Friday, July 29, 2011

Ironic response from the Presidential Commission for Bioethics

Recently I was a speaker at the May meeting for the Commission on Bioethics here in New York. Apparently the whole focus of the event was myopically concerned with an incident that occurred in Nicaragua where something like 50 or 100 people were unknowingly infected with syphilis for the purposes of a covert, nonconsensual medical survey of the unwitting test subjects. This naturally brought to mind eerie similarities to the nonconsensual infection of black men in Alabama in the 1950s and was the basis for the event. I'm not going to get into that here, it is a tragedy in both cases, and you can research the impetus for the reason the Commission was formed in the first place here to your hearts content: 

But to my surprise, as I sat in on the commission meeting, it became apparent to me that the ONLY topic the commission was prepared to study in an advisory capacity as pertains to the subject of bioethics was the Nicaragua incident. 

It was clear that the Commission really didn't know what was going on as pertains to the technology and techniques used on nonconsensual test subjects and other targeted individuals and you can find that out yourself by watching the video testimony and commentary on the site. 

But hope springs eternal, and I naively thought that by providing my dental x-rays (See the March 18th, 2011 posting here for images) showing a highly unusual and unnecessary filling of unknown origin as well as a signed and notarized affidavit from my dentist in combination with my testimony that I have had guns pointed at my head and been abducted from my home would be enough to raise some kind of questions somewhere. I was wrong. 

This refusal to acknowledge this outrageous and blatant violation of my rights was further solidified when I received this ironic, myopic, and utterly ridiculous response from the commission's Executive Director, Valerie H. Bonham yesterday. 

Read it and weep: 

"Dear Commenter:

We would like to clarify for your information that the Commission is not investigating or reviewing any concerns or complaints concerning claims about targeted individuals. This includes claims concerning: MK-ULTRA, COINTELPRO; electromagnetic torture or organized stalking, remove (sic) influencing; microwave harassment and surveillance, human tracking; psychotromic (sic) or psychotropic weapons and radio frequency or military weapons or other claims. 

As such the Commission will not hear further testimony on these subjects. Many of these subjects have been investigated in the past. The Commission is not a law enforcement, regulatory, or legislative body. It does not control any federal monies. In addition, the Commission has no involvement with the public or private grants and has no power to open or undertake criminal cases.

As advisors to the President, we will ensure that all of your concerns, information and testimony are provided to the White House. "

And blah blah blah, "Sincerely" and so on and so forth. So what happens now? 


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  2. Oh, it's more denial...don't let your spirits flag (from this.)