Saturday, February 24, 2018

I met an ancient Irish crone


PS- This is what happens when awakened souls are met with the Average Joe. I think the level of interruption here was because this camera guy is so into himself that he just can't help it. When confronted with this kind of thing, most people cannot handle the literature, hence the REASON most crones divert and hide. Most people are juvenile. As well for this man as a youth: 
He drank the potion, ergo he DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN HEAVEN. 

This is probably the same allegory for the Fall from Eden as well. Deep down, you reject this life, because you are not ready for it yet. 

This kind of magic exists, those involved with this sort of thing have it kept from the rest on purpose. Most people are children, as this thoughtless interviewer is. Like Miles Johnston was with me. Yes, I just compared myself to this magician. It happens. People lose their shit when confronted with the divine alchemical subtext. Their subconscious starts knee-slapping and guffawing like it's a taping of the Grand Ole Opry and suddenly it's pearls before swine. 

Subtle or direct interference happens through unwitting vessels who do not have the anecdote for their crime, and thus cover up their embarrassment with more ego. 

Read the notes in this video: "If it weren't for MEEEEEEEEE, you'd have never have had this interview, blah, blah, blah"- this is why humanity can't drink the potion. You have too many ego issues at stake and run risk to ruin it. It must be protected. 

And another thing: Telling a story is not magic. It is a retelling of it. Real magick must be tested. It is not a ritual. It is a being. A knowing. Trust. Verify.

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