Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview I did for Revolution Radio on the Giza/Gizeh Intelligence interrupted by UFO sighting by host on live taping

For some reason Part 2 is not listing as a screen captured video, but you can see it here:

The first hour covers my awakening experiences and how they connected with recovered memories of being a MILAB.

 In the second hour, we discuss how they connect to strange marks on my body now, The Gizeh/Giza Intelligence, and a secret war being played out etherically as well as physically (3D/5D realms, as well as others, other timelines, etc.) 

Interesting "coincidence" about the taping of this interview - JUST as I begin to talk about the Giza Intelligence in Part 2, Michael reports a UFO sighting live as we are speaking on the air- from his description, it appeared to be the same type of round metal drone that I describe seeing in Part 1 with my awakening experience on August 15th, 2008.  I sensed it was observing and reporting/recording data of him and that it was benevolent and coming from the same people who visited me in 2008 in front of my home. (Could be Plejaran/Pleadian.)

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  1. Thanks Anya-- I listened to both & appreciate your straightforward approach to just sharing what you know + what you've experienced... It's so WEIRD to be in this FWH bubble -- I know we are multidimensional beings--with past lives...I just don't know why we can't SEE it all here and now?!! I'm on my own path to understand and unearth all that I possibly can-- but I really resonated with your "memory" being activated/awakened, however you described it-- I was like "Go Anya!! At least someone on this planet gets to experience that!!" ( I know of one other) -- anyways Much Love to you, sincerely-- I pray you are protected from all attacks and you keep seeing things clearly & every success on your missions!!