Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Manufactured Reality of the Priest Class ☆ Jon Rappoport w/ Radio 3F...

I don't agree with every single point here, but the point is to get alternative perspectives. I think sacred geometry has more of a purpose than just "mathematical similarities in the universe"-- it activates DNA. And there is something to be said for all of us responding to the electromagnetic field of earth's energy in our blood (which is comprised of, among other things, iron, a magnetic property)- in that sense, yes, we are all "one"- but of course this has been manipulated, twisted and inverted by the New Age agenda. Do I "worship" these ideas and accept them as the one and only reality? NO. 

Sometimes I want to tell Jon and all the other Truther/conspiro/paranoids to relax a bit, maybe take something for their strained nerves and chill, but mostly he gets it right. Healthy skepticism of the new age movement is great, I wish there was more of it from people on the inside as well. Critical thinking is essential if you are to truly emancipate yourself from The Matrix, unless you want to just fall into the arms of yet another New Age guru with a personality disorder who's going to instruct you to throw yourself off a cliff "for the cause". 

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