Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spooky Action At A Distance Proven/Observed, Einstein Proven Wrong

Ok, atheists. Time to pony up. Not only are you guilty as charged for villainizing quantum physics as "woo woo" and "supernatural" (which is just natural), you are also guilty as charged for promoting incorrect and wrong science it turns out. 

Spooky action was used as the lynchpin for ridicule by some more entrenched types and has long been derided in consensus theorems/forums for years because if Einstein didn't say it/prove it, it wasn't real- in spite of the fact that Einstein too had doubts about his work. This canon of group-think has held back scientific progress for decades. I guess you can't blame the cynics for being good consumers and obedient students, they were just doing/thinking as they were told.
 Which seems to be the case for most humans. 

Good thing I don't believe in atheists! They believe in things that don't exist and are ultra-gullible naive losers who just believe everything their mainstream scientists tell them -- and they're so weird! Can't they just get with the program and join reality already? I can't be seen in public with them, they just embarrass me so much! They're so backwards and antiquated!
They're such freaks who believe such weird things! 

(Just flipping the script a bit to liven things up. Not like atheists have said these very same things to me for, oh, my entire life or so.) 

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