Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFO Fleets over New York? Or "Silver stationary balloons at 5000 feet" ? You decide!

Actually, they look kind of yellow from the look of it.

Anyway, there's a lot of people online freaking out thinking October 13th was supposed to be a staged UFO invasion or mass sighting designed to further some nefarious NWO plans courtesy of an "advanced" holographic program called Project Bluebeam.

I think this sighting in NYC today was NOT Project Bluebeam, but rather disinfo created by the Powers That Be to make you *think* it was going to be Bluebeam just in case these craft decided to show up as a kind of attempt at damage control, but that in fact the beings inside these craft (maybe) already had notified the authorities in advance that this was going to happen long ago, that it was pre-destined. 

The Powers That Be, even with a metaphorical gun to the head, will never admit publicly that a non-terrestrial intelligence has been engaging with us since time immemorial, even at the risk of staging a false-false flag and a threat of alarm or widespread panic for the general populace. 

Or perhaps that's precisely the point.

I think these visitors also were going to disable some nuclear warheads or something to do with nuclear power if any skullduggery happened to the sighting courtesy of NORAD or the DOD or some such. In fact, I think some kind of small panic did in fact happen earlier yesterday morning at Indian Point Nuclear facility, which is not far from NYC at all.


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  1. Why was there a concentration of people on 23rd and 8th If these unknown little dots were really thousands of feet in the sky shouldn't EVERY corner south of central park be full of people looking up?

    Why din't anyone get binoculars?

    Why wasn't all the dramatic photos coming from the observation deck of the Empire state building (1000 feet closer to the sky) and the deck has those big binocular things - and it's full of people with cameras.

    There is something curious about this whole thing.

    Mike Clelland!