Monday, August 15, 2016


People always ask me about myself, and the point is not about my experience,  the point is about getting perspective. If people are in pain it's usually because they experience a deficit of perspective and cannot get out of their own way enough to see other ways of doing things.

 That tends to be the source of about 80% of their pain depending. Please get out of your way. Please let go of that which no longer serves you. If you can't get out of your own way, than therapy might help. I know, there's a lot of bad therapists, but there are some good ones. 

Interview a minimum of at least three and don't settle for less. If you get any red flags, any weird feelings about the person, then don't hire them.

It's all about perspective. If writing in the journal and talking to others about it (trusted friends and loved ones, hopefully) doesn't help and you feel this way for two weeks or more you might have depression. And you might want to talk to someone professionally about it.  

Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that inhibit your life for two weeks or more is usually out of my jurisdiction  and probably requires the assistance of a certified, licensed counselor or other psychotherapeutic professional. 

Psychic ability does not magically fix all things. It is not a cure-all. It is simply an additional tool in one's toolbox that they may use should they desire to do so. 

But it is not the magical fix-all. 
Get some perspective. It might save your day.

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