Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RIP Rauni Kilde

She was a Gladiator. We are building momentum. We are building serious gains in breaking through the membrane in public acceptance. There are rumbles of discomfort in the stadium seats. Bread and circuses are starting to be not enough for the masses anymore. They are not happy with it. They want something else. They want meaning. They want truth. Not the neutered truth. Not "Truther" truth, which more times than not is a pimply-faced kid screaming in your ear that you're the sheeple when in fact they are just as much the xenophobic, sexist,  homophobic, racist, antisemitic unchecked "truther" who is just like the people they claim to be against --- which is a lie/ more of meet the new boss, same as the old boss dichotomy/a trap/a trick/not very much like water.
But truth. Real truth. We are gaining.  Vow to fight. Vow to win.
There is nothing more.

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