Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book of Revelation (2002) Part 1

His sideways commentary about a Bishop ostensibly shot for his "homosexuality" (rolling eyes emoticon) notwithstanding - maybe he was, like so many Bishops/people of the cloth, a "pedophile" and that was the real reason, not because he liked members of his gender?, this is a good assessment of Revelations and what I also and many others have experienced too. 

IF YOU LEAD A LIFE THAT BETRAYS YOU, YOU WILL LIVE A LIVING DEATH. YOU WILL BE DEAD INSIDE. IF YOU IGNORE JESUS (the Kingdom of Heaven is Within, your Intuitive nature, your Psychic self, you don't listen to Love and all that is Within, if you don't heal your childhood traumas and wounds and dysfunctions and/or dysfunctional upbringing in your childhood family of origin), you will be traumatized and do tons of things (Neuroses) to avoid/cover up/distract from the real pain you experience ( to paraphrase the quote by Jung). IF YOU FAIL TO ADEQUATELY ADDRESS THIS YOU WILL LIVE A LIVING DEATH. Period. End of story.

And to think that kind of behavior, that kind of unaddressed trauma and issues won't have a blowback, won't have a  nadir, won't reach a tipping point, if you think that's sustainable as a way of being, of doing the plate-spinning act and always avoiding, avoiding, avoiding your real pain, the real issue,  and if you think that eventually, that in the natural scheme of things that there's no way there's a Thinning of the Herd when that happens, then you "my friend" are delusional. 

As so many of you are. That's not an insult, that's a description of an action. I mean no disrespect when I call people like that delusional. I mean it as a LITERAL description of an ACTION these people are doing.

 To act like you aren't dead inside when you are, to think you are in touch with your emotions WHEN YOU AREN'T, to follow SO MANY false prophets AS YOU DO because YOU AREN'T LISTENING TO YOURSELVES--

(are you listening?)

THAT ---



and then the false prophets, who are all sick and damaged themselves, will all tell you that the problem is yourself and they will never take responsibility for the lies and disinformation they have been peddling and then that person following them will have disillusionment or worse, and the whole world will seem like dish water, and if they take it to heart what some of these false prophets,  people who are psychopathic narcissists like Teal Swan have done, who do and say things like suggest suicide as a solution for able-bodied, otherwise healthy people who are just depressed, and then actually has at least one, maybe more of her followers ACTUALLY DOING IT, ACTUALLY carrying through on the act, and actually committing suicide as a result of her "ADVICE", then YOU WILL HAVE TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF BLINDLY FOLLOWING THAT PERSON. Who is also a Plagiarist of the highest order and who is leading many people down a slippery slope to deliberately abandoning themselves just so she can get narcissistic supply, which is a sin.

I have had run-ins as well in my private life lately with false prophets /UFO cult leaders who think they are "channelers" and "intuitives" tethered to the UFOs and actually are these ETs mind slaves and they are actually people who emotionally are quite sad inside and damaged too and who DON'T actually want to look at who they are and what they are doing in favor of giving it all up for the ETs and to that I say the ETs who are doing this actually take a dim view of you, they are watching and monitoring your reactions and actions only to see where you are in your personal reality (not very far, actually) and to see how the people you interact with react to it (not very well if they believe that swill you are promoting, which is that they CHOSE you for a "special mission" to "help spread love throughout the galaxy". Nope. They are monitoring you as a science experiment to understand human behavior and their creation. And their creation IS STILL PRETTY MIND CONTROLLED if you ask me. If you "just woke up two years ago" and what you did with that was start a UFO channeling cult, YOU ARE PRETTY FAR REMOVED from your mission, mate. And once again, this person is a Pleiadian/ starseed. 

They are not happy with your mission if you think THE ETS CHOSE ME.
They DO NOT WANT THAT. They want you to fight them. Challenge them. To be your own person. If they choose you to be mind controlled, the point is they want to see WHAT YOU DO WITH IT and the LAZY route is to join/start a UFO cult.

THEY ARE WATCHING YOU. And they are MAKING FUN OF YOU and GRAVELY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU if you think the ETs are here to save you and you become obsessed with your star being origins to the detriment of everything else. 


Nothing more, nothing less. You came here to have experiences and if you think being duped is the road to consciousness, so be it. But they see you as having failed as a human being if you think the pinnacle, the ne plus ultra of your existence, is to follow another.


The end.



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