Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bases 15 Anya Briggs (Full)


  1. Anya, Is there anyway you can comment or blog about info or disinfo being posted from the former white hat? He/she is telling some pretty tall tales without any evidence/proof/pics to back it up. When people ask for proof he resorts to being rude or dismissive. I've heard you comment about him in one of your interviews, but you didnt say too much. Thank you

  2. Oh, Nes, I don't know what to fully make of Former. He's a hoot, he's a cad, he's a jokester, he's a scenester, he's an attention seeker, he's an insider, he's a gossip columnist, he's vindictive, he's a pit bull, he's a seeker, he's a military intelligence person, he's a Navy man, he knows about trauma programs, he has people on the inside who send him stuff and he talks about it, sometimes albeit in code. He's got a pretty good sense of humor. For his humor alone I find him worth following.(Or *them* as the case may be as to who is posting, could be more than one FWH.) Many in this "community" (what a laugh, it's not a community so much as it's chum thrown at sharks at feeding time) take themselves so seriously. It's much needed what he provides. Whatever it is.

  3. Thank you Anya. Its highly disturbing to me that this individual/s could be at the level of 5D (as frequently touted), but can find it in their/his/her soul to be so incredibly rude to people. If thats where we are ascending to, I hope FWH is not there or at the very least, I hope to get above that type of mentality. I have not found humor in what is said by FWH. I appreciate your response and commentary about FWH. So many people are wondering if his 500ft reptilian soldiers eating 2000 people in China are real or are delusions of a fractured mind.
    I've seen so many get on his blog and ask for proof of his trips to inner earth, ufo trips with some ET girl (asket), or my favorite, using a 5D computer to post his blogs from Erra. I would be interested in knowing how much of this you believe since you are much kinder, willing to share anything you are experiencing and not mincing words about anyone. Also, what you believe he/she/it is providing that is much needed. Thank you for your quick reply :-)

  4. Anya,
    Im not sure if you didnt see my questions in my last reply or are you choosing not to reply. Just wondering. Thanks :-)

    1. Nes, I am a busy person and can't always drop everything to reply to the level of satisfaction you might desire. What do you want me to say about FWH? That he's cruel? Yes, he can be. But I can't speak on his behalf. Do you want me to censor his First Amendment right to free speech? Do you want me to give you some hippy dippy love and light response about how mean he is and how he has no place talking about being in 5D because he made the bad men and women angry? I can't, lol! Not the least of which is because I personally know some of these people he writes about and they all personally have threatened me and stabbed me in the back more times than I have fingers and toes. I am not for vindictiveness, mind you, but I am all for exposing lies and allowing the truth in all it's ugly glory to reveal itself, no matter how many feathers are ruffled. You might want to not be so concerned with his opinions or take them as seriously as you seem to as well. Just a suggestion- you seem a bit too emotionally invested in him, to be perfectly frank. Stop taking him so seriously and focus more on your wants and needs. I find people who are obsessed with ascension are not the ones who are really doing it because if you are in it, you don't have to be so concerned with whether or not everyone else is doing it. You are just doing the job you are prescribed and not worrying about anything else or worrying too hard about how it presents itself. Do I agree with his methods, intel or accusations all the time? No, I do not. But that's why he has his right to create whatever dialogue or not he wants on his blog and so forth. That is the beauty of the free interchange and exchange of ideas. If you don't like someone's words, you always have the option of tuning them out and doing something else. Worrying about his character when he is talking about people who I personally know and absolutely know are insane, a danger to themselves and to others, and whose character is lacking due many factors are the least of my worries, Nes. And personally speaking, if they have openly threatened and slandered me as some of these people he mentions 100% absolutely have, you might want to also reserve some criticism and a critical eye towards those people he criticizes casting the first stone in the first place and recognize and observe their true motives as well. He is simply trying to tell you and everyone else something important- whether or not it is all lies he is telling you, there is a REASON- it is not merely for attention seeking. He is the dictionary definition of an agent provocateur and he's damned good at it. He is trying always to teach people a lesson they will never forger and to think critically. If you think he is doing this just to be an attention seeking "liar" needlessly cruel person, contradictionist and imp, you may be missing the point.

      On a personal note: FWH has been a champion to me where many of these "ascended" and falsely pious and in many cases incredibly mentally ill and/or arrogant people he disses who have attempted greatly to actively harm me have not. He knows I am not doing this for my health. He knows I have been slandered against. And he has come to my defense many times because I have been fully vetted. Which is more than I can say for the frauds he exposes on his site with his sometimes brutal, blunt, childish methods. But you know what? Sometimes brutal, blunt and childish is the only language these people understand.

      Does that answer your question?



  5. Excuse me, I meant to clarify- these people he speaks out critically against who have openly and actively harmed me- they are a bit of a concern to me, obviously. They have attempted (and failed) to cause me great harm. But they have caused me a great deal of time, energy, in some cases money, and a whole lot of grief. What can I say? If someone is an asshole, it's kind of hard to feel sorry for them when someone pokes fun at them and makes fairly accurate accusations about their behavior. Do I have compassion for them? Yes, for the most part. They are all highly dissociative, as I said, mentally ill people. But they also are A) refusing treatment, B) think they are the sane ones and people like myself are either attacking them or falsely accusing them of things (I am not), and C) arrogant and deluded. They are a public nuisance as far as I am concerned, and just as you would put up notices of pest abaitment when spraying insecticide in public areas, you would notify the public in the way you felt was most appropriate to get a dialogue going about the actions of people who are not as they say they are and their words do not match their actions. I feel that is fair enough. Especially if you are going to come out stating what these people have stated. In order to be as informed as possible on a topic, especially as pertains to issues like mind control, lying, and delusions of grandeur, wouldn't you like to get the full story? It's not like you'll get any confirmation on the evening news about context and background information! Unfortunately in the alternative news/conspiracy community, information is imperfect at best. If you are dealing with black project info and issues of Satanic Ritual Abuse, mind control, MKULTRA type experiments and the like, you are not necessarily going to be able to get your information from mainstream sources necessarily. But you can get intel in more informal ways. I say all the more reason for transparency in government so sites like White Hats are no longer necessary. But I think we will have to wait a long time to get the scoop on people's personal behavior and background otherwise if we wait for the mainstream authorities to tell us that someone has multiple restraining orders and domestic violence records and yet is telling everyone they are the innocent ones and everyone else is attacking them. Especially when I know first hand that is not the case. I would want to know if someone had a domestic violence record when hearing their stories. It brings into issue the matter of credibility. If someone has jail time for doing drugs, beating someone up, etc etc- it depends on the situation of course, but if you are talking about credibility and stepping forward with information as incendiary as we are, you had better be ready to deal with the fallout. And you should know that every aspect of your life will be examined if you come out stating the provocative stuff we are stating. If you can't come clean about that, you run the risk of being considered a liability rather than someone who is reliable and consistent in their testimony.

  6. And forgive me, I didn't mean to imply that you were "obsessed" with ascension. It just sounded like you were focused on it, and really the focus on ascension should be with the individual. It is not up to us to define what "is" or "is not" the proper way to ascend. What one person sees as someone acting in a "low vibrational frequency", another could perceive as "exposing that which was criminal in nature and a veil needed to be lifted to showcase the abhorrent actions, words, or ideas expressed by any one person"- it is a slippery slope and people, especially new agers, kind of have become fascists about the whole concept of "ascension"- as far as I am concerned, it is a self-replicating vehicle at this point and cannot be stopped- there is DNA activation going on whether or not we upset Dave Corso or not. There is something more complex going on here than merely sending out love and compassion- I think it's a reflexive factor of our DNA- to say that those who have "ascended" by the way does NOT mean they have "moved away from negative frequency" either- I think it means there is an activation going on and it becomes about choices- we are also multi- dimensional and anger doesn't have a place in some places, but righteous indignation (the kind FWH expresses) is, I think, a healthy thing in some contexts. It is no measure of health to conform to a sick world, to paraphrase Gandhi. And there are some sick, sick puppies in these programs. He's merely calling them out for those naive enough to believe their wolf-in-sheep's-clothing routines or exposing those with "savior" or "hero" complexes.

  7. Anya,
    Well, Im really sorry to have bothered you so much with my questions. Im not that into ascension but Im aware of what is being sold out there as "5D' and I feel bad for all these people who follow him and take him for his word with these grandiose stories. Personally, I have only one religion..truth, integrity, decency, compassion and facts (call it what you wish). I work for a local newspaper and I research everything (even in my free time), and negate nothing that may be going on in the world. Im not a fan of new age people but I dont throw out info from that end either. I was not focused on the people he outs on his blog as much as I was trying to get validity of these tall tales (mentioned above). I agree with you about the people he calls out and I believe they too deserve to be understood for who they are and what they have become. They have my sympathy. I have been reading about these situations for years. Since there is no one on the net confirming anything he is saying to be truth, I thought I would ask your opinion. I was also wondering what FWH was providing that was "needed" (per your quote).
    Thank you for your lengthy replies, and again, sorry to have bothered you.

  8. One other thing. I'm not referring to fwh being rude about the people he outs. I am speaking about the new people who will get on his blog, ask him simple questions and he will call someone an idiot, make fun of them or their questions and in some cases is incredibly rude when various people have asked him for proof. These are the people I feel bad for and I feel really dont have that treatment coming to them. In this world of constant disinfo, I wouldnt have the heart to string people along on a story line that has absolutely no proof or facts and then unleash rude commentary when asked for evidence.
    Thank you again

  9. A lot of what he is saying is in code and/or geared towards deprogramming. You are taking way too literally what this man (or group) is saying. Glad you are researching, but please do not make what he is saying the end-all, be-all, which I am glad you are not. He has messages for those whom they are meant for and that is literally all I can say about that. Blessings, Anya

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