Thursday, July 9, 2020

Multidimensionality as explained via art direction of a Youtube video

Ok: I am awkward about this because I don't know if it's real and it certainly can't be verified - yet. But on my Instagram (@anyabnyc) I've been talking about this experience that you can follow me there about for more information. The other day I had a really weird draw to some clouds in the sky that I still can't explain, I took some photos. I really don't wanna make this post. I'm tired of this. I don't want to keep having to explain and be the middle man here, but for the last four days I've been hearing this song in my head so I finally decided to check it out for more info. I thought mistakenly beforehand it was someone in the ether making fun of me about some personal life stuff, but then I looked at the video and noticed (for once!) it wasn't about the lyrics at all, but the body paint. I suddenly understood multidimensionality as the essence of all living things but that we hadn't as a planet evolved yet to that multidimensional level to see things in layers, like a 3D tiered chess board, played by Spock and Kirk, of course. Or maybe Doc. I'm not a Doctor, Jim, I'm only speculating. 

ANYWAY, seeing the pie chart on the singers' bodies instantly gave me insight into layers of multidimensionality and the "layers" of experiences going on at once. That is how they relate. They do not see us as "evolved" enough yet to perceive this. I do. They think that's weird. I don't know how I do, I just do. They don't think ways we live our life are normal, and I would ABSOLUTELY concur. They are trying to make it better, because that's what they do. They shelter planets until they are ready. For space exploration. Behaving well. Being grown ups. All that messy, good stuff. 
Yes, if you want to be humiliated by that, it's them babysitting, for better or for worse.

I don't know why they are telling me this. But they think it's funny that these songs even exist, apparently they don't have anything like that in their "offering" (??) they are saying. But they are intrigued, to say the least. 

So anyway, the pie chart slices are each supposed to be sections of experential reality that Gotye and Kimbra have of this "relationship" expressed through body paint and it's all fractured. It used to be a "cohesive whole" and the idea is, this is a muddy, fractured thing and the life inside her is still "green" (Naive? Unexperienced? Moldy? Optimistic? I dunno, that's the metaphor they use, green) and he is more muddy earth tones trying to keep it one monochromatic note. The two don't work. She's already onto other stuff, makin' friends, being her green self, and he's all tones of brown and beige. 

Ok, ya get it? Things are hopping here, they're saying. You are muddy and beige tones. We're trying to liven it up. Not to get "stuck" (in the mud tones). Liven it up! 

Ok, that's all they wanted to say. As you were. 

Best, A!

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