Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mexican Drug Cartel More Honest About Its Origins Than US Government

The most honest name for a drug cartel goes to: The Knights Templar. Willing to bet that they are actual Knights Templar and Masons (the Masonic symbol is also on their flag). That's probably not random that they see themselves as the creators of order through chaos.
Seems like it's been a pretty good business model for them just as it has worked for the CIA all this time.

And just so you get the full depth and breadth of who the "official" Knights Templar are, they are satanists. Here's my run in with one in the "legitimate" organization, and she's a mess. It's not pretty what happens when you think you are better than everyone else and more clever than everyone else because some secret society has your back.

Even she admits, for whatever that's worth, that for some unexplained reason, she'd like to leave but can't. Seems like the "legitimate" KT also make offers you can't refuse once you've signed your name in blood or whatever stupid ritual you perform to become one:

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