Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your tax dollars working hard against you

Don't trust Boylan's "Starkids" program as far as you can throw him. In a very vulnerable place when all this stuff started happening to me, I sought him out for help. While Boylan simultaneously confirmed that I was "off the charts" "Starseed", in the same series of email correspondences then proceeded to tell me that what I was experiencing wasn't real and that there was no such thing as some of the stuff I was telling him about. 

In short, once again I encountered a researcher who claimed to want to help people who had absolutely zilch in the way of bedside manner or ability to help people beyond their data. Researchers are a tricky bunch. Many of them are slaves to the biggest tyranny of all: their ego. They also get manipulated just like all contactees and experiencers and MILABs do. They get compromised--by intelligence agencies, by aliens, by their own ego. They are not God. Too many people rely on researchers and don't do enough research themselves. Researchers are not God. They are fallible, sometimes highly so. But in this case, this article brings up some salient points about the vehicles used in abductions, surveillance, and the ever-expanding police state.


  1. Just as well you didn't end up in Boylans hot tub!
    Inapprpriate touching of little starseeds(whatever that is?) is what got him his licence revoked.

    Licence to be a psychologist. Therapist. the- rapist.

  2. And that Michael Wolf who was no doctor but in fact a psych patient said before he died 'better to be a pretend somebody than a real nobody'.

    Personlly when I look in the metaphorical mirror I see a person that has integrety, lives without envy hate and greed, without a fancy job or title or much material wealth but enough for my needs. One that treats others how he wants others to treat him.

    I call that a somebody. I'm just nobody to those who really are in fact themselves nosoul.

  3. Yikes! About both men. Don't quite know who Michael Wolf is but the name sounds familiar.

    Well God bless you for your statements about integrity, etc. It is true that it is way more than enough to live our lives the way you mentioned. Greatness is so much more than the sociopaths would lead you to believe. Greatness is internal and spectacular.

    Be well,