluctant" member, whatever that means. 

Please understand that none of these people are completely in control of themselves. I cannot emphasize this enough. They are sad creatures, and I wish them well, but they deserve more than this and it is sad that they think this practice of slander and remote viewing will get them anywhere savory or beneficial. It won't. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper found yet again to be assisting in fake news as part of false flag operation

I know this is old news, but yet another interesting connection here to Anderson Cooper, manufactured/fake news, his CIA ties, and the fact- SURPRISE, SURPRISE!-- That the Beta mind controlled kitten I know ( who used to work as Diane Sawyer's employee and was a broadcast journalist herself shortly thereafter also worked directly as an employee of ol' Andy Cooper himself at CNN as well.  


Here's Andy's first foray into lying to the public about the facts surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting:

 Of course good ol' Andy C. is a Beta mind controlled slave himself, but I digress. Most of the news media are playthings (sometimes literally) for heads of state, to be used as mind controlled gits and sometimes cannon fodder if necessary, always to be used as lying mouth pieces for the status quo, the agenda if you will, and all without realizing it. 

It's hard being a Vanderbilt/member of the illuminati bloodlines, lemme tell ya. 
You don't have a chance once you pop out of the womb. 
The bloodletters have their talons in you before you reach the age of two. 
So a little compassion and moment of silence for the clueless lapdogs, if you will. 
Pray for them and their deprogramming and honestly speaking out about it. They really need the prayers.

In my experience however, Beta kittens, especially ones entrenched in the news media, are notoriously dissociative, completely out of it (but also incredibly intelligent and charming), totally effortless liars as is evidenced here so amply, so good luck with the likelihood of them ever honestly speaking out about any of this.

Most of them are so far gone you're lucky to find anything resembling an actual original thought or experience they can recall that wasn't co-opted by one of their handlers.
Their whole lives are transmitted for the public to think about a certain thing a certain way.

That's not to discredit their often skyrocketing IQs, but to people who set the agenda, that's almost beside the point. Their preternatural intelligence often serves as a hindrance in the long run, actually, and many mind controllers/handlers surround them at all hours of the day and night to anesthetize and subdue them subtly and overtly in many, many ways.

This isn't the first time CNN's been caught with its pants down participating in wag the dog "news" "journalism" that suits the globalist anti-human agenda (, but it's certainly one of the most flagrant displays of "I just don't care what you think anymore, human populous" out there.

ET Abductee: Hyperdimensional predatory species is threat to humanity

As sensationalistic a headline this sounds, this is true. Interesting that he had a "wedding cake" UFO sighting like I did but his experience was radically different and infinitely more negative than mine. I have experienced these types of attacks from both human and non-human sources and can report that they are very similar. 

Please detox your environment both spiritually and physically. Stop eating GMOs. Open your third eye responsibly. Be ethical. Work to develop compassion. Become a spiritual warrior. You are in a fight. It is a battle, whether you realize it or not. When you see between worlds, you see the technology at use. It's not such an insane idea. In 2009 people said I was "crazy" for seeing the rapid use of nanotech in the pantheon. Now it's old hat. Just like anything, any new technology can be used for bad or for good. It's just a matter of time before much more is revealed and you can read these words without chuckling, I hope. Forgive the framework if you must, but look at this anyway.

I believe what this man is saying is true,  however to say that it's "almost always" these hyperdimensional creatures doing this is perhaps coming from a slightly compartmentalized perspective. He dismisses the intense interest and focus transnational hand-in-glove surveillance and mind control R & D contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton and others have in this in controlling humanity vis a vis surface to brain tech as well, and quite frankly, the attacks sound exactly like experiences targeted individuals have, including myself. 

Microwave attacks are nothing special in terms of setting them up and the technology involved, it's actually quite simple if you have the means to set it up. 
Microwave tech isn't rocket science. And this might be news to this poor man, but the technology IS omnipotent at this point. It just isn't being used by the mainstream. It doesn't make anyone "invincible" however, and there is a lot of competition. 

 There are human abductees who are off-limits to the NWO for military abductions and follow up checkups. This particular brand of ET doesn't want to share with anybody and probably provided names of people the Powers Who Think They Be (a.k.a. the middle managers) who are off limits for the human deep black scientific/military industrial complex studying, examination, and experimentation. I know several who are deemed "property" by these negatives and they are often in the media and are exceptionally mind controlled. Their lives are tightly controlled and focused on obsessions and recurring themes and they never fully heal nor do they recover from their traumas. They also report severe depression at many points in their lives as a matter of course. 

 This man unfortunately probably has been labeled "property" of the ETs, however he seems to be one of the few who are actually standing up and fighting back at his oppressors. More power to him. I hope he breaks free of their grasp. As is typical of some of these people who are branded under ownership of these beings as well as "garden variety" victims in mind control programs, both groups tend to have a jaundiced and rather pessimistic view about worst case scenarios and the future of humanity, so please take what he says about the default and a "natural disaster" connected somehow that happens according to him shortly after with a grain of salt. People who are "owned" by these beings tend to be extreme "glass is half empty" types for various and assorted understandable reasons. 

These grey ETs hate humanity and are some of the most virulent in the Universe or known universes. The way you defeat them is by free will and FIGHTING BACK- fight back by questioning reality, questioning the status quo, eating right (non GMOs, fluoride removal in your drinking water), exercise, meditation, prayers of protection, stress reduction techniques, ethically responsible psychic development- you CAN fight back, but first you have to place your free will as front and center as ***the most*** important thing in your life. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hollywood Built by Witches (Illuminati Mind Control)

Illuminati - Actors & Movies NEW HD (+playlist)

They offered me the world...

Beware bearers of false gifts... Zealots are zealots regardless of "good intentions". The Crusaders absolutely believed in the good intentions of what they were doing and had all the answers as well.
 I know people who have accepted this oath and they are pretty mind controlled now. I love them and want what's best for them, but they are young and naive and impatient and want quick routes to power and are scaring me. 

This group always creeped me out. Another I know who is a contactee affiliated with high ranking officials in the NSA has come to me and mentioned other "savior complex" "White Knight" type issues like the NESARA Act; this person told me once NESARA was passed (based on information he got from his NSA contacts), it was going to be ice cream and birthday parties all the time. 

He is now also literally one of the most, and I can't exaggerate this, one of *the most* mind controlled and scary and delusional and deceived people walking the face of the Earth right now. He has spoken publicly about NSA top officials mind controlling him and now he is saying in interviews that the NSA officials are great who he knows. Complete 180 degree change from several years ago when he was telling me he didn't want to talk about the first NSA official and that it made him uncomfortable and that this person should be avoided at all costs. 

Now he's glorifying the latter agent (who has since died) and thinks this guy is great and was a great friend- this is in the public domain, I'm not making this up. Okay... As a word of advice, coming from direct, personal experience here: Just assume, John and Jane Q Public reading this-- just assume that anyone who approaches you directly working for the NSA has been assimilated by the borg and they are in general not to be trusted.

 If anyone tells you someone in the NSA is your friend, run, don't walk in the opposite direction. Anyone working at any time in their lives for the National Security Agency is to be placed at permanent arm's length status, even if they tell you they are a spy who came in from the cold and no longer want any part of it, they now see the err of their ways and just want to help humanity, that they "stumbled into (the job) somehow", that were just young, naive, and dumb and "recruited" and told that... well, they were told that they were there to save the world as part of the literature and propaganda given to them by their recruiter/massager/handler. 

Sound familiar? 

I have found that anyone who falls for that at this point in 2013, who has all this public information at their disposal about the history of this agency and what it has done and continues to do to people- I'm just talking about citizens, not even to persons of interest- I have found in my experience that those people are people who run a very high risk for being compromised at any point and time if they aren't already right out of the box. 

Chalk it up to hindsight being 20/20. The NSA and anyone who works for it at all points and times should always and ever be held to the highest levels of scrutiny and skepticism, always. Always, ALWAYS assume an ulterior motive with anyone who receives an NSA paycheck. 
It's not an accident that their HQ in Fort Meade is also the center for much of the technology, research and development that now is in use for mind control of the military and of the masses.

The former oath taker interested in the group mentioned in this video is also a Mason who, suddenly had a bunch of shadowy trickster magicians hanging out with him all the time after he mentioned this group to me and how he was affiliated with them and how he was going to "save the world".  He was very taken with them and I just thought upon meeting one of the members, was just goofy and sinister and strange. 

This is not a group I can get behind either. Many from this "Society" have reached out to me/danced around me by virtue of proximity in one way shape or form or another as well but I have declined their repeated invitations to dance. 

In both cases, these above mentioned friends have been worked over hard by black magicians who think they own them now. These two people have been deceived. I wish them well but am wary of them because of their choices. 

Always beware and be aware of people who claim they have all the answers. 
Especially if they are connected to organized crime! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Missing Nuke Investigation: Special Report has eerie connection to stolen nuclear material to be used for a false flag attack that I picked up on this past spring that thankfully was halted

"This is definitely a political and strategic move"

First off, I am very, very glad that what I said here:

didn't happen. 

Regardless,  I was highly accurate about behind the scenes false flag nuclear activity being planned with possible stolen nuclear material and that a traitorous group within the military was definitely involved-- a false flag that seemed to be in the planning stages literally as I was intuiting it. I was also right about  the locations: New York and/or another coastal city (In this case, Lindsay Graham's comments about a nuclear attack on a harbor in South Carolina) being targets. 

The fact that I once again accurately picked up specific plans for a false flag (this post here:, and here: where I accurately predict the Boston Marathon bombings by several months, as well as in the Bases 21, Part 4 interview)  in the works this past spring -- well before Alex reported on this --
 does not make me an "Illuminati Puppet" like a certain "person" has called me.
It makes me a psychic. 

Meh, whatever, karma has definitely been a relentless, pummeling bitch for those people who slander me lately, and it's also a bitch for said Admirals and Generals in charge who have since been fired allegedly for alcohol abuse and gambling addictions respectively. I wonder if beyond the "official" story if they were in any way attached to this thwarted event, though. 
Couldn't help but be reminded of something I said in January of this year in my Bases 21 interview: 
"The chickens are coming home to roost." 
This is only the start of rooting out the negativity where its lair is and exterminating it where it stands.

People aren't taking this false flag stuff and nonsense anymore. People are remembering who they are and what the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is for. People are remembering that those things kept in the shadows will grow mold and that sunlight is for those who can accept its disinfectant properties. People are growing up.

I saw a possible reality that I prayed would not happen and it hasn't so far, but it is interesting that September 3rd saw the outing of this halted event/string of events. 

I made this prediction, interestingly enough, on April 20th (which, subsequently, is also Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre). I said the plot dates for this event/these events to happen would be within 120 days. August 20th places this event at the 120 day mark or so. Not very long after the "missing" unsigned nukes were outed by the alternative media on September 3rd.  Which implies that the plans for the missing nukes would have been prior to the September 3rd date, well within or around the time frame I stated.

 I would never, ever presume that my prediction/warning in the above listed blog post had anything to do with heading this horrific event or events off at the pass. 
But I do believe that we are in a quantum universe and that "time" as we know it is speeding up and that there is a "quickening" of people's sense of time and timing and that when you are in your right self/intentions, when you listen to your conscience and act on it, you will do and say the right thing and the Universe will provide you with abundance and spectacular spiritual (and physical) rewards.

I just want to say a prayer of thanks and for protection for the men and women who contributed to the outing of this orchestrated event and stopped it before it could go much further. God bless you and keep you protected always. You are all doing the right thing and I know you aren't thinking beyond the Constitution, the values of what makes this country great, and the love of your loved ones and their safety as well, but rewards beyond this are great for those who do in fact do the right thing now. 

Abundance is yours if you just do the right thing. 
All it takes is a little bit of courage and some measure of action and God will provide. 
Liars will be prosecuted. Make no mistake, they will be dragged out by their hair and hung from the rooftops (metaphorically) right smack in front of the media before too long- even the mainstream media will give up the ghost and have to admit it and begrudgingly showcase it as well. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What you're not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden ...

Mike McConnell is most likely connected directly to my story as well. And of course the Carlyle Group. Please understand this is the way the world works. Through your ignorance and complicity YOU have helped create this world we now live in. You have allowed officials to create things like "corporate personhood" and the national surveillance state that now creeps globally. 

You elected the officials into Congress and the Senate and Parliaments everywhere to LET. THIS. HAPPEN. When you realize your personal responsibility in all of this, only then can change happen. 

Stop growling at the computer or tv screen and realize the chain of events here how these things grow and grow and grow. Your government doesn't need you at this point other than as a resource they can use, exploit and throw away. That's it. They are not your Daddy or Mommy. 
But they are your Big Brother.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Berber music

Artist's depiction of the Tuareg tribal people of North Africa, (artist unknown)

Meet the North African tribe of Berber Caucasians with white skin and blue and green eyes who claim their ancestral land is Atlantis.

What does a NATIVE north African look like? The Berbers are the ethnic group indigenous to North Africa west of the Nile Valley and the Atlas mountains. The Berber people call themselves Amazigh: Berber is a name that has been given them by others and which they themselves do not use. They are ethnologically and genetically White. Ethnologically, the Tuaregs of North Africa (the so-called "Blue People of the Sahara") are Berbers who speak an ancient dialect of Berber called Tamachek. Genetically light-skin and blue-eyes prevail. With their aquiline noses, high cheekbones (often with blonde or reddish hair), they are said to resemble their alleged Atlantean ancestors—many individuals are over six feet tall. When questioned, they do not hesitate to name Atlantis as their lost homeland.  ((Secrets of Ancient Egypt page on Facebook.)

UPDATE: Tuesday, July 18th, 2017:

Update: This is real Amazigh music. Thanks to the commenter below for correcting me with the previously beautiful but incorrect recording that had been posted. I am getting a curious sensation listening to this. Something opening up in me... 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A very close friend finds the same mark on her body I had last year on my left scapular muscle and right thumb.

Thoroughly surprised,  but not the first time believe it or not this has happened with me and someone I know.

Last year, or maybe it was two years ago, I can't remember which, much to my dismay another mutual friend and I woke up almost 900 miles away from one another with the same triangle mark on our bodies within a day of each other. Here is his:

(Waiting on this one from the person who took the image, check back frequently, will have it soon)

And here is mine, the first from 2008 when I was told that I was given a "telepathic implant" and then another in 2011, I wasn't told what the second triangle was for: 

Here is my other friend who just found this mark on her ankle three days ago, as what she described as an almost octagonal-shaped "hole punch" shape. Upon magnification, it actually looks to me more of a pentagon shape, rather than octagonal:

(Close up from another photo of same mark, adjusted for contrast)

She also noted that odd bruises appeared on her leg in conjunction with the appearance of the mark- I too experienced odd bruises on my arm the same day the mark appeared on my thumb. She also said she felt weird, as if some kind of "space-time disruption" had occurred while the mark appeared. It seems to have a "dug out" appearance like mine- we both referred to our marks before seeing each person's photographs as having a sort of "hole punch" appearance to it in description.

Here are the bruises that appeared on her leg and my arm:

My friend's bruises that occurred simultaneously with mark on ankle.

And the bruises that occurred in conjunction with the appearance of the hole punch mark on my thumb.

Here are my "hole punch" marks, on my left scapular muscle (slightly adjusted for contrast):

And on my right thumb, September, 2012:
Initially this "hole punch" mark was a weird triangle "scrape" that appeared out of nowhere and I had no recollection of having received it:

Interestingly enough, this thumb mark initially was the curious "triangle" shaped mark that appeared out of nowhere last year and somehow became this hole punch shape over the course of a couple of days. My arms also started producing weird shapes on them in conjunction with the appearance of this hole punch mark:

Which is connected to this blog post I wrote about people involved with the occult like Michael Aquino who may also be involved with something to do with the planet Mars or have secret/hidden knowledge about Mars that the average person doesn't know about:

It should be noted that the "hole punch" effect occurred after the triangle images showed up, interesting that I overlooked adding it to the blog post later- I guess I have this kind of thing happen so much that it's hard to keep up with the documentation and I just got busy or something but this "hole punch" effect is what appeared under the triangle scratch over the course of the next day or so.

My friend said that while the mark was being placed on her body, she "heard" telepathically someone say that she was being implanted and then felt the weird space-time distortion effect that I also have experienced with some of these marks on my body. She said it was very clinical in tone, neither bad nor good. I picked up that this was ET experimentation in nature for her and for me- and that she had witnessed me suffer so much that she volunteered to see on a visceral level what I was going through so that empathically she could understand it better. The ETs thought this very odd as most people don't volunteer to be test subjects, but she did. I love her for her compassion, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I didn't ask for this, it was thrust upon me. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel comforted by her intentions and a little less lonely now that I have someone I know who this is happening to as well so people won't say awful things about me like I'm making this up or something.

More later, I'm tired by all of this, quite frankly.

Weezer - Photograph (Lyrics)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Down the rabbit hole.

I could tell you about a former associate who told me she dabbled in witchcraft and had a girlfriend whom she personally witnessed levitate and float across the room and then mentioned in passing that said floating person was also a MILAB/Psychic. I could tell you about that. But I won't. 

I could tell you SO MANY THINGS people have said to me behind the scenes. 
Always behind the scenes. The criminally insane, cowardly, behind the scenes. But I won't. 

Infowars Invades Utah 'Big Brother' Criminal Spy Center

Message to NSA: You personally called me an "insurgent" in 2008 when you contacted me in the most cowardly manner possible. You said you were FBI but most likely you were part of this criminal cabal.
You and agent "Cynthia Williams". 

So fuck you, Eschelon. 
And fuck you, you criminally insane Nazi warmongers.
People are waking up.

Love and light! 
- Anya

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MK Ultra - The Handlers

This is true. And other MK-ULTRA kittens have many handlers who say they are their friends as well and give them "safe harbor" from their abusers when in fact they are simply reprogramming them as well. 

Right now, in fact. 

Both of these "friends" are black satanic witches for the illuminati and one is an ex-boyfriend who could hypnotize me in black magician alter and would do so even as I begged him to stop. Of course he wouldn't stop.

 He also knew trigger moves with his hands that were terrible, visceral triggers for me.

 In addition to this, he was one of the most harassing people I've ever had the displeasure to know- he verbally abused me almost continuously and was physically abusive as well. Someone called this person a "roach" online and mentioned that they believed me about him but were wondering how "if I was so psychic" could I not know this about him.

To the writer of that comment: psychic ability has very little to do with the concept of programmed mind control. They are two separate and distinct things. Further more, he weaseled his way into my life being the grifter he is, and when he continually tried to and achieved his goal of hypnotizing me, I knew I was being hypnotized and yet felt helpless to stop it. It wasn't like I wasn't aware of what was going on. Intellectually I knew this was unsavory. But being able to do something about it at the time was a different story. Since then I've learned a few things I didn't know about psychic protection and the ability to not let those triggers get to me anymore (or at least as much) so the programming has broken down somewhat. But in 2010 it was another story entirely. This man took great advantage of my vulnerability and preyed on it. He is a predator.

The final straw was when after all of this, I had suspected and then found out he'd been cheating on me from the get go.

 I finally kicked him out while he was having a friend visit and he promptly OD'ed on painkillers as he is an opiate addict as well.

To the kitten living with this "man's" (I use the term loosely) black witch girlfriend right now: you have a child in this man's presence, your child is not safe with your witch roommate nor with this man.
This man is a danger to himself and to others. Repeatedly he has proven this. Ask his "legally entrenched" family member - his sister will be honest with you but his mother is one of his handlers and his father is a paid informant for the CIA as well as Hollywood producer, so don't rely on them at all for honesty. Anyway, his sister confirmed for me that not only does this man have a domestic violence record, he also spent time in LA County Jail for cocaine possession.

Consider yourself fair warned. Try to find a safe place to stay where none of these people can bother you and good luck with everything. They are not your friends. 

I also know another MK Kitten who used to work not that long ago directly under Diane Sawyer, an MK handler.  

Diane wrote her letter of recommendation for this kitty's next broadcast journalism job. The kitten said she had so much respect for Diane and all her accomplishments. The kitten of course had a photographic memory and was completely dissociative and on drugs more than some of the time. 

The kitten's dad worked for the NSA, I think as an economic hit man.