Friday, May 25, 2012

Bases 15 Anya Briggs Part 1 Dry Edit 001.mp4


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    1. Oh, Hi, Phil, thank you for re-posting the video, I appreciate it. I don't really have anything else to say about the talk with Miles as the full interview has not posted yet nor is it the final edit so I can't really say. Miles showed photos of my other granddad (the lawyer) when I was discussing my grandfather the doctor so I asked him to change that edit sequencing so we aren't showing the wrong person at the wrong time and making people mistakenly thinking my lawyer grandfather was the doctor grandfather.

      I also didn't really want him to label me as a "CIA supersoldier" either, that made me kind of uncomfortable, and he may remove the "CIA" part (because really, it's hard to get a handle on who exactly did this to me but I have a general idea- but so many alphabet agencies are interested in what I bring to the table it is quite the dizzying array-- those who want to stake a claim to my abilities and torture and mind control are seemingly endless at this point. But a good idea has to do with following who is behind the globalist agenda and who is behind that attempting to strike a blow against it from time to time.)

      As for the nuke situation at the Olympics, the call from Mr. Irwin kind of threw me for a loop, I could only go with what the energy field at the time was that I was picking up on. It may be subject to change, but I hope not, I hope in this case I was right and no one is harmed!

      I think there are good people behind the scene who are working on exposing the psyops and false flag operations that go on on an almost weekly if not daily basis that the mainstream media is an active participant in, so assuming there are no "snow jobs" as my guides are saying, we should be safe and the Olympics should hopefully go off without a hitch.

      Thoughts create reality so you can also put the "good word" in there cosmically that no one gets hurt too! Timelines are flexible, Phil. That's why I don't like the term "prediction". I prefer more to say "the likelihood of possibilities and potentialities of this timeline to manifest the situation" laid out before me clairvoyantly that I am seeing.
      A statistical likelihood, if you will.



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  2. I've been following your blog for a while. Im not normally one to comment much as everything you offer has been great info. However, I felt the need to create an account to voice my displeasure of this video.
    Why wasnt the interviewer allowing you to finish your statements? I found this extremely rude. I was far more interested in what you had to say than the various off topic questions and references he was firing at you. Not to mention the constant interruptions of various background sound effects (ie. water drop)and the phone call.
    You were ever so gracious considering these annoyances. I look forward to hearing more from you but not so much what he has to say. :(
    Thank you again for going public.

  3. I think Miles has his reasons, Nes, for interviewing the way he does.

  4. And thank you so much for following my blog! I do hope the information was helpful, whatever you've read.

  5. Forgive me then if I dont understand such "reasons" for this interviewing style. Everything you have blogged about is so compelling. I follow other "survivors" of alphabet agency programs. My sincerest regards for all you have been through and your bravery. There are so many of us out here who are aware of MK stories and we spread the word as much as possible. If there is anything more "we"(the public)/I can do to help, please let "us"/me know.
    Much love :-)

    ps...there is a dentist in the new york area who posted on FWH's site regarding your dental implant. FWH has a blog regarding some dental work of his..there's comments in there & the next blog post.

  6. it's finally nice to "see" you in an interview. fascinating material. Miles Johnston is a quirky character, that's what makes him interesting; his interviews are always works-in-progress. all interruptions notwithstanding, it's an honest interview. i look forward to further installments.