Thursday, September 13, 2018

America: Still Racist

 I know, I know, 4Chan nerds who hang out in insult forums and want to rape and murder me, I know I’m not fitting your stereotype and I never have. I know, I know, UFO conspiracy theorists who practice “Odinism” 🙄 and think of the Aryan race as a bunch of Pleiadians who are going to come and save us all whom I unfortunately was accidentally associated with several years ago,  1/2 of whom are rotting in jail and are still considered “heroes” and “truthers” who get letters from fan girl/fanboy flotsam and jetsam  with borderline personality disorder who want to have their babies. 

I know, I know, alt- right gym bro pretty boys who don’t understand racism and are completely baffled by it, doesn’t it just burn your gonads to get told the truth by the Other? 

 Tired of all your shit. No I’m not responsible for your flaccid masculinity.  I’m not responsible for your emotions. I’m not your fucking mommy. I’m not to be used as a projection of your own toxicity.  
I’m not responsible for upholding your cause.

  Time to get off the anus end of the Internet and learn something that isn’t fake news for once/ maybe even contribute something decent to the world instead of promoting self-pity and blamelessness. 

 By the way, this information is totally depressing. You’ve been warned.  But maybe it will smack some sense into your head about the reality of the situation instead of your space fantasy about how Pleiadians come from better stock then the rest of us!  Barbara Marciniak , are *you* listening?  

 Much of the New Age movement is horrifically racist and unchecked and gets the origins for the majority of its information from hate tracts and racist propaganda from the 19th century. It is straight up mythology that can be used to serve as a spiritual basis for justifying racism.

 In a vulnerable spot when I was having all kinds of horrific, unexplainable, bizarre stuff happening to me I rationalized and briefly fell for their brand of historical revisionism under the guise that I was being “fair” and trying to listen to a  “forbidden” history that had been kept from me – – and the world .  And if I only knew the real truth then everything would be sorted out! 

Of course what they don’t tell you is they never have a solution for anything either. 

The world might be a mess, but they don’t seem to be solutions focused other than on hating other groups of people because they’re all- *all*- all the time without exception,   According to these people I spoke with, part of some mysterious  “cabal “. 

My upside-down rationale at the time as my life was falling apart by some hidden factors/people messing with me, and if I had been having all these crazy life changing paradigm altering experiences, maybe everything was upside down! Maybe black was white (no pun intended) and up was down! I had been so scrambled by all of this very real covert harassing and interdicting and straight up torture and I was so frazzled that I was just looking for an answer for something that made sense that had happened to me.  

 I’m not saying there aren’t conspiracies and people doing bad things behind the scenes and don’t want anyone else to know about it. I am a product of those groups of people! They are Satanic for the most part.  And no I don’t mean the Church of Satan Anton LaVey’s groovy branch of satanic belief systems. I’m talking about hard-core Satanists.  People Satanists I’ve known are terrified of. 
 They’re not charming. They’re not funny. They’re not just glorified versions of hedonists. 

They are evil, weird people in weird positions of power who make LaVey look like a Sesame Street character (which is basically what he was-  he used to be a circus organist,  people. He was into performing.  He was a *showman*. He was not the man behind the curtain. He was just a really grandiose, flippant guy who liked a lot of attention and was into some really extreme interior decoration. He’s a lot more harmless than the people I’m talking about. ) 

 But what this branch of evil people  also want to do is promote this UFO space brother paradigm precisely because it is a racist , sexist agenda that divides and conquers and muddies the water. 
The “useful idiots” spouting this UFO ideology are playing right into the hands of the people they say they are against! That’s what I learned. They love these alt- right revisionist nightmares ! 

So anyway, in a tough position,  since none of the atheists in positions of power who could’ve helped me (but actively didn’t), including members of the media, my own family/so-called friends, etc., weren’t listening to me and my family thought I was insane and anyone who I had known prior to all of this had basically abandoned me and/or just didn’t know what to say or do, I did the (for me) unthinkable and I actually listened to these fringe dwellers. And it was terrifying what I heard. Absolutely nauseating. A lot of delusional minds  in that group. A lot of mental illness. These people have tricked themselves into perfect justifications for why they say what they say. It’s really sad. But don’t buy into that: they really were just thinly veiled lies used to promote their racist (and sexist) agenda.  A lot of these UFO groups use the “Space Brother” fantasy as a gateway to white nationalist ideology. 

You’re welcome! 

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