Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews (...


  1. Will these people in power get exposed? After reading so much about Mk Ultra and other methods of control, will the general public ever see the light when it comes to these people in power and what takes place hidden from the public?

    So many odd unexplained disappearances of children, globally. I'm a protective parent and after seeing so much info regarding these paedophile rings (within powerful political, military and entertainment individuals to CPS and so much more), it just reinforces to me how important it is to protect our youth. Children are being treated as commodities, to make alot of money off of. Disturbing..... :(

    **Comment disappeared, so i reposted....i hope i didn't post this twice.

  2. The more people talk about it, the more these people get exposed. They are getting exposed, it's just the public's will to get out of their own cognitive dissonance to do something about it. If the public keeps acting like they have Stockholm Syndrome about the people who receive our taxes and abuse our good will, it will continue. Just know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Which is why I refuse to submit to "authority". We should be grownups now enough as a civilization to realize the ridiculousness of statehood/statism. If grown men and women think that blindly giving half of their money over to corrupt officials is "necessary" because "who will maintain the roads" as their only excuse, and yet never do follow up to see where that money goes, then people deserve the corrupt officials they seem to always get. We should be ruling ourselves, each of us sovereign and distinct countries unto ourselves. But instead we give up our power and say "but what about this excuse I don't want to look at and/or take responsibility for" as if all of this just happens in a vacuum with no cause and effect. All of these people got away with it because plenty of people on their payroll looked the other way. Of course this system is corrupt and breeds this kind of willful ignorance and/or corruption because it involves the same mindset of "who will fix the roads if we don't pay taxes" and "somebody's got to keep law and order". And yet, so many who are hired to keep law and order are the ones doing the breaking of laws and order. Ironic, non?