Sunday, May 6, 2018

It's Outing Season~

Here's a hint of things to come: If you slander me, my profession, my GIFTS, what I do, if you participate in the lie, if you tell people FOR A LIVING that what I do is "evil", "monstrous", "unnatural", "to be monitored"-  if you tell the world it doesn't exist, if you tell the world it's "of the Devil" or "not to be trusted, only trust in Big Daddy Authoritarian Fascist Regimes", IF YOU TREAT ME LIKE A RESOURCE TO BE EXPLOITED, IF YOU CON AND ABUSE ME, BEVERLY,  if you accept money from the Black Mariahs, if you ARE a Black Mariah, YOU WILL BE OUTED AND PUNISHED from now on. There are no safe havens anymore. You're busted. You're all about to be busted. And LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. If it means your marriage, that third house by the sea, WHATEVER: your lives are about to get very complicated and will end messily. 

I told you about Hurricane Harvey and look what happened. I told you about the plane crash, the dirt, the desert: looky what happened to you! Abusers of Humanity: you don't get a second chance, a third, a fourth. You're fucked. And that's not a very pretty place to be, is it, Beverly? 

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