Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Own yourself or become a Pod Person.


Many people I know have been reprogrammed and/or are being psychically assaulted and manipulated heavily by Grey ETs and reptoids and don't want to own up to this or recognize it. Acknowledging out loud one is being heavily manipulated is one of the few first ways to break free because it acknowledges physically, verbally, and with the mind-body-spirit connection in connection to oneself: "I am free. I am no longer useful to them, whomever "them" is. I am sovereign." and is the very first step in breaking one's contract with soul to be a mind controlled servant to whomever-- be it animal, vegetable, or mineral calling the shots. (And yes, you signed up for this. It doesn't mean you can't rewrite the contract if things become too remedial, however. We are way past flashcards at this point, if you know what I mean. Might want to start reading full sentences already.)

 One person I am acquaintances with says he saw a reptilian in an underground facility in earlier interviews and yet now denies the existence of reptilians, another used voice-stress tech on me during one of his radio station's interviews two years ago and said "You are 100% who you say you are, the tech says you are telling the truth to the best of your ability" is now telling me I am being "Manipulated" and that what I think is happening to me is not what is happening to me at all. (Uh... not really brain surgery to say that I have been manipulated, brah. But nice try with that whole reptilian-ET inspired gaslighting second part.) He also says that it's "impossible" for humans to have the tech I am describing and that it's all- *ALL*- ET related. 

Yet another person still is a front for Grey ETs and has been drawing me in and utilizing vampiric techniques on me for years in order to get information out of me about my personal life and reports many, many sightings of owls (Note: owls are often remote controlled by greys as a form of de facto surveillance and remote controlled tech- they literally know how to hijack sentience via animals and unwitting/asleep people in order to spy and do psi scans, surveys, and the like. Owls are often reported as common sightings with contactees/experiencers.) and has some kind of block that prevents him from seeing how completely and totally mind controlled and managed he really is. 

The military is "hands off" with him as he is completely and totally owned by the Greys until he asserts his sovereign right to freedom- he refuses to admit this is happening and thus allows the mental and physical slavery to continue. In so doing he has actually placed at least one person's life in danger by his reckless bravado and lack of conscious free-willed intent. (The Greys, or I should say hive-mind worker bees, make him think a lot of his bright ideas are his own when in fact they are not. This is very low-level, typical stuff they do, but magnified times 10 in this particular experiencer's case.) 

One other experiencer I know is just as hapless, but with added electrical disturbances to appliances, lights going haywire, computers being blown out or shut down as well. She slavishly/adoringly/unquestioningly follows a famous contactee (I do not like nor trust with a ten foot pole the UFO cult or brand of ET public relations that has been formed around him and his connections to intel agencies he is writing about) and the lofty ivory tower that's been created around him or that he has created. It's all just more groupthink and mind control, and the female contactee I am referring to's tunnel vision about this as well belies a kind of willful suspension of belief and a frankly damaging child-like naivete that is disturbing and I think nestles firmly in the pantheon of robot-controlled mind management as well. 

Nothing personal against this super-famous contactee she is somehow endebted to, but seriously, people. There is no one way of doing this whole "experiencer" thing. In my experience, just when you think you know something, the game changes. There is no journal or log or book or any one or two or even twelve definitive sources that have it all right. It's like trying to catch all of the sea in a paper cup, it can't be done.

And of course you all know about others who shall remain nameless doling out slander due to other forms of mental ailments as well as the garden variety kind. I won't bore you with that Sordid Saga.

It's so funny that I'm so open and out about my mind control experiences, including the fact that I may also still be heavily controlled and programmed, but in doing so, I feel a hell of a lot freer from these programs than these people walking around with blinders on-- even after they have been told they are mind controlled.

I know that at best this is a strange, disorienting thing to be told, but at least I had the sense to find out that I was indeed a slave or in some kind of slavery to some stealthy system set up beneath me. Until then, I was like the Goethe quote: "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." 

 I can see it so clearly and they can't- no matter how many times I say it in as many ways possible. They like to dismiss what I am saying and/or they hear it but it just. Does. Not. Compute. In one ear, right out the other. Almost as if they've been hypnotized...

Eh, c'est la vie. They will find out sooner, rather than later, who is running the show if they don't declare themselves sovereign soon and it won't be pretty. 

I see lots of people not owning themselves, whether they be mind-managed by space control or through more mundane circumstances. They are not owning themselves in droves. In fact, they behave as if they are like helpless animals, orphaned bear cubs or mewling newborn kittens, helpless and wandering. It's quite depressing and pathetic, especially since they have all and I mean ALL of the tools at their disposal to free themselves. If they only knew to pick them up and use them, however. It's not for lack of suggestion, but as for trying? That's another thing entirely. 

 I then also remember that they are supposedly grownups who know how to take care of themselves and they know what's best for them. Right?



Anyway, the thing about the certain blind spot or arrogance of a person so hypnotized that they don't know it is you can tell them the water is cool, the temperature is right, and it tastes fine, you can even show them, and they will look at you like you are insane for handing them a bottle of boiling acid to drink. It doesn't matter what I say as long as people are slaves and willfully remain so. But just remember what happened in the boiling frog anecdote.

Never has it been more important in the lives of human history to wake up and own yourselves as sovereign, liberated beings. Do not look back. Look forward to what awaits you as a result. The outcome will be shining and bright.

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