Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Re: Marks on body courtesy of The Gizeh Intelligence

The Gizeh Intelligence is responsible for this. Those who can do so, make them pay. Do not spare the rod with these people. They have taken enough as it is and I am not in a forgiving mood. Wherever possible, I have enclosed the original image and then the image adjusted for contrast. Otherwise these are unretouched photographs, straight from my iPhone.

These are from this month alone and the most recent are the color images that look like my arm is made out of the most psychotic crumpled bed sheet impression ever. But I can assure you these are not crumpled bedsheets making an impression on my skin. 

These appear without warning upon awakening, but also in the middle of the afternoon, when I am doing dishes, when I am talking with someone on the phone, when I am out with friends for dinner- they pop up randomly and without warning. 

Sometimes they are mildly painful and feel tender to the touch, like a papercut. Sometimes they feel like a mild sunburn. The shots where my arm appears red and is not adjusted for contrast are actually the reaction to my iPhone camera- my arm turned red when I put the camera in front of it, and then goes back to a relatively normal shade when I take the camera away from it. I can't make this stuff up, kids. It's real. Deal with it. And please someone can you help me? Thanks.


  1. Keep your head up Anya!

    I'll keep bright thoughts for you.


  2. Thanks, Matt. Blessings...

  3. Anya, that is truly bizarre. I'm praying for you, dear.