Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some interesting recent visitor activity!


On September 11, The DOD Network Information Center in Arlington, Virginia used the following search engine words: solar warden (#7 on Google!) 

and visited this link on this blog: 

Also on September 11th, someone from Michigan State Government used these search engine words: non terrestrial officer

and visited this link on this blog:

annnnd finally, someone from Piney Point, Maryland at the Naval Network Information Center (NNIC) on September 11th used these search words on Google: solar warden space program

to check out this link on this blog:

It seems like if I am so crazy and "just a wannabe" (thanks, Barry King, you're a champ, and you were such a champ you told this to me as my mother was breathing her last breaths and I was literally packing my bags for her funeral, even though you knew this), do you honestly think these sources would be bothering to check me/this out? By the way, a gigantic "Fuck you" forever and ever for your eternally kind words and deliberate timing of them, Barry. You also thought I was 21 years old, so I guess that means you know everything.

Love and Light!


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