Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update on the restaurant/black ops incident in February.

Please read this post first if you haven't already:

Ok, so first off, I should mention that the name of the restaurant my friend and I went to is interesting and I am sure it is significant and not random at all as well: 10 Downing. 

As in, the home of the British Prime Minister. 

Not Illuminati at all!

Secondly: I went into that restaurant yesterday as a sort of experiment- I asked a waitress if she knew Alejandro the bartender who served us on that incredibly unusual night, and she paused for a minute to think and then said, "Oh, he hasn't worked here for at least 6 months, maybe more". 6 months ago was mid-February, right around the time of the incident. I got the impression that he didn't work there for long at all. Now, it could be that he just only worked there for a short time and it just didn't work out (I doubt it, he was an excellent bartender at least), OR, he was only *supposed* to work there for a very short time on purpose. My spidey sense says the latter.

Thirdly: ever since that event, my friend who was with me in the restaurant has changed. Her personality has become more and more nasty towards me and yet also spacey and clueless about certain subjects when I bring them up. I can even see her programming activated at times depending on the situation and subject matter we would be talking about. Her increasingly out of touch behavior also correlated with me doing a series of readings for her over the past six months or so that revealed that not only was she Monarch mind controlled/MK-ULTRA but that our friendship was not random and in fact highly orchestrated and monitored, and *also* that she was being utilized at a very high level for espionage and black mail. 

There was one incident I intuited in this process of revealing her Monarch status where I "saw" her clairvoyantly with a gentleman whom I now recognize as Russian President Medvedev being seduced by her in a hotel room for espionage and possibly blackmail purposes. 

Oh yes, it goes there. 

And yes, I realize how over the top and ridiculous this looks on the page. I don't care. Believe whatever you want. I am not saying definitively if any of this happened. It could be a screen memory. But if it is a screen memory, for what purpose? To "discredit" me? I have no credentials. I am an art school chick who is psychic and claims she talks to aliens, something consensus reality has a hard enough time dealing with to begin with. What's a few more outrageous claims between a few friends?

Anyway, the readings also revealed a warehouse in Queens usually kept for stylists seeking clothing for awards shows and high-profile events such as the Oscars for VIPs like heads of state and their spouses, actresses, models, and the like to rent out haute couture. These places are also frequently used for getting clothes for fashion shoots in magazines, costume design for films, etc.

I "saw" my friend having passwords and codes as well as account numbers for use of the warehouse as well as a safe deposit box in a bank filled with passports assuming other identities as well as other forged documents and God knows what else (I also uncovered that she is trained in hand-to-hand combat and is an expert with knives). She does not consciously know where this deposit box is, but when brought into alter knows exactly where it is. Whenever she is called into action, she goes to the deposit box and gets what she needs. 

Interestingly enough, she's also been fixated on the idea of privacy the whole time I've known her. She initially was obsessed with the concept to the point of saying she was "nothing" and the reason she wasn't bent out of shape about her Monarch programming (she had the strangest response when I told her, she was totally calm, even though she said it "totally resonated and explained many strange things about her childhood", etc) was because "nothing matters anyway". As in, she thought cosmically or in a Zen sort of way that that was somehow a GOOD thing to believe. 
I guess it was a fundamental misread of her adopted religion of Buddhism, but I found it to be an appalling sentiment and ultimately a part of the reason our friendship was a total broken deal as well.

Supposedly she goes to this warehouse in Queens, NY when she needs to be an escort at a certain event and gives a few trigger words to the people manning the store and they become hypnotized. She has carte blanche of whatever outfit she needs and the people working there are more than willing to help her. The women in the warehouse have no memory of assisting my friend with the clothes, but apparently everyone is very nice to each other while it happens. She repeats the process in reverse when she comes to return the clothes. 

My friend has also met several movie stars/famous people lately and each time they all said "You look familiar to me somehow. Have we met?" Well, according to what I saw, yes, she has met them- in an altered state and under completely different circumstances. At the very least she has been at these big glitzy events and yet somehow knows that when she is at them to avoid cameras at all costs.

I am no longer friends with this person as it became clear to me that the whole basis of our friendship was so she could "keep tabs on me" for her handlers. She has been completely compromised and is so mind controlled that whenever I bring up Monarch, she becomes testy, a beligerant drunk (when we do have drinks), arrogant and mean. So bye-bye to that. Which is probably what the Powers That Be ultimately wanted (more divide and conquer, anyone?), but I don't have the volume of time it is going to take to de-program this person (a whole team is necessary for this woman), and she apparently thinks there's absolutely nothing wrong with her whatsoever, everything is great and I am fine according to her and she really doesn't see what the big deal is nor does she have any desire to pursue it, etc, she just wants to go on exactly the way she is, so there you go. 

I understand not wanting to give power to something negative by focusing on it, but her mindset is dysfunctional. Is it okay to be friends with an alcoholic or a drug addict and act like everything is fine no matter how in denial they are of the destructive capabilities of their condition? How about feeling trusting and safe with that person? Would you lend the keys to your car to them? And further more, could you trust them? 



I have had corroborating confirmation, but without supporting documentation, from James Casbolt directly about my being in a female black ops psychic program as well as a breeding program. He has been lovely as has his fiancee Haley Meijer and I wish them all the best. He claims Aaron McCollum was with him in at least one operation that had to do (possibly) with me at least in part. 

I will refrain from going more into detail for now about this as obviously we don't have everything at our disposal, documentation-wise. But for now, just say I am not incorrect in my assumptions about what I was being used for in black ops as it has now been corroborated by more than one person, and this time, it's coming from someone living on a different continent than I do.

Lastly: Why on earth am I talking publicly about this? Because this is related to a larger problem: that of the rise of the military industrial complex and the ruthless toll it has taken on many people's lives. Some estimates from my research claim it could be as high as 1 to 2% of the population at any given time leading this horrible double life. 

The worst kind of slavery is the kind where the slave actually thinks they are free.

If you are reading this and you care about my story or anyone mentioned here, please write your legislators and demand transparency on defense budgets, demand accountability, demand hearings. 

If you care about my story or anyone mentioned here, ask your local and national media to cover it as a news item, unbiased and free from the influence of the Powers That Be's censors. 

Get loud and speak out about it. Education is the only solution for those who are not already mind controlled robots. If you consider the trillions of dollars thrown at defense budgets and the history of the military Illuminati-controlled industrial complexes and the downright Luciferian agendas they have installed into the system (permawar economies, the surveillance state, MK-ULTRA and the 149 umbrella programs that it is comprised of still active today, the secret space program-- shall I go on?), ask yourself if you can no longer deny the secret agenda presented by them (and that some would say are no longer even trying to hide as days go by).

I have no solution or suggestion for what to do with those who are already compromised like my friend, but I pray that one day she and others like herself will see the light and come clean with themselves about the nature of their situation and others like theirs and speak out about it en masse as well instead of hiding in private.

One person speaking out about this sounds like a tin-foil hat lunatic. 2% of the population speaking out about eerily similar things happening to them regarding mind control is not "random" nor is it "attention seeking" nor is it the rantings of a "lunatic". 

It is undeniable. 


  1. The issues surround these stories - and I have heard them from others, first person - are so horribly strange that it makes them very difficult to actually believe.

    I have seen a very real pattern in people that I have spoke to directly, and I can no longer pretend these stories are not true. Something very sinister is taking place - involving real people.

    Thank you for your strong clear voice.

    Mike C!

  2. I appreciate your honesty Anya. You've done a lifetime of good for me already so I hope you don't find my ignorance off putting.

    I have your back 100%.

    As far as I'm concerned, we can get this shit started right now. I have no fear of these programs and the pieces of shit that do the programming. I'm pretty sure a couple of these dirtbags know who I am through a certain family member. It's whatever to me.

    If they find the time to kill me so be it. But somehow, I don't think they have the fuckin' POWER. :) :) :)

    But if they do...c u on the other side...Hahaaaaaaaa!

    Again, forgive me.

    Love & Light



  3. Goodness.

    I wrote a whole diatribe but it didn't post.

    The gist of it was Fuck those pieces of shit who have been playing God w/peoples lives.

    I have your back 100% and intend to smoke these rats out of their holes.

    4give my ignorance, but fuck 'em. And if they feel the need to kill a fella such as myself....we'll see about that.

    Love and Light.


  4. Thank you, Mike- it's alarming how many people are not aware that this is going on. They are sleep walking through life. It's very disheartening to try and relate to people who can't even accept this goes on, the only thing they will pay attention to is if FOX news or ABC tv says it, then it must be true. If this story is merely relegated to the exopolitical ghetto, how does the topic of MILABs, mind control and the like ever make any real substantive headway in legislation and public awareness? It's set up to be hidden, if anyone gives a damn, tear down the curtain and start paying some serious attention to the man hiding behind it.

  5. Thanks, Matt- but retribution isn't necessary, I apparently make the Powers That Be very nervous myself, lol- I am too much of an investment for them, they can use me for so very, very much, killing me isn't even on the table.

    And you are in no danger Matt of speaking your mind. There's more of us than there are of them, and they've trained us so well from birth to think there's more of them and to be in abject fear of them and that's just not the case. Governments should be fearful of the people or something like that, I think the quote is? (Paraphrasing)

  6. Thanks Anya.

    Forgive me for being less than constructive and a lil' emotional earlier.

    But I agree with you 100% and I'm learning how to use my mind and spirit to add to this world in a positive and constructive way.

    I'm just learning how to get out of my way and let things grow and flourish correctly.

    Thanks again for being understanding!