Friday, March 18, 2011

An anomalous object showed up on my tooth at a visit to the dentist yesterday.

I went to the dentist yesterday and it seems that something anomalous that my dentist had never seen in all his years of practicing showed up on my x-rays.

For students of dentistry out there, you can see that my teeth are healthy and in no need of a filling, and yet my dentist detected an "exquisite" 'filling' that could not be explained and that I had no memory of receiving on one of my back upper right teeth.

I had been experiencing occasional sensitivity and pain on that very tooth for about 6 months which was in fact  the reason for the visit. He says he has never seen anything like it and that the craftsmanship was exceptional. He said it was a non-metal material that "could be plastic" and had never seen any filling ever that was a perfect square. He said the technique to attach it was at a very high level of application as well. The words "exceptional" and "exquisite" kept being used in reference to this filling.

He is willing to sign an affidavit which I will be getting from him soon and will post with his permission as soon as I can.

The anomaly is located on the bottom of the second tooth from the right. I am not going to use the word "implant" yet, but it does seem strange given the host of paranormal and covert operational experiences I have had. 

I hadn't gone to a dentist in years actually, but I do recall the last time I went, which was at least six years ago, a small argument broke out between me and the dentist because he thought I was lying when I said that I had no fillings or any memory of having any fillings. He became very irate with me because he said "It sure looks like one here!" Which explains some of my confusion at the time to his response. This would have been the spring of 2003 or 2004, I can't remember. I will attempt to get a copy of those x-rays as well.

The lab tech thought it was a reflection of light on the tooth when the image was taken as I seem to recall him saying that it was "too perfect" to be a filling.  I really didn't know what they were talking about at the time and remember thinking "what a lousy dentist, of course I don't have any fillings" lol.

If there is any researcher out there who would like to speak with me further about this, please do. I would welcome any input you can give me on the matter. Thank you.


  1. Ok, so I already commented on an article you wrote, messaging Aaron & James. Then I decided to take a look around your blog and read this post! WOW.

    I have had regular dentist visits since I was a child up until now (I'll be 30 on 11/3/11). I have always had literally perfect teeth. Never had a cavity, fillings or braces. Dentists have always been surprised at how perfect my teeth are. 2 years ago I went to the dentist for a regular check up. When they took x-rays they said it looked like there was some sort of filling between some of my back teeth. I was surprised and thought the dentist was crazy. I know I've never had a filling. The dentist said my teeth were great. I left the dentist office that day and didn't think much more about it. Until I read this blog post! Ha, anyways thought I'd share! Maybe we should have these quasi fillings removed and analyzed!! Who knows!

  2. Rolland, I would love to see a copy of your dental x-rays. I am trying to build a case here- if you have a similar object that isn't supposed to be in your tooth, it could help in exposing the secret programs and how they are using the civilian populace to do highly unethical things. I think it is a radio transmitter of some kind. That's just a feeling, I can't obviously substantiate that, but if enough people in the programs also have these obvious "tags", that's highly significant here. It establishes a pattern of abuse/human rights violations for the purpose of something organized and covert.

  3. I'll contact the dentist and see if I can get digital copies. Now I'm interested to take a second look myself, because I didn't even look at them before. I'll let you know what I find next week.

  4. I also got some dental work done. A metal filling was removed and replaced with perhaps less "mercury containing-emitting" or less "ELF receptive" material ~ in other words, the cavity was refilled with plastic. God bless you, Anya, and have an awesome weekend.

  5. Rolland, my teeth are also considered "perfect". I had the head of the school of dentistry for Ohio State University in the 90s ask me if he could make a mold of my teeth once to show students what perfect teeth that had never had any kind of corrective devices looked like. My dentist from this last visit said that the metal dental instrument he was using on my gums during the exam "bounced" off of my gums because they were so healthy. Keep in mind, this is after *six years* of not going to a dentist.
    I think that may be yours and my tweaked genes at work, lol

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