Friday, August 31, 2012

Q552 Underground Base Entrance? Nelson, B.C. Canada.

I recognize most of this area in the video and yet supposedly have only been to BC once (and not as a child) and that was to Vancouver, not Nelson. But nonetheless, I recalled the man who drove me there in the Winnebego when I was 4 taking me to a Howard Johnson's with two blonde boys to eat lunch before being taken to the facility. 

In the recovered memory, I saw a mountain across the street from the bay window we were sitting by in the restaurant. It wasn't far from where we were ultimately taken to- but in the memory the facility entrance we wound up at was cut out of a mountain. I do recognize the layout of this town, however. 

The Howard Johnson's apparently still has a spot near there (albeit with a new design since 1975). Found it a couple years ago when I just typed in "Howard Johnson's" and "Nelson, BC" on Google Earth. I almost fell out of my chair as it was pretty much the exact same view I remember from the recovered memory. I have mentioned this in several interviews, but I can't remember which ones exactly, sorry- I think I may have talked about this in Aaron Moriarity's interview or perhaps mentioned it in a couple of interviews since then.


  1. So this is the one James Casbolt speaks of?
    This whole case has been on my mind since he did the first BASES stuff with Miles and then the same with

    It bugs me I can't just conveniently dismiss him as a fantasist and on with my rather nice life.
    You people matter. Alot. We are listening and your efforts are appeciated.
    I can't remeber being 4 yrs old myself apart from a couple of glimpses. The excellent recall of James about his early life is a concern. Traumatized kids deliberatly forget. My first love who sadly was molested by her father could hardly remember anything of her childhood.It was her coping mechanism. She became a chronic pothead and we split up after 3 years. She said the pot helped her 'forget'.

    The black guy from England, David M is very believable too.
    Anya, why is Aaron Mc Collum so not believed by so many?

  2. Hi, thank you, Stephen. I can't speak for James/on his behalf, but I know from email conversations he really, really, really wants to remember things and has been on a path to remember come hell or high water for some time now. He also is making sure those of us in the programs with him, like me, remember as well. He does and says quite frankly mean, completely unpolitically correct things to make us do so in some instances to see where we are at programming-wise, and also is helping us in many, many ways to as I said recover memories but also to heal- believe it or not! I know he has a reputation for being a racist and an evil guy (whatever that means) but at the end of the day, he wants to help people. What can I say, Casbolt is not built like the rest of us. Most of us in the programs are not built like the rest of you. I know people in the programs who are for lack of a better term "fallen" and they are a mess. In one case in particular I lived with him for six completely regretful weeks of my life. He is unfortunately in my opinion unsalvagable. He is a multiple substance-addicted, dissociative identity disorder wreck. Most of the people I know in the programs are not well mentally. Many--- and I mean MANY, honey-- have been institutionalized. Many people in the programs behave exactly the same way people who are "simply" traumatized behave. If you are a survivor of trauma, it's a pretty safe bet you won't remember a lot. There's much I don't remember. Same with Casbolt, same with Aaron McCollum, same with pretty much everyone I know in the programs. But regardless, we are remembering. There are also things that break down in your neurological makeup around age 30 that, for better or for worse, will cause repressed memories to leak through. Some people can't handle it and self-destruct. Some people, however, are tough and can handle it and ask for more. I believe James is becoming stronger the more he remembers and woe be the man or woman who programmed him otherwise is all I can say about that. The ones who aren't dead, at least. And the ones who are? There's technology to hunt those people down as well.



    1. Thanks Anya..... so much is coming back to me as well.

      I have always been naturally psychic and in-tune with the energy around me. Would love to talk more about this with some one similar someday.

      Ironically I currently live in Nelson BC. But the majority of my experiences re: abduction, high tech crafts, paranormal experiences, tunneling, dreams of time travel and deep personal instruction happened in and near Winnipeg Manitoba as I was growing up. A lot of the times I was surrounded by people wearing Red Cross bands. One time I myself was even wearing a Red Cross symbol.

      Although most of my experiences with these intelligent beings were very human and benevolent. (other than one dream i had when I was 13ish, where there were these very little people who landed on my street after a huge ferris wheel like apparatus rolled toward me in my house from the sky.)

      Non-the-less I have to express that most times I felt very at home and deeply loved by these people who took me in. They knew so much about advanced technologies. I even considered going with them when they asked me I wanted to go with them. They seemed to really care about humanity.

      Lately I have been having more flashes of when I was a baby (age 1-3) when we lived in Arlington Virginia. I can see us traveling down these very steep winding steps underneath the Pentagon. My father was stationed in Washington DC for 3 years working for the Canadian Embassy on Military duty. He also was part of the Nato Brigade Peace Core in Germany. He spent many years going back & forth to Germany. His name was Robert Hugh Benson. There are so many things I remember, but have yet to still place all the pieces together. If I can just get off my lazy ass and meditate more.... it will come back even more.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. Another thing about memory- assuming I am remembering what I am remembering and it's not a screen memory (I can't discount that possibility, but I must add to that, it begs the question "Why?", I have always had memories as far back as age 3. Not many, but I always had a pretty good memory. Some people remember being infants. It depends on the individual. I find men in general can't remember jack squat about anything. (joke!)