Friday, May 4, 2012

Some old notes

Going through some old notes, I found some interesting comments from my guides that concerned tone and frequency. I thought I might share this with you to help you understand your own role in self creation and in the context of its placement in the cosmos a little better. 

From 3/18/10:

- I do not control a situation as much as I control a frequency.

- I can hold and release to the Universe that which is holy and kind or disastrous and dark. It is up to me. 

- I like that which I like and dislike that which is against me, so I will modulate tonality to decipher that which is dearest and most like me for maximum benefit.

- I will NOT decipher that which is not mine to define. That is, it is not for the Universe to decide the fate, as much as the agreeance between two parties to understand and define who or what determines the situation for maximum educational benefit. 


  1. Anya B,

    I read a truck-load of channeled material in the late 90's and it had a really positive impact on my life and outlook.

    In the material that really resonated with me, there was a flavor of the zen koan. And there was a way of explaining something that was overtly simple.

    Your little excerpts certainly fit this pattern. Beautiful stuff.

    Mike C

  2. Thank you, Mike! I am truly delighted if what I have shared with you is helpful at all! xo A-

  3. I have to say I am guilty as charged with not "modulating tonality" sometimes, lol- still workin' on it- like I said, this is my Guides doing this, it's all them- I'm just the secretary. I learn much from what they have to say as well! I guess "tone" is a process as well. ;-) Meditation helps!

  4. It also kind of reminds me of the phrase "Your opinion of me is none of my business" to a certain extent as well, lol- that is, if I am not meant to be one of the two parties enmeshed in some kind of social contract dictating the "maximum educational benefit" to be derived from a situation! It's quite a relief, actually. ;-D

  5. I came upon a path of black and twisted trees. Along the path I met the darkest part of me.

    I said to myself "I love you with all of my heart." Suddenly all my fears fell apart.

    Now i walk a different way. Where once I saw a judge, now I just see another kid who wants to play.

    For all of those who understand I say "I am here. Just hold my hand and we will walk together upon the good green land."