Saturday, November 21, 2015

Felt a need to post re: Paris

First off, my heart goes to any and all affected by the attacks on Friday the 13th. It is a horrible event, one that everyone in right mind can agree was senseless. 

I am simply recording my impressions here of what I picked up as that's what I do. I waited a week so I could absorb part of the lessons and this also serves as a testament to what I go through when I get information so hopefully people can understand/bridge a gap/learn it in their own lives responsibly. 
I hope this is not triggering or upsetting for people. If so, please don't look/read.

Blessings, Anya

So about a day and a half before the attacks, I was doing a reading for a client and I suddenly out of nowhere saw the Death's Head Skull superimposed over her face. It is always bad news when this happens, to date it has only happened twice and each time meant a murder or murders of someone in mine or my friends/loved ones circle was imminent. It was a horrible feeling, and thankfully one that doesn't come up often. I didn't know what to do, so I just posted this image I was drawn to on Facebook:

I must have also listened to Blue Oyster Cult's song "(Don't Fear )The Reaper" at least ten or fifteen times that day, I was utterly drawn to it, this haunting feeling that would not go and that I could not shake.

Sometimes words can't express the feelings I get/images. It's hard. I try to placate it with images, words, art, music if I can. But it's difficult to bridge the gap sometimes. The feeling however was chilling, one of foreboding, doom, unspeakable horror and certain death-- death by murder, specifically. And that it was close. Like, breathing down its neck close. 

So then the 13th happened. I was, perhaps interestingly enough, sitting in a French-themed restaurant called Poulette in Hell's Kitchen of all neighborhoods (we are symbolic intuitive creatures as much as we are literal in terms of divine/synchronized/empathic timing) when I found out and was devastated. I must have sat there stunned for an hour watching the news feeds on my cell phone. 
It was sickening, and I am sure you must have felt at least the same a little bit, dear reader. 

Here's the post I made sitting there: 

So I immediately went into survival mode- Immediately I was regressed back to the same response I had during 9/11, a terror I was affected by directly and personally, the thoughts of the city, the people in it, the dawning feeling of agitation and "I have to move, I have to get out of here", the hyper-vigilance, the cold sweat and the pallor and chagrinned expressions, etc etc- of someone who has lived through that sort of thing. I can only imagine how Paris is now. 

If Paris was anything like New York was around 9/11,  and it is, it's a tragedy and people are probably losing their minds with grief and PTSD right now. When I walked out of the restaurant, even though it was a Friday night in New York, I could tell who had been through 9/11 or something similar to it because they were suddenly all glued to their cell phones in a way of such immediacy I hadn't seen in a while and had the same severe expression as me. It was about half of the people on the street who I walked by, and there were suddenly a lot of worried looks and hushed tones. 

I walked around for a while in a daze not really knowing what to do, so I just went home. 
I couldn't sleep, was jittery, and finally fell into a slumber around 5 am. 

When I woke about five hours later, it's like I had all kinds of information and access to what had happened. I know, I know, why couldn't I have known about that before? Sometimes we are not meant to know, and/or our lives are not geared towards being an antennae for some stuff for a number of reasons. I could barely handle the news footage. It's horrible, and when you choose to be a seer, you can't see everything. That's a misnomer about what it is I do and others like me who are accomplished-- 
We don't get a perfect score 100% of the time. 
We are seers but we are not ALL-seeing. 
And sometimes we don't have the full picture sometimes, because the full picture is horrifying. 
We are not God. 

That said, however, I was able to get some information that I hope contributed perhaps in the quantum field at least to put people on high alert to be respectfully vigilant and treat realistic threats as actual threats. If that alone headed off one unnecessary death at the pass, then my work was helpful.

Here is what I posted on Facebook the next day:

I didn't know the shootout and additional terrorist attack the next day in the St. Denis neighborhood of Paris was happening until Monday (another confirmation for my prediction that more terror attacks would happen soon in Paris), and that there was a Belgian connection:

Here is more on the St. Denis shoot out/standoff/explosion:

UPDATE: Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 at 4:57 pm ET
Re: Anonymous hacks Daesh and finds D was going to target band Five Finger Death Punch in Milan as another band to attack in concert like Paris, another confirmation for my prediction that Milan was one of the cities Daesh/ISIL was operating out of/planning an attack: 

Monday, November 23rd, 2015, 12:12 pm ET:
I forgot to add Rome was also added as a city, another confirmation for one of the targeted locations in my prediction.

God bless you and thank you Anonymous. 

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  1. Hey Anya, The Painting you chose is very symbolic in many many ways. Watch my Vimeo documentary about the Order of the Princes. I think you can appreciate it. The order of Princes is very active right now of which the oldest Orders of St George, St John & St Michael and are very active today. St Denis attack, "The Necropolis of France" because of all the ancient Royals buried there. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us all.