Monday, September 30, 2013

Hint, hint

We have met the enemy and he is us.

Re: Lockheed Martin/Martin Marietta/The Blue Cube/Onizuka AFB/My source:

The next phase in all of this is mind control on the human populace. What, did you think all those vast amounts of tax dollars you pay are for filling potholes? 

 You think that my story is disconnected completely from the rest of the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I have stated tirelessly time and time again, those of you who remain in ignorance or willful ignorance or who know and refuse to speak of of the secret mind control programs and advanced research groups like DARPA using this technology on "test formats" like me, will see your children used and abused by this as well. 

You are not immune to this, researchers and general public. YOU are the targets next if you already haven't been used in one of these things. Ignore this topic at your peril. This is what was really going on in the Blue Cube, and I know people who were worked on as a result of it. 

What they thought they were working on for three years (a dull desk job where "nothing happened") couldn't have been further from the truth. I will slowly leak out this person's story. 
It will not happen all at once. 

As a former student test subject myself, who just HAPPENED to be chosen "at random" for a TELEKINESIS EXPERIMENT in the early 90s, I can safely say that big science has not stopped finding newer and better ways to tamper with the human brain and weaponize it since then. And they had been working on the testing for the experiment I had been a part of in 1991 since the mid-1970s at that point. 
What do you think is at their disposal now?

Now they are turning this former military, contained, and compartmentalized place formerly known as Onizuka Air Force Base and turning it over to the hands of Universities and private industry, which is a nightmare incarnate. Just about the worst thing they could do. You think the military is bad, wait until private industry gets going on this. They already have, but I digress. You still think this stuff is all made up, what I am saying. You want to continue to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic and stick your head in the sand, be my guest. I'm just doing what I feel is due diligence. 

 All of these broke college students who think they will be used as one-time paid test subjects or people in the course of study who just think they are doing their part of the curricula just like I once thought, will be tracked and also made targets for drugged interrogations that they have no memory of, targets for MILABs and targets for being mind controlled the rest of their lives. 

Alien technology is at the forefront of this and reverse engineering plays a part in all of this. 

It is not an accident whatsoever that my source who is telling me about their time in Onizuka was involved with the technology that played a part in figuring out and "translating" propulsions systems technology through telekinesis, telepathy and symbiosis as well. 

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