Monday, March 25, 2019


Someone tell me why/I'm still being followed by the Teenage FBI?

Well, NSA/adjunct to CIA, really? 

In an ICE CREAM PARLOR, no less? 

Can someone in my gang look into this and get back to me? And why was the woman in the black turtleneck packing heat? Is that really necessary? 

And her 100% incongruent partner slurping spaghetti, did his mama never tell him it was rude to wear his trucker hat at the table or was there a camera in it? He would have looked more at home at the Harvest Festival in Vegas than that place.

Guys, really? You have to waste taxpayer dollars on THIS? Jesus Christ. The things you do to justify your existence... and you don't even have the decency to give me my files to boot. 

You charmers are getting tagged and "looked into". Just like you did to me. 
And when my guys find out what if any harmful intent your presence there was for... like I've said before... it won't be pretty. 

I was there today on East 60th Street from 3:10 pm until about 5 pm with my acquaintance, give or take. I forgot my phone for once. Interesting how the one time in years when I forget to take my cell phone somewhere, I get this activity. 

Very interesting indeed! 

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