Monday, December 18, 2017

Have You Ever Retired A Human By Mistake?

I found out some interesting facts today that really weren't that surprising! But the "coincidences" I just "happen" to come upon certainly are interesting, aren't they?

And the timing?

 Sandia is VERY PROUD of its status, ladies and gents!

You see, Sandia JUST HAPPENS TO BE the "sole supplier of microelectronics to the nuclear stockpile" -- OH, and "other national security customers since 1975". That's very interesting. 1975, huh? Right around the same time I had that thing on the back of my tooth implanted in me without my consent, conscious free will or knowledge! Effectively to be made a slave to your "science" for the rest of my life! Or should I say "wrest"? 😀 There's nuclear in them thar hills she says! Apparently they provide very specific nanotech and microelectronics for private industry and do the stuff no one else can do! Like I said, so proud of themselves!

It's just interesting, because, well, I just happen to have biometric sensors in my body, and you say "Anya, why would you say that? What do "Radiation hardened microelectronics" have to do with your silly biometric sensors? "

Sandia's involved with microsystems! I'm ESPECIALLY interested in MESA. I just think it's so neat.  Apparently it's like a Biker Chop Shop for anyone who wants hard to find microelectronics CUSTOM made! On account of Sandia is the SOLE PROVIDER! No reason otherwise or connected to that if at all why the Department of Energy would be involved with my story. Or Nuclear Laboratories. Or Los Alamos (also connected to the Department of Energy) and Lady Judge Barbara Thomas, the former head of the UK Atomic Energy Authority who allegedly hawks little itty bitty teensy weensey nuclear reactors for underground bases to power them... I mean really! What would nuclear microsystems have to do with human biosensors and implants? Hmmmm...???
What secrets...?

It does make the mind wonder...

Do you see a standing ovation in the works? 

Hi, hi!


Twisting in the wind... Turning... Funny how Turning sounds like Turing! Oh, what they did to him. He didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

Oh, my fate. Oh well.

We'll see!... 😀


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