Monday, June 25, 2018


Antinatalism must be taken seriously and considered as a legitimate way of life for anyone considering a serious esoteric or philosophical journey. The concept that life is suffering is an adult, mature concept. There were gnostics who were avowedly antinatalist for this reason. The precept of antinatalism is: if you decide to not have a child, and no child comes forth, you will not cause any suffering for that nonexistent person. Therefore it is a good thing. If you are here already, then okay, make the most of it. But if you decide to reproduce and have children who are biological creations of yours (the exception being adoption for the already born), the philosophy continues, then you are WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY causing SUFFERING. Suffering is inevitable in life. It is not pie-in-the-sky to say this. Namely/Chiefly knowing that there is a 100% chance that people who are born, die. And sometimes they die horrifically and in great pain.

So this is the language of the Gnostics: Pain is unavoidable in life.  While you are here, do not cause pain and suffering whenever possible. Bringing a life into this world is a 100% guarantee that at some point, life will in fact bring that child pain and suffering. Being a parent guarantees that you have brought the guaranteed death to someone- ironically, the person you claim you "love". 

Sounds like the anti-natalist philosophy to me.

 What is pie-in-the-sky, out of touch with reality, immature, delusional and juvenile? The concept that "having a child makes you a more compassionate, empathic, empathetic person". 

 It is no guarantee whatsoever that "having a child makes people a better person".  People tell themselves that... I don't really see the evidence for it. In fact, I've seen plenty to the contrary. Maybe you were just a lousy, selfish, out of touch person to begin with if you really need a child to make you "better"? 

Just as an aside, she references Ivanka Trump doing something insensitive with a photo of her holding her child that apparently rubbed some people the wrong way, but the one that sticks out for me more specifically and more egregiously is the"I Don't Really Care, Do U" jacket cynical, selective "mother" Melania Trump was wearing to an ***internment camp for migrant children*** as another example of this callousness.

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