Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 "The Hanging Tree" Scene [HD]

Get your house in order, Gentlemen. Remember what I did to James Casbolt? He's in jail now.
For a dozen or more years. Poor baby. The lying sack of shit.
I warned you in the Bases interview and in this one:

I said people could die or worse. Nobody listened and they let the self-destructive, self-loathing chips fall where they may.

You're scared now. I can feel it.

I'm already getting "confessions" from your errand boy who looks like Timothy McVeigh. He's scared shitless. Mr. Oakley Wraparounds on the C train guy. You know the one.
Who's been on the Moon? The "I've been everywhere, man" guy.
The strawberry blonde who jammed me. The "got recruited when he was eighteen" guy. What is it with you people? Always recruiting and mind controlling babes in the woods? Cowardly?
When does this system stop?

 Tell the truth. There's nothing else to do. You have no more "options". Your options are sold and dry. Adding water won't reconstitute that dried-out husk. It's dead, D.O.A.
 I will send my "Order" if you don't do as I say. And you won't like them very much.
They'd like to go all "Hulk SMASH" on your ass. In fact, they're chomping at the bit.

Goodbye for now! 


  1. You may find this woman interesting...

    Her research is pretty cool, "in her hand" is very interesting as well as all the other time traveling evidence she finds in pictures.

    1. Oh, this woman is very interesting, thank you ST!

    2. Cool glad you got it. Hey kind want you to check this other guys video out. I'll post it later if you'd like.

  2. Oh hey so Jane posted today , some good stuff too, I'll get you her links if you'd like. I'd rather email but if that's uncomfortable for you I'll post them here so it out. But she's asking for an info of people who say they can take pictures of the past. She investigation claims and I like her approach to research. Let me. Know, if you can email me . I'll post it here But can you please edit my email while its in moderation?

    1. Hi, Theresa, I already have her links and am researching her papers now- it's quite a bit of information. If you want to post any research she's done, feel free to post the links here. I am in touch with Jane now and we have communicated and the interaction was positive. Thanks again for bringing her and her work to my attention. Blessings, Anya