Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My prediction about Atlantis finally being discovered appears to be accurate.

No, I didn't post this a year ago, but I did have this written in notes, I am too busy to make stuff up, lol- but it appears this turned out to be true and almost exactly a year after I was told this would happen to boot. I was going through some old notes tonight and found the following declaration that my guides asked me to write down. 

(From 3/18/10):

"The Lemurian Starseeds are awakening now and soon Atlantis will be revealed. The world will be changed. Get ready for it!"

No question right around now I have been getting the "avalanche" my guides told me about of people coming to me who are also waking up and asking for my help and who are no doubt Lemurian Starseeds. But that's more of a subjective journey I find myself on. No idea how that relates to the discovery of Atlantis, but there you go.


  1. Question to Anya:

    What does this mean?

    What will these Star-Seed's bring to the table?

    Is there a nuts and bolts side to this?Will they magically pull the cure for radiation sickness out of the ether? Or will the channel a blue-print for zero point energy machine?

    Or will it be more ethereal? Will they usher in a new ear of Christ consciousness where universal Love will change the very fiber of what defines a human?

    (I actually struggle with this set of questions)

    Mike C!

  2. I personally believe that a "new ray" of Christ consciousness is being ushered into the collective human mind.


  3. We are just a few earthquakes away from at least some fragments of Atlantis surfacing out of the ocean waters!! I'm not happy about the earthquake part (devistation) but I am interested in the Atlantis rising part!!!

  4. I think it's also very interesting as well that this would literally and figuratively come to the surface at this time in history, Traci! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Did I miss it? I did not see anything about Atlantis returning or being discovered. But there is some speculation that Cuba is Atlantis, and deep sea investigations found a civilization there. But that was several years ago.

  6. You missed it, Andrew- the article is at the very bottom of the post highlighted in blue.