Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFO Sightings over Manhattan local MSM coverage October 13th 2010


  1. Hi Anya I keep hearing Remember who you are in my head and this being the aniversary of The Federation of Lights attempt to give us their Light show I am feeling something in the air,I was speaking to Randy the interviewer Of Stanley Fulham who predicted 13th Oct 2010 for first contact and Randy knew of Blossom's 14th Oct 2008 prediction but Stanley didn't.I hope and pray you are well,I am hanging in there, barely these past few weeks,soooo much going on, I can feel the pressure, as if it's going to blow! Trying to stay positive and 'in love'((Hugs)) Kerrie

    ~The Federation of Light~ 29th Sep 2010

    The more joy of our arrival that you are able to spread, the more the ‘disturbed’ shall be pacified.

  2. Kerrie, beautiful words! I do believe that if this is channeled information it was dead on and not disinfo. I have always maintained that Bluebeam was actually the disinfo, to be used as a hedge in the event that something like what happened yesterday could be easily dismissed or used as cointel pro due to the secret government's agenda to never disclose.

    Understand we are all being initiated at this time, just like clockwork, Kerrie! If the pressure starts to blow, just know that you are loved and you have chosen a propitious job to do at this time and there are many others like yourself "working in the trenches' alongside me and the others together as one. You are not alone, lightworker, my guides are saying! ;0) "We love and honor you, dear one of our hearts. Keep on keeping on, brave Kerrie! You are so strong that you know when your heart is breaking. That is a GOOD thing, not a bad. Love and Light, the Galactic Federation of Light, signing off with love and light especially within this message for Kerrie Brown. "