Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rick Levine: This Eclipse Will Be "The Performance of Our Lives"

Another fiery Aries Astrologer, this time from the Bronx. Sell it, Rick:


Don't React. Act. On yourself. Do not react to simpletons who refuse or who can't, won't or don't look at cycles and patterns. They will remain in arrogance because they WANT to. Because they CAN'T. Because they DON'T HAVE THE ABILITY to see any other way other than their own. 

Do not attempt to convert denial. You can't. Denial puffs its chest up, staunch defender of all trauma wounds. 

Hell, people in denial positively make it their glory, their coronation, their Crown. 

Do not defend, negotiate with, or treat with unique deference holy terrors. 
They don't deserve your beauty.



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