Monday, April 19, 2021

Sanjay Gupta defends Wuhan lab leak theory, further strengthens claim

This is looking more and more with each passing day like I was right in my prediction that this was an accident and it was not intentional or malicious, what I saw was a desperate person with gambling debts who worked in the disposal unit for biohazardous material and was probably sanctioned to do something with still live bats and instead of getting rid of them decided to sell them because he was desperate for money. It’s not to politicize anything, aside from the fact that this person probably never saw the film 28 Days Later, the dude probably just needed some cold hard cash. 

While the news is not stating that, and no one is aware of this necessarily (I mean maybe they are behind the scenes I don’t know), that’s what I keep getting time and time and time again clairvoyantly.

 I’m so glad Trump is no longer an office. Did I mention that Trump is no longer an office? Trump is no longer the president. If you’re reading this and you’re getting offended by that, it’s time to check your head. Trump is not president anymore! You’re welcome.

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